Sunday, April 22, 2012

Getting Ready For Summer

Ready or Not here it comes.
It's 4:00 pm and the thermometer on the patio
tells me it's 105 degrees in the shade.
A few weeks ago Brian and I took a drive out to Gilbert
and hit up a sweet little farmer's market.
And then we met Dad and Sally at
a great little BBQ restaurant in downtown Gilbert.
It's located in a 1929 brick building.

Much to my surprise,
Brian wanted to stop here on the way home.
An organizer's dream store.

But all that was going on while the weather was nice.
Now it's just hot, hot, hot.
I went to Home Depot today to replace some of my spring flowers
that didn't quite make it into the summer.

When we were at Lowe's last weekend,
we found this cute little bird bath.
Just perfect for our quail that are due to show up any day now.

And Brian built a holder for our
quail block so now it sits up high
on our back wall and the sprinklers don't hit it.

Thinking about cooling off now.
And getting ready for another busy week.

Have a great one!


Friday, April 20, 2012

It's What's For Breakfast

My favorite thing?
Getting a phone call from my sister.

Since she came to visit in March
we've been spending a lot more time on the phone.
It's always such a joy to see her name pop up
on my caller id.

Yesterday, she told me about a yummy breakfast she made
where she hollowed out a tomato
dropped an egg in
and baked it.
When it was finished she garnished it with some bacon.

It sounded so good.

Our tomatoes have not been too great this year
so I decided to go with my own version.

I used a bell pepper,
one egg,
and some cherry tomatoes, and salt and pepper.

Bake at 425 for about 20 - 25 minutes.

Soooo Good!

The weather here has been up and down.
Many sunny days followed by a few cool rainy days.

I went to the grocery wearing these.
Brian thought I was insane and felt bad
thinking people would make fun of me.

My hair is getting long, shaggy, and too heavy.
Here's what I'm thinking.
I would love your input.



Friday, April 13, 2012

A Most Glorious Day

Had a great time with my kids yesterday.
We did Daniel's taxes.
Actually he did them while I sat by and gave him a little help.

Katie wanted me to take some pictures of her
so that her boyfriend, Travis, would be able to have them with him
when he goes back to Afghanistan.
He had asked her for a wallet size photo so he could carry it in his helmet.

I used PicMonkey to edit these.
I actually like PicMonkey better than Picnik
and it's very easy to use.

What are you using for your photo editing?

After the photog session
we all went out to lunch.

Off to the grocery.
Have a great day!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oh The Carnage!

Remember last year?
I do.

Spring has sprung
which means flowers are blooming
bees are buzzing
and I have blood all over my carpet again.

No sign of the bunny corpse this time.
Maybe the dog ate it.

Life is grand.