Monday, June 6, 2011

Mondays with Max

Can you believe it's Monday already?
Did last week even happen?
I'm relatively sure that I got up every day last week and didn't just sleep through it all.
I vaguely remember May.

Anyway, it is Monday.
So we are back to the weekly series of Mondays with Max.
Dad is in the process of working on something very exciting.
That's all I can say.
You are all now very intrigued.
Stay that way for a while, okay?

Without further adieu

Cartooning is exhausting..



Anonymous said...

looks like it must be hard work,, they're both played out,, can't wait to find out what the surprise is,, has he been chosen to do a national comic strip,, he sure does have talent

just call me jo said...

Herman and Edna have quite firm and toned butts. What is their secret? I love the dog's snoozing too. Yes, I agree. May was a blur. I'm thinking June might be a bit blurry too. Dang! We must get together. It's been too long.

Kris said...

Edna has been working her glutes!!!
Can't wait to hear what Dad is working on!!!

Anonymous said...

H & E .... taking the plunge. Kinda.

I agree about May. Where did it go? And now it is already the 6th of June. Summer seems to fly by and winter drags on and on and on and on.......go figure.

We're still hazy here from the AZ and CO fires. Boy, AZ sure has ALOT of them. How scary. Hope you are not near any of them.


Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh my God you are the funniest blogger ever!! Thanks. Love the pic of your dad and dog.

Laraine Eddington said...

I hate it when people take pictures of me when I'm not looking.

Linda said...

Love that the pup is snoozing too!

Melynda said...

Having my lunch and a great laugh, Thanks Max! (trying to remember to just comment and not worry about being at work, I do get a lunch, so this should be OK, if I can just wrap my brain around it, I'm just sayin...)

Deborah in Atlanta said...

Taking the plunge for me would have been leaving my BLOUSE off, not my SLACKS!!!! And boy, their butts are so firm and taut. Too bad we couldn't see what they were seeing.

lifeinredshoes said...

I wish I looked that good!

deb said...

too funny!!! and is that a long hair chihuahua in that picture??

Genn said...

Hi Holly!
Hilarious post! I'm still laughing. :)

So you are looking for a new camera huh?? What did you have before that died on you? I'm just curious. I also wanted to let you know that tonight I will be posting pics of my old slr and two lenses for sale. I don't know if you are looking to upgrade to something more, the I had the nikon d60. :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha love it

thank you for the well wishes I'm better every day a little more & more :)

Amy said...

Oh. I love it! Thanks for the laugh.