Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Post Where I Tell You I'm Not Dead

Bet ya’ll thought I was dead, huh?
Well, Merry Christmas and call me Lazarus.

In the true spirit of Christmas and all things Holy,
please excuse my absenteeism.
I have no real excuse other than I just didn’t feel like blogging.
And when I set my mind to not doing something,
I am a freight train;
there is no stopping me from not starting something.
I was unstoppable in my not blogging.

This attribute of mine goes well beyond my ability to hold out on blogging.
I’ve been known to be steadfast in my not doing many things.
Like Showering.
Since the invention of dry shampoo and Febreeze, is it really all that necessary?
And Dieting.
You should see my ability to not diet, it’s unparalleled.
And Exercising.
My butt shaped couch cushion can attest to this.

But I am back.
And life is grand.
And Christmas is right around the corner.
Did you know that?
I feel a certain responsibility as a blogger to let you all know that.
We’re having a nice quiet, stress less Christmas around here.
The shopping is done.
The gifts have been wrapped.
Christmas dinner will be easy and almost everything can be prepared ahead of time.

My Christmas gift this year is that my Dad and Sally will be with me.
I can’t remember the last time we spent Christmas together.
They have moved back from New Mexico to the Phoenix area.

My all-time favorite brother Jon will be here too.
He’s my only brother but if I had 237 brothers he would still be my favorite.
But if I had 238 brothers, it would be a tough decision.
I love him because I get to make fun of him.
And he chases me.
And I scream.
And he sits on me and tickles me.
Yes, I am 46 years old.
And of course my beautiful children will be here.

Have a Blessed Christmas!!!
I know I will.