Friday, October 26, 2012


Here I am.
I have a survey for you.
Who thinks that going 4 months without a blog post makes me a douche bag?
Also, why does douche bag seem like a dirty word when it really isn’t?
Can you still buy douche bags?
Are they the same thing as enema bags?
Do people still give themselves enemas?
Are you supposed to be on the toilet when you give yourself an enema?
How do you clean an enema bag?
I just looked at pictures of enema bags on Google and they look like hot water bottles.
So what’s the diff between hot water bottles, enema bags and douche bags?
Are they interchangeable?

Is it wrong that I don’t know this?
Maybe I will find these answers and do a tutorial 
on Pinterest on how to properly clean an enema bag.
I try to be helpful and informative whenever possible.
Anyhoo, let’s get you up to speed on what’s been going on
around here since I last posted in June.
As you know, my Daddy passed away in June.
It was a sad time but also a blessing.
I miss him every single day.

Then about three months ago, my pupperdoodles
was diagnosed with a nasal tumor.
We had to put her to sleep.
Still can’t talk about that.

We waited two months and then got a new puppy.
Cutest baby German Shepherd in all the world.
We named her Ellie Mae.


 We had her for a week and then she died in her sleep
from respiratory  distress.
The vet had no idea what happened.
Also, too sad to talk about.
We’ve been on the house hunt for the past two months.
The housing market in Phoenix is so strange right now.
We put in eight offers over the asking price on eight difference houses,
Only to be outbid by investors paying cash.
We are finally under contract on a home though.
We are still waiting for the appraisal and the inspection
So this could fall through also but we are praying about it
so whatever happens, happens.

Thanks to my sister who called to pray over the phone with me
and to calm my nerves and put it all into perspective.
I’m feeling much more peaceful about it.
Big sisters are awesome like that.
One minute they are praying for you,
The next minute they are pulling your hair.
Jo-Be-Do took me out yesterday for a belated birthday lunch.
She made me this gorgeous quilted table runner.
If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I have a thing for
Blues and Oranges lately.
I don’t know why.

 I think we are pretty well caught up now.
I’m sure I missed a thing or two.
I'll fill you in on all that when I post again.
Which will probably be in March 2027.