Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I'm taking a break from blogging for a little bit.
Not sure how long.
There are some things around here that
I'm trying to work out in my head
and I need to take a break and give up some computer time.

All is well and I plan to be back soon.

Love you all.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Can we talk about this here empty cup?
I love Yoppi Frozen Yogurt.
I had the fat-free
boysenberry with fresh
raspberries and strawberries.
It was delightful.
I ate the whole thing an hour ago.
I'm ready for another please.

On another note,
I won something.
Dina blogs over at
I love the name of her blog.
She held a giveaway for digital scrap booking software.

I won it and downloaded it this morning
but haven't had a chance to play with it yet.
Thanks again, Dina.
Winning is so much better than not winning!

Again, on another note,
(there may be many notes)
I'm going through my closet and sorting through
my fall/winter clothes.
And I've come to this revelation.
I have no idea how to dress.
I didn't get the fashion gene.
I don't know how to put an outfit together.
They should do garanimals for the 40 somethings.

Yet another note,
have you seen the weather here in the devil's playground
that we call Phoenix?

Ok, forget what I said
about not having any fashion sense.
I look totally hot in that red dress.

Ok, last note.
I saw a tutorial this morning on this blog.
I had no idea that the box at the top of our blogs
were search boxes for the blogs we are on.


If you are on my blog and want to find
all the posts where I mention the word "cookies",
then just type in the word "cookies" up there and
it searches my blog and gives you those posts.
All 10,000 cookie posts.

Or if you are looking for the post where I talked
then you could just type in "New York"
and all posts with New York in them will pop up.

You probably knew that huh?
Well, I didn't and I can tell you that
I have spent a lot of time searching through archives
on other's blogs looking for something
in particular.

I think I'm now out of notes.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Quiet Weekend

Not much to report.
We did a little yard work.
The grass thinks winter is on it's way
and has started to turn brown.
Little does it know,
we are back up to 100 degrees later this week.
It's time to clean out the pots
and put them away until spring.
Cleaned out the garage and am finally
ready for my garage sale this weekend.
The rocker and the tool chest aren't for sale
but everything else is.

Major Costco run.
I hate going so I stock up when I do.
Then plopped on the couch to watch NASCAR
with a bowl of this.
Homemade chili on top of Fritos
with plenty of cheese.

Heartburn City.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crow Tastes Ok with Some Cranberries Thrown In.

I'm a nice person.
We all know that, right?

I mean, I can practically hear you all saying,
"Oh Holly?  Why she's a lovely girl!  Such a sweet nature."
You're kinda saying that in your head right now, huh?

So this might be a little hard to believe.
I was an Ass Head to someone.
it was someone I didn't know.

I know, right?

It all started with a phone call.
I got totally riled up.
I felt all hot and sweaty.
I just felt like being a huge idiot.
And I yelled at the State Farm Insurance Dude.
He wasn't even my agent.
We'd never met.
And he was asking perfectly reasonable questions
and I wanted to kill him.
º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºWELCOME MENOPAUSEº¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º

And you know what that guy had the nerve to do?
He got nicer.
And I calmed down.
And then I asked him for a quote.
Home, Boat, and Auto.
And he called me back with an amazing deal.
So much better than what we had.

So what do you think I did?
Come on...you know me by now.
What did I do?
I baked him orange cranberry cookies.
Because that's what I do these days.
I bake cookies.
And then I put them in a container
and gave them to him.

And it's all good now.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Yesterday (Dang, that's a creative title!)

How many times can I talk about cookies
before you stop following me?

Did you know I like cookies?
Did you know my husband likes cookies?
Did you know that I can't stop making them?
Did you know my pants don't fit?

I got out my all time favorite cooking utensils
to make these babies!

You don't use a hammer to make cookies?
That's OK, I won't hold it against you.

I couldn't find toffee pieces in my grocery store.
The cashier told me they were seasonal.
I asked what season they would be available.
She told me
"In the Fall."

I didn't let that stop me because
I was on a serious cookie mission
and there are very few things that are as important
as being on a cookie mission.
At least that's what I told myself yesterday.
So I bought Heath bars and smashed them to bits.

This may wake your dog up off the couch
who will start barking at you
every time you hit the candy bars with your hammer.



