Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nobody Has Done it Better Than you, Daddy.

Remember taking me to Scotty’s for Rootbeer floats?

Remember when you held me while the doctor
burned the warts off my finger?

Remember how I stole your car when I was 16 and lied about it?

Remember when you closed the trunk on my head
and it almost made you pass out?

Remember when you would cry with me after you spanked me?

Remember when Kelly and I used to run around the house
after getting out of the bathtub wearing only towels as capes
and singing the Batman theme song?

Remember going to Indian Princess meetings with me where
they named you Big Thunder and I was Little Lightening?

Remember taking me on “date night” to the ice skating rink?

Remember when you went out of town and I filled the Jacuzzi
with a jumbo box of Mr. Bubble?

Remember driving me to the indoor pool for swim practice
at 5:00 am every morning before school?

Remember when you would put Santa’s ashy footprints
by the fireplace for us to find every Christmas morning?

Remember when you built us that playhouse in Kokomo?

Remember how it was my job to sit behind you
in the car and rub your neck on long drives?

Remember how we went to Luby’s after Mom died,
and we told stories about her and laughed and cried?

Remember when I gave you the Mumps?

I remember too, Daddy.
Happy Father’s Day.

I love you!



Kelly said...

We are so blessed to have a daddy like that!

ain't for city gals said...

Yes, we are lucky daughters Holly! Have a sweet Father's Day..xoxoxo

Pamela said...

That is a precious story about your wonderful times with your daddy! Have a great day! Pamela

just call me jo said...

You've had a great relationship with your dad. (The man must love you or he'd have hurt you by now. ;o) Such a good post.

Tammy said...

What a good daddy!

Melynda said...

Crying now, but this was a must read. Every little girl deserves a Daddy like that! (So glad you had yours, even though you had to share :) ...)

Anonymous said...

Holly and Max....two people who adore each other despite the bubbles!

How blessed you are to have each other.

You made my day.

Comeca Jones said...

I teared up thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Holly thats beautiful,, it made me tear up,, you're so lucky to have your Daddy and he's lucky to have you,,

Genn said...

That was such a sweet post Holly.
Your Dad sounds like a great man.
I laughed out loud about the Mr Bubbles in the jacuzzi. :)

Kris said...

Holly that was such a sweet thing to read. You have a special relationship with your Dad. Lucky girl. I did too. I miss him terribly! Your Dad will get a kick out of reading that!

Pamela said...

Oh, thank you Holly for the comment and following my blog! I just started and I am so excited about sharing it and getting folks to follow me. Thanks again, Pamela

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

This is so sweet. I loved reading it and I hope your daddy does too. I suspect he may tear up. There is a soft spot for little girls in their daddy's heart.

Pat MacKenzie said...

What lovely memories. You're so lucky to still have him in your life.

jenny said...

oh your Daddy... tell him i think he's incredible. i could feel the LOVE in those memories! Way to go MAX!!!!