Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 90's Called and Wants it's Cell Phone Back.

I am old, this I know.
For my cell phone tells me so.

I'm not a techy kinda girl.
I don't need the latest and the greatest.
I don't have an Ipad.
Or a Kindle.
Or a laptop.
Or a convection oven.
Or a sleep number bed.
or a.... well, you get it.
I just need the basics.

My husband, on the other hand,
feels that he cannot survive with only the necessities.
He requires GPS.
Satellite radio.
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing for the Wii.
Ronco's rotisserie oven.

It keeps our marriage interesting.

So, our contracts are just about up with our current cell phone plan.
I have one of these:

You remember these right?
You would pick it up, dial a number and talk to someone.
That was it.
It didn't take fancy pictures,
have Apps,
or cook your dinner.

And I've been fine with that.

But someone in this house is not fine with that.
Someone needs more.
Someone who doesn't know how to use the Internet needs this.

Someone who only knows how to use the computer to
 play free online poker
and search the Bass Pro Shop Clearance events
needs this fancy dancy cellular telephony contraption.

Someone who has only sent one email in his entire life
and that was to his wife.
And it said, "Did I this go throuhg?"
That was not a typo on my part.
That's what his email says.
I still have it.
God love him.

Remember back when we were kids
 and we got a phone call and wanted privacy?
We pulled the phone cord through the kitchen door
as far as it would reach and hid in the coat closet.
And then mom would yell at us because the
cord wouldn't coil right after that.

So, do we do this Iphone thing?
I'm afraid of what will happen if I give in.
What will be next on his list of must haves?



YouTube said...

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Mausie1 said...

LOl thats so cute and so true... Hubby and I have laptop and desk top and normal cell/s prepaid actually , they take pics but nothing else..sil has an Iphone daughter a regular one , but no internet at home so they use iphone for web stuff..( they live to far out) son and dil have it all... gee you name it they have it...lol to funny... not me give me my regular phone..Oh I do have a ereader though love my kindle.. never have to sit anywhere and read 3 year old magazines again.....hard decision... Enjoy....hugs Birgit

Bev said...

Love your phone. It's the exact model of my husband's. :)

He keeps asking about Facebook - it is mysterious and very interesting to him since I have reconnected with so many friends from the past. I keep avoiding that - I figure that I have time to work a real job or help him figure out FB, but not both.

Ashley said...

We are a techy family since the husband is in IT. 2 desktops, 1 mini laptop, 2 iPhones, and half a closet of spare computer parts. I like having my own personal computer repair guy at home!

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

I am literally LOL, and I never type LOL. I'm just imagining your husband and that email! The final photo was the clincher. You are hilarious. I'm tweeting a link to this.

Technology is a slippery slope. Be careful. Not that I would know. I'm one step up from a dial phone. But I do have a sleep number bed.

jenny said...

you remind me of the show "saved by the Bell" when they had those cell phones that were so huge they stuck out of their back pockets... but i still love you. and your husband is pretty fine too, if i must say so.... and I too mean that in the "not weird" way. :)

Arlene said...

This is so me! I have a phone.....period.....if you want to talk to me, call me. I don't have texting, internet on my phone, nothing. (Oh, I do have voicemail!) I can take pictures but they are crap. I am about 2 years behind the time frame when I could upgrade. I don't want to. Mine still holds a charge forever - like for days. My kids and hubbies phones with all the gadgets are always dead - out of battery life. I've got my heels dug in and I'm keeping it that way! I don't need anymore time killers - I've got 500 blogs to read! Love yours, by the way - my kind of humor!

Melynda said...

ahhh, techville the new frontier. How come the phones are "free" but the service package keeps on wanting more and more money? But hey I like the little private car, does it come in red?

laurie said...

well I don't have a phone,, my husband says WE have a phone which means he does,, like yours,, but he wants to upgrade also.He sounds so much like my husband they could be twins,, scary that, but maybe you will love it, I say go for it,

just call me jo said...

