Friday, November 4, 2011

Indiana Love

It's been forever since I've posted and I have to tell you
that I have some wonderful friends and followers.
People that are emailing me and asking if I'm alive.
If I need antidepressants.
If I've fallen and can't get up.

I'm going to be honest.
This break was awesome!
I took a break from technology.
Or at least as much as possible.

I found more time to do other things.
I got out of the house.
Did you know that there are things going on out there?
There are.

I wanted to show you an amazing gift
I received in the mail yesterday.
I can barely write about it without crying.
Because I'm a huge baby.

Look and tell me what you see.

I see home.

Those of you that know me at all
know that I love and miss Indiana.
This time of year is especially difficult for me.
I live in Phoenix now.
We don't have changing leaves.
We barely have changing seasons.

I went to the mailbox yesterday,
brought in a large package.
Filled with leaves, acorns, and fossils.
And they smell like leaves too.

If you live anywhere near these things,
you are now thinking that I have completely lost my mind.
And I probably have.
But I am so darned happy!

Cheryl over at Whosyergirl (get it?  Hoosier girl)
sent me this package of autumn loveliness from Indiana.
She also sent me some of the cutest
handmade paper craft goodies.

I love each and every little thing.
Another thing she sent me was a magazine.

Cheryl is a published author.
She writes articles for this magazine from time to time.
In this particular edition,
she wrote about blogging.

And she even mentioned me in the article.
So I'm sort of famous now.
Which kind of explains why I've been on the down low.
In hiding.
In my big sunglasses.

I'm back in the blogging world.
I may not post as often
but I missed ya'll so much.