Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If You Knew Jan, Like I Know Jan.....

Let me tell you a little sumpin sumpin....
Bloggy friends are the very best.
Do you know Jan over at A Journey?
If you don't, go check her out.
She's a little wacko but you'll like her just fine.
She's been a blog friend for quite a while
and her comments are always funny.

She's crazy creative.
Looky what she sent me out of the blue.

I love, love, love this cute little bookmark.
I wish the pictures did it justice.

And just look at how cute she is.
I like her because she's a red head.

And because she drinks PBR.
I mean, can you really not like someone who drinks PBR?
And admits it?

(Pictures were stolen from her blog without her permission)

She lives in a cute little town in Colorado
and I've been threatening to get out of the heat here in Phoenix
 and come up and see her.
She told me I was welcome to sleep on the porch.
I mean, how many friends do you have that do that?

She calls my husband Sam.
His name is Brian.
I'm still not sure what that's about.
But I overlook these things.
Because that's the kind of person I am.
And because she sends me stuff.

I think her husband's name is Dave.
But I'm not sure.
It doesn't really matter.
Aren't they cute???

So go check her out here.
And tell her that Holly and Sam said "Hi!".

Love you Jan Jan.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Why My Father Doesn't say "Crap".

Welcome to Mondays with Max.
Some of you may recall that I like to use the word crap.
I like to use it a lot.
It's my second favorite word.
I'm not telling you my first favorite.
And no, it's not a dirty word.
Just not telling.

You may also recall that my father is not thrilled with my use of this "crap" word.
Let's find out why.
I received an email from him last week.
It goes like this:

Years ago the mother of a friend always had a house full of boys. The lot next to their home was vacant and we played baseball there all summer long.
As you might imagine, boys being boys, a curse word would occasionally be heard including the "C" word and it's close cousin the "S" word.
I remember very clearly her look and her comment, "What you just had in your mouth, I would not have in my hand." It's the reason I don't use the words some 50+ years later.
Some things have a tendency to stick with you....Love

Are these words of wisdom worth writing down?
Will I ever use this if someone asks me,
"What's the most important lesson your father ever taught you?"
No, probably not.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

First I Smelled it.

First I smelled it.
Then I heard it.
Then I saw it.

I walked into the kitchen this morning and couldn't believe my nose.
"What the H*E*Double Hockey sticks is that?"
(except there were no double hockey sticks)
I wandered around the kitchen smelling
the garbage can,
the refrigerator,
the garbage disposal,
then the pantry.

And then I heard it.

Somewhere in the bottom of the pantry.
A small  bubbling sound.

Did an errant can of Diet Coke spring a leak?

Then I saw it.

Nothing says cooking like a big old frothy and foamy bag of red potatoes.


Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Not all Hearts and Roses Around Here

Oh you have one.
You know you do.
That little shoebox of romantic keepsakes from your early relationship days.

Don't even stand there rolling your eyes at me.
When was the last time you looked through it?
Go get it, I'll get mine and let's compare.
This is going to be so fun!
And all romanticy.

The shoebox:
Hmmm......seems to be mostly cards in here.
What's that on top?
Oh my Gosh!  A bingo card! 
Well, I could tell you stories about that!
See this one time, Brian and I were....
We went to this Bingo ummmm
I have no idea what that Bingo card is from.
I don't remember playing Bingo since I was like 6.
Let's move on.

I can't believe I still have this cork!
I thought I'd lost it!
As you can see it's dated 2/11/07 which is the day we
I have no idea. 
That date holds no significant meaning for me.
I wonder if it should.
The strange thing is that neither one of us drink wine.
So, if this is yours and it found it's way to my box accidentally,
and February 11, 2007 holds some wonderful significance for you,
Let me know, I'll send it your way.

Now, this I do remember.
We were married in Laughlin and this was the baggage claim check from the hotel.
Notice it says "Glebens" on it.
Our last name is "Blevins".
All weekend the hotel staff called us Mr. and Mrs. Glebens.

What else is in here?
Nothing says "LOVE" like a pair of NASCAR ticket stubs.

So glad I kept those.

And our fortunes from Big Heng's, down the street.
"Life is a flower of which love is the honey."
For some reason I found them to be box worthy.
Just gag me.

Other than a bunch of generic birthday and anniversary cards,
that's about it.
My romantic life for ya'll to see.
Makes you feel all warm and squishy inside, doesn't it?

Oh and for some reason,
this card was also in the box.
It was a birthday card to me
from my son.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Excuse me Ma'am, My Friend Wants to Know if You'll Skate With Him.