Ahem, cough, sigh...Here goes my techno-wisdom, and you know what that's worth. You can get a new phone (like twenty-first century) without getting an iphone. There are nice upgraded phones that are better than your flipper but not touch screen--no apps. You could take pictures, text, surf the web, and twitter if you wished and would not have to leave the comfort of buttons. That might work for you and then Brian can get his smart phone if he wants. Do you have to have the same phone on your plan? Just a thought--you know what my thoughts are worth.

Kris said...

Well, it does seem that everyone is getting one. I have a slide out phone. I like it. I txt. I am hip!! I am with it....But am I smart enough for a smart phone? I do not know? My husband says I might hurt myself. Maybe next upgrade. We shall see. Good luck!

Bethany said...

I just got a fancy schmancy phone and I love it. When I'm picking up takeout for dinner I sit there and play games instead of just sitting. I feel less like a weirdo. Plus when you do the little swipey motion on the screen you really look like you know what you're doing. I refuse to get a Kindle though. I'm old school like that. Plus I love the way books smell.

Jan said...

I own a TRACFONE. It was $20 and I buy "minutes" for long distance. Cheap and efficient. And I NEVER use the minutes, so they keep piling up.

Now my s-i-l is like your husband. App crazy. TMI, I say!

Laptops are good though. I love mine and there is no 'sharing' between us....like the TV remote control. Not that we have cable/dish....just an antenna and only 5 channels to choose from. But I digress.

My dad had a 'secret' phone in the basement (behind a closed door) that I liked to use. But darn it was cold in the basement and there was no place to sit! Think it was an evil plan?

lifeinredshoes said...

I can barely use the phone I have now! I have had an Ipod for 3 years that is still sitting on the charger because I have no idea how to put music on it. I hear convection ovens are not that great, and yes, I do remember the phone in the closet trick...and sometimes I actually miss it;)

Whosyergurl said...

I can see where one might be concerned. I am the techie in our relationship. I have a droid phone and a laptop. We do have a microwave. We do not have an electric can opener- I get frustrated by how fast they wear out and plus...just think how really awful my upper arms might look if I wasn't crankin my cans by hand! Anyway...dug doesn't even know how to answer my phone. (thisisgood!)...
xo, Cheryl

Genn said...

That last picture is hysterical!
I love your blog Holly. :)
I say get it. It's so nice to have internet on your phone. I use it all the time!
Just today I was in the car and talking to Jake about this bug spray I bought and if it was safe for the kids. He said kids shouldn't use it if it contains over a certain percent of deet, so I googled deet, right there in my car, and got some neat info.

You might like it.
His email was hilarious to you too.

PS- yes, my Mom texts. She texts in all caps so that she can SEE it, and I always ask her why she is yelling in her text messages. ;)

Pat MacKenzie said...

I have a droid phone too - a Samsung, full of apps, internet, camera, GPS, games, and more stuff that I never use. I love it. DH gave me an iPad for Christmas and I don't go anywhere without it - i download books and recipes, photos, email, internet. I'm afraid if I don't keep up with technology I'll be left in the dark ages and my kids and grands will think I'm hopelessly 'old'.

corners of my life said...

Here is a reason to get an iphone. You can dowonload a Weight Watchers AP, then point your phone at a UPC and up pops the points plus number. Oh, maybe this was a reason not to get an iphone?

Dina said...

Well, I'm fairly techy, but am ashamed to admit that I still (on a regular basis) open up my phone keypad and before dialing will check for a dial tone. Um, can you say stupid?

Tammy said...

You'll be addicted once you get one! Doooooo it!! =)

Erika said...

You will LOVE it. You will be a committed almost not normal relationship with your new smart phone the first week. No one existed the first week my Droid & I met. The convenience the capabilities, the apps the quality of the photos...so great!

Yay for you!

deb said...

that is so funny......I just broke down and got an Iphone too....will I ever learn to do all the things it does....doubt it!!!! but its pretty fun!