Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Thursday

Catchy Title huh?
Feel free to use it.

This has been a long week.
I'm not sure why.
I can hardly remember last weekend.
I'm sure it was great though.

Today I'm heading out to meet Jo and Pat for lunch.
Who knows what crazy shenanigans we will get ourselves into.
But you can bet there will be pictures.
And they will be posted.
So I will do my hair.
And wear a bra.
Because that's what you do when pictures are being taken.

On another note, I was featured on Better After.

Have you seen her blog?
I'm sure most of you have.
It's a wonderful place to get ideas for turning junk
 into beautiful furniture.
I know what you're thinking.
Holly was featured on there?!!!
I know, crazy world we live in.
The post is about this chair.

I've been doing some crafting around here.
Making a lot of cards to have on hand
 so I don't have to make one each time.

And I also made this.

A Post It Note holder.
I use a lot of Post it Notes.
I used a cheapo acrylic frame and scrapbook paper.

It's kind of silly huh?
Too much time on my hands, ya think?



Comeca Jones said...

Lucky you !! and you are just being creative not silly.

Anonymous said...

love the post note holder,, your transformation of the chair is really something,, you know I've never saw one done that way,, its way cute,, and you are very clever,, beautiful, I did go to see the other two transformations, I've never been to her blog,, I will follow her now also,, well deserved mention Holly

Ashley said...

The post it note holder is super cute! I already have a a thingy that holds all of my pens, sharpies, highlighters, and post it notes at work. No need to put an extra item on my desk. I like things minimal and orderly.

corners of my life said...

Very cute Post It Note holder. Looks like a project I could tackle. Thanks for the link to Before&After - quite interesting.

Pat MacKenzie said...

You do cards! Are you a scrapper too? Only a few hours left for me to worry about what to wear (limited choices here), how my too dark hair will look, will I recognize you and Jo, etc. Looking forward to our get-together anyway.

Kris said...

Look at you! Famous! It was your darling chair that made me paint mine. I love all of the creativity out here in blog land. the way, every time I open my Anne of Green Gables book, I see the lovely book marker you made me!!! So fun! If I couldn't be creative, I would go stark raving MAD!!!! Have a great day Holly!

just call me jo said...

What? We need to wear bras? Oh, oh. Now I need to revamp my whole outfit. (hahaha) I had bad dreams all night about my picture taking skills. I broke the new camera trying to get a good shot of us. I'm not neurotic--much. We'll have fun, you bet! Look at you all creative and crafty. You're so clever. I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy...

Anonymous said...

Camera? check
Bra/undies? check
Keys? check
$$ for eating? check
Combed hair? check
Funny bone? check
List of topics to discuss? check
List of WHO to talk about? check
Toasting to those not present but wish they were (sobbing)? check

Have a great time!

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm related to a celebrity! I LOVE Better After!!!! Too exciting!
I love your post it note holder. It's beautiful!! Totally not enough time on your hands! Make more stuff if it turns out like those! =P Love ya!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Cuteness. I love the yellow chair!! Have fun. I want to go to lunch.

Genn said...

Congrats on being feautured! You're going big time now, just like P-Dub!
Will you still remember us little people when you are famous? :)

I'm glad you'll be wearing a bra to your event. Good for you. LOL.
Have I told you that you crack me up? It's Thursday, good title too! And I might use it.

Cute post it holder. I want one. But I am too lazy to make it.

Linda said...

You're too funny!! Made my sound like my hair?? Get dressed?? What's that? Love the chair...I think that is a great use of an old chair...years ago...I found an old high chair ...painted it many different colors and used it for plants...I loved it until it fell apart...of course having it in the back with the sprinklers hitting it didn't help! Great idea with the post it holder, too!

Tiffany said...

That's how I found you (Better After)!!! I just looove that chair!!!

Dina said...

The post it note holder is way cute! I would make one, but it would disappear on my desk and that is not good. So, I need some tips on painting furniture...have a couple of end tables that I could either re-stain or paint. Painting sounds easier but really don't know where to start, let alone what color. Helllllp me Holly......

Amy said...

Love the chair. Love the Post It note holder. You ladies have fun at lunch.

Tabitha said...

Yay! Congratz on the feature! The post-it holder is adorable. Love it!