Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It Ain't Right

So, I've done something wrong.
I changed my banner up above but it's all wonky.
Off Center.
Driving me crazy.
I've Googled the problem.
Because that's what I do in a state of emergency.
I Google.
And it gave me a lot of HTML stuff.
I don't speak HTML.
And I need help.
Because I can't just leave it like that.
I mean, come on!!

What will people think?
Connie, you out there?
Can you save me?


*Update - Connie came to the rescue and fixed me this morning.  This is why everyone needs at least one smart friend.  Thank you Connie, I love you!



Anonymous said...

I'm not Connie,, sorry and I know some one else whos having the same problem,, don't know what she did, and I don't know what you can do.I noticed right away how pretty is is ,love the tulips, didn't notice it was wonky though,, good luck with this,, (I don't speak that language either)

Connie said...

LOL I just sat down. Ya coulda called ya know ;)

Only thing I can think of hon is make the blog a little wider to accomodate the size of your banner. There is padding on the left and right of the banner (it doesnt start/stop at the exact edge) and your banners just a tad too wide for the size you have the blog (the white area)

That or make the image a little smaller width wize.

ain't for city gals said...

I don't speak compurterize but I love the green border color!..lol..that is the same color we just picked out for the new counter top in the little trailer we are working on right now....plus it will be the same color as the outside of the trailer....makes me happy!...hope all is going well..my dad is hanging in fair...

Melynda said...

Man I hate wonky! But I still like coming here. Although I have to keep following you, because every time I come here I am not listed. What's up with that?

Kris said...

Oh shoot Holly. I don't speak HTML either, but there is surely an easy fix. Good luck. I love the new picture for the header though!!!! Good luck!

Connie said...

Holly dearest. I stole your image, made it a little smaller, and emailed it to you. Give it a go and let me know. I do speak HTML (css and php) but I dont use Blogger myself. This should do it though. I love the new banner btw.. its very you

just call me jo said...

Well, I'm just useless!! I know you know that!! I just barely speak English. I love the wonkiness. Whatever Connie said...that's my advice too. Hahaha!! I'm ready to appreciate it when you get it fixed. Until then, just pretend it's supposed to be wonky. (Most of us would never know the difference.)

Ashley said...

I was going to tell you to change the banner size too. I get really pissed at all the technicalities of all the page setups. I try nit to mess with mine too much otherwise i jack something up. You know like disabling comments or get. tk where it wont show up in reader :0)

Tabitha said...

Well, it's pretty, anyway. :-D

Dina said...

Guess I need to take HTML-SL myself. (HTML as a second language just in case you don't speak Dina-ese either). BTW I am horribly offended by the word verification I had to do for this post...it called me FAT!!! (the word was fatio and I think it was trying to tell me something about eating ice cream after going for a walk with daddy and only burning 33 calories but he's still recuperating ya know...okay I'll stop rambling now)

Genn said...

Holly I kinda like the new header off center. Mine did that when I changed it too and it is still off center. But I live with it now. So I guess I am no help.
Pretty pictures though.

Tammy said...

I wish I knew!! Sorry!!

Tricia said...

I think your new header is great and I'm glad that you found a fix for the wonkiness. I get all twitchy when things are off center on my own blog and I wish that I had the skills to make it look just the way I want. Alas, I'm googling my graphic design know-how one wonky issue at a time.

Thanks for the kind words about my apple "picture," by the way. It's so nice to get kind comments!