And so on.

It was worth it.

Once again I will not be posting the recipe.
Again, this is not a cooking blog.
Regardless of what Kris and Genn say.
They tell me that because I have cooking utensils
in my background that this is a cooking blog
 and I should supply recipes.

I will say this once.
Those are not cooking utensils!
They are eating utensils!
I eat!

But I will go ahead and provide the link
to the recipe.
Because I'm nice like that.
You can find it here.
I love this site, she has wonderful
recipes and a great sense of humor.

While waiting for the cookies to bake
I decided to clean out my junk drawer.
I took pictures for you
because I wouldn't want you to miss out.

Don't you have a shower cap in your
kitchen junk drawer?
See that screwdriver?
It's the only one my husband lets me use.
I hate it because it goes all bendy
and I don't know how to lock it into place.
I'm throwing all of these away.
I have no idea what they go to.
My husband doesn't know either
but he told me not to throw them away.
We haven't used them in a few years.
I'm throwing them away.
He's going to need one next week and
I will have to explain myself.
Or I will just get that look on my face and act like
I don't understand English.
I'm throwing them away.

I did a pretty good job of
cleaning out that drawer.
Can I get a high five?

After the cookie baking,
I went out and met Jo for lunch.
having lunch with Jo is one of my favorite things
to do in the whole wide world.

She came loaded with goodies
for my birthday.
Don't you love it when your
birthday lasts for an entire month?

Cute red dishtowels and cupcake holdery thingies.
Love them.
And then I pulled this out of the bag.
A vintage table cloth in near perfect condition.
Does this woman know me or what?
I love it!!
I love it more than cookies.
I love it more than throwing keys away.
I may love it more than Diet Coke.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Priceless Information Just for You

There are many things that I learned
I will tell you these things
because I am now an expert
in home photography.

How to Do Your Own Home Tour

1)  Clean your house as well as possible
      because people will notice the stain on your kitchen wall
      next to the trash can where you tried to get a
      3 point shot with that can of tomatoes.

2)  Hoping to get one good photo, randomly start taking
     100's of pictures in every single mode your camera has
     including manual, automatic, TV, AV and A-Dep
     even though you have no idea what those mean.

3)  Load the pictures onto your computer and then start to
     edit them in Picasa/Picnik.

4)  Delete the one where your dog is on the couch licking her
     lady parts.

5)  While editing the photo of your school desk,
      notice something strange on the carpet in the photo. 

6)  Go into living room to check it out and notice
      that there is a pile of cat vomit laying there.
      And you took a picture of it.

7)  Wonder if you can just crop the vomit
      out of the picture and carry on.

8)  Clean up the cat vomit.

9)  Wonder how long the vomit has been there.

10)  Wonder if you should be mad at your husband
        since you're pretty sure he saw it and walked past it.

11)  Take another picture of the desk without the vomit.

12)  Post pictures on your blog making people think
       that your couch is not covered in dog hair
       and your carpet does not smell like cat vomit.
Home tours are an illusion.
No one lives in a clean house.
If they do, I don't want to know them.

Now, go and give it a try.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Home Tour

Are you as excited as I am?
Who doesn't love a home tour?

I love to take little peeks into blogger's homes.
They may be showing me a picture of a pie that they just made
but I am looking in the corner of the
picture at the cute little ceramic
cow that you have next to your sink.
I don't care to look at your pie, thank you.
Can you pan out a little so I can see
if you have tile or linoleum?

I don't care if you are a design pro
or if you live in an episode of hoarders.
I just want to see whatcha got goin on over there.

We blog for ourselves and for others.
We have blog friends who know us quite well.
We talk about childbirth
and the benefits of mustache waxing.
We talk about how our children are slowly trying to kill us.
But we rarely get to step into one anothers homes.
And that's a crying shame.
Because don't you think our homes say so much about us?

My home is nothing to write home about.
It's rather small but the size suits us.
There are many things we would change if we could
but we are moving in another year.

Just because you live a thousand miles away
doesn't mean you can't come into my home.

So, here we go:

Let's start in the living room.