What do you do when your best friend from Jr. High comes to town?
And you feel like doing something silly?

Kate and Heather

Well, obviously, you dress up like roller derby queens.
And head to the roller skating rink
where you spent endless hours in Jr. High.
And hope with all your 23 year old hearts
that some 13 year old boy
will finally ask you to slow skate with him
to "Open Arms".

I love this kid.
And have no idea where she gets
her weirdo personality.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 90's Called and Wants it's Cell Phone Back.

I am old, this I know.
For my cell phone tells me so.

I'm not a techy kinda girl.
I don't need the latest and the greatest.
I don't have an Ipad.
Or a Kindle.
Or a laptop.
Or a convection oven.
Or a sleep number bed.
or a.... well, you get it.
I just need the basics.

My husband, on the other hand,
feels that he cannot survive with only the necessities.
He requires GPS.
Satellite radio.
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing for the Wii.
Ronco's rotisserie oven.

It keeps our marriage interesting.

So, our contracts are just about up with our current cell phone plan.
I have one of these:

You remember these right?
You would pick it up, dial a number and talk to someone.
That was it.
It didn't take fancy pictures,
have Apps,
or cook your dinner.

And I've been fine with that.

But someone in this house is not fine with that.
Someone needs more.
Someone who doesn't know how to use the Internet needs this.

Someone who only knows how to use the computer to
 play free online poker
and search the Bass Pro Shop Clearance events
needs this fancy dancy cellular telephony contraption.

Someone who has only sent one email in his entire life
and that was to his wife.
And it said, "Did I this go throuhg?"
That was not a typo on my part.
That's what his email says.
I still have it.
God love him.

Remember back when we were kids
 and we got a phone call and wanted privacy?
We pulled the phone cord through the kitchen door
as far as it would reach and hid in the coat closet.
And then mom would yell at us because the
cord wouldn't coil right after that.

So, do we do this Iphone thing?
I'm afraid of what will happen if I give in.
What will be next on his list of must haves?


Monday, June 20, 2011

Who's Blog Is This, Anyway?

You should be proud of me.
I remembered that today is Monday.

Father's Day was Sunday.
That post was, of course, about Dad.
Today is Monday.
This post is Mondays with Max.

Just who does this man think he is?
Two days in a row.
For crying out loud.

This cartoon makes me think of Jo and Rick.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nobody Has Done it Better Than you, Daddy.

Remember taking me to Scotty’s for Rootbeer floats?

Remember when you held me while the doctor
burned the warts off my finger?

Remember how I stole your car when I was 16 and lied about it?

Remember when you closed the trunk on my head
and it almost made you pass out?

Remember when you would cry with me after you spanked me?

Remember when Kelly and I used to run around the house
after getting out of the bathtub wearing only towels as capes
and singing the Batman theme song?

Remember going to Indian Princess meetings with me where
they named you Big Thunder and I was Little Lightening?

Remember taking me on “date night” to the ice skating rink?

Remember when you went out of town and I filled the Jacuzzi
with a jumbo box of Mr. Bubble?

Remember driving me to the indoor pool for swim practice
at 5:00 am every morning before school?

Remember when you would put Santa’s ashy footprints
by the fireplace for us to find every Christmas morning?

Remember when you built us that playhouse in Kokomo?

Remember how it was my job to sit behind you
in the car and rub your neck on long drives?

Remember how we went to Luby’s after Mom died,
and we told stories about her and laughed and cried?

Remember when I gave you the Mumps?

I remember too, Daddy.
Happy Father’s Day.

I love you!


More Cards

I've been making a few cards lately to have on hand.
It's been a time suck.
I bought a new stamp.
It's the Betsy BlueBell from Penny Black.
I still have a lot to learn with shading but I'm having fun.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sometimes We Don't Act Right.

Sometimes you go to meet other blog people for lunch.
You're not sure what to talk about.
It's awkward and uncomfortable.

Today was not like that.
At all.
I met up with Jo and Pat at Paradise Bakery.
These two women are a hoot!
I've met Jo for lunch once before and knew she would be a
forever friend.
I had never met Pat before.
Pat lives in Canada but has a vacation home here in Surprise.
It was great to get to spend the day with these two.

Aren't they cute??!!
The two girls ordered a Strawberry poppyseed chicken salad
that looked really good
but neither one of them offered me a bite.
Even though I shared my cookie with them.
What's up with that?
I think this guy kinda had a crush on Jo.
He was darling.
Even if the food was bad,
I think we'd go back just to see him.

After lunch we went to Pier 1 Imports
to look around and then to Michaels
where we couldn't resist some of the 4th of July decor.
And we went to Target.
Because that's how we roll.
And then things got a tad out of hand.
I just have to say
people are so nice.
When three bloggers are walking around
carrying three cameras
and asking strangers to take their pictures
 with three different cameras.
We were feeling very festive.

But sometimes even bloggers get tired
of having their pictures taken.
Just got home and I already want a Do-Over.

Love you Girls.


It's Thursday

Catchy Title huh?
Feel free to use it.

This has been a long week.
I'm not sure why.
I can hardly remember last weekend.
I'm sure it was great though.

Today I'm heading out to meet Jo and Pat for lunch.
Who knows what crazy shenanigans we will get ourselves into.
But you can bet there will be pictures.
And they will be posted.
So I will do my hair.
And wear a bra.
Because that's what you do when pictures are being taken.

On another note, I was featured on Better After.

Have you seen her blog?
I'm sure most of you have.
It's a wonderful place to get ideas for turning junk
 into beautiful furniture.
I know what you're thinking.
Holly was featured on there?!!!
I know, crazy world we live in.
The post is about this chair.

I've been doing some crafting around here.
Making a lot of cards to have on hand
 so I don't have to make one each time.

And I also made this.

A Post It Note holder.
I use a lot of Post it Notes.
I used a cheapo acrylic frame and scrapbook paper.

It's kind of silly huh?
Too much time on my hands, ya think?


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Well Crap! Pretend it's Monday.

Yeah, I forgot.
Mondays with Max.
You remember, the day I show you my Dad's cartoons.
I'm not sure where I was on Monday.
Or what I was doing.
Here we go:
Sorry Daddy for forgetting it was Monday and for using a curse word.
You know, that word crap.
I know you don't like it when I say crap.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beg, Borrow or Steal?

I can't get his quilt out of my head.
I found it on a blog yesterday.
I even had a dream about it last night.
So it should be mine.
I found it at The Beetle Shack.

I love everything about this quilt.
I can't quilt.
Anyone care to make it for me?


Friday, June 10, 2011

Blogger has Done it Again

I will stand by you.
I will not leave your side.
When Blogger makes you feel sorry for yourself.
When they once again make you feel alone.
And they take your friends away.
Leaving you to wonder,
what have I done?
Where did you go?
Rest assured,
I will be here.


Thursday, June 9, 2011


I decided that I needed to get some color in my house.
I love color.
I don't know why I don't use it very often in my home.
I shopped the house and put some summer into it.
This table was out on the patio.
It was black.
I spray painted it and brought it into the living room.
My husband said, "Isn't that the patio table?"
I said, "Yes, it is."
He said, "Isn't that kind of a redneck thing to bring your patio furniture inside?"
I said, "No, it's only redneck if you move your living room furniture outside."

What do I know, maybe it is.
Maybe I don't care.

I found a use for an old wood box I've had for a while,
I'm using it to hold my books.
An old end table was also brought in from the back patio.
In the kitchen, I spray painted a lazy susan that I had found at GW and now it holds what I use on a daily basis right next to the stove.
And cut flowers brighten everything up.
Have you changed up your house for the summer?
Side note:  Hey Larraine!  Your inbox is full again! 


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Post Where I Talk About Food and Become Quite Snarky

Does this happen to you?
I go grocery shopping, come home hungry and can't find anything to eat.
Oh, me neither then.

I'm in a food rut.
I buy the same old things week after week.
I'm never happy with my choices when I look for something to make for lunch.
I stare into the fridge believing that something exciting will materialize.
That leprechauns have come in during the night and stocked my pantry.
I get mad.
I only have myself to blame.
I do all the shopping.

So why do I keep buying the same boring stuff?
Lack of imagination?
Fear of spending money on new food only to find it's grody?
I have no idea.

But today will be different.
I have a plan.
I'm making out my list this morning.
Going to buy the usual stuff.
Bread, milk, ding dongs, you know, the essentials.

And then I'm just going to find someone to follow and throw the same stuff into my cart that they do.
Daring, yes?
The problem is locating the right sort of person.
I don't want to follow her.
Because, like I said, I already have Ding Dongs on my list.

And I don't want to follow her.
Because obviously, she's only there for beauty supplies and I need food.

This guy may seem promising

but I'm afraid I would only come away with potatoes, okra, and chafing cream.

I'm on a mission though.
Drastic measures and all that.
I will be interested to see what ends up in my cart.
I'll keep you posted.