Friday, June 10, 2011

Blogger has Done it