If you look closely, you can see the dog's
squeaky chicken under the couch.
Princess Gizaboo is asleep on the back of the couch.
And are you wondering why my bicycle
 is on the back patio? 
I am too.

That coffee table has been in my family for years.
If you lay on the floor under the coffee table
and look up, you will see where a
four-year-old Holly wrote her name in crayon.
The sign above the TV says
"We Are Not Amused."
I like it.
That basket next to the entertainment center
is full of dog and cat toys.

I just recently bought this fall wreath
at Michael's.
I went with the intention of buying supplies
to make a wreath.
I saw this and didn't look back.

That is the most comfy red blanket in history
and one of us uses it every night
while watching TV.
That picture above the light switch was a birthday
gift to me this year from my sweet friend Laurie.
See the dirt around the door handle?
I wash that door once a week.
Which is more often than my husband
washes his hands.
This was my great grandmother Pearl's sewing machine.
The candle was a gift from Kris, Erika and Genn.
The pillows in the basket get used when
I lay on the floor to watch TV.
That bird.
See that bird?
My daughter moves it around the house
after I go to bed at night
just to irritate me.
I never know where I will find it.

I have not killed this plant yet.
Feel free to be impressed.

Let's take a quick look in the kitchen.

As kitchens go,
this one works for me.
Nothing special.
But I have a lot of counter space
with a good sized island.

Those cookies in the jar are my
thumbprint jam cookies from yesterday.
Let's talk about those for a moment,
Shall we?


I did not eat 10 Thumbprint jam cookies Laraine and Laurie.
That would be just crazy.
I did not eat 9 cookies Genn and Beth.
I'm not a barbarian!

Deb guessed that I ate 20!!!

What's up with that!?
It's like she knows me.

I did eat 5 which is a totally respectable number of cookies

to eat when one is bored.
No one guessed 5.

No one gets 100 meaningless points
to spend in my imaginary gift shop.

This maple table is a thrift store find.
I love it.
The chairs are absolutely hideous.
Someone painted them with latex and
the paint is peeling.
I'm pretending that it's not doing that.

And this is where the magic happens.

If by magic you mean
the place where you clip your toenails
and watch reruns of "Mad About You"
before turning off the lights at 6:30 pm.
Then yes, this is where it happens.

And that's where I live.

I would love to see you do a post on your home.

Now, come see it in person.
I'll try to save you a cookie.



Monday, October 3, 2011

Let's Be Random

There are many things I want
to cover today.
Please try to keep up
because I don't have time to repeat myself.

I've been caught twice in the past month
sniffing crayons in the school supply aisle at Walmart.
I open the boxes, I smell, I put them back.
No crime committed.
So why do people look at me all weird?
Some people stop to smell the roses,
I stop to smell the crayons.
It's a smell that brings me back to my childhood.
I have no plans to stop.

I've been in the mood to cook.
In the past two weeks I've made three pots of soup.

Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup

I make a huge pot and then freeze it in individual
serving sizes since I'm home every day and I eat lunch here.

I'm loving all of them.
Today I made the Chicken noodle soup.

It is delicious!
I'd love to give you the recipe but this isn't that kind of blog.
You know, a recipe cooking type blog.
It's a different kind of blog.
I'm not sure what kind.
Don't define me.

Let's keep moving here.

I'm not sleeping too well at night.
And for some reason my doctor is frowning on my
doing a couple shots of Nyquil every night.
I love Nyquil.
I love it to the moon and back.

I'm trying to use Sleepytime tea instead.

It's not nearly as much fun as the Nyquil.
I mean, I hardly feel drunk or disoriented at all.
How's a girl to fall asleep all sober like that?
I don't even think I drooled last night at all.

My husband took a picture of a hummingbird
sitting on our ceiling fan on our back patio.
This man does not read my blog
but would like me to post this picture
for your viewing pleasure.
Check out his mad camera skills.

I keep changing my header and blog template.
I think I like this one.

On another note,
every single pair of pants I own decided to shrink
at the same time.
So I am now expected to not only
give up my Nyquil but also to start
eating healthy and exercising.

Speaking of eating healthy,
I made these today.

Thumbprint Jam Cookies.

100 meaningless points to the person who
guesses correctly the number of these I ate today.

I guess that will do it for me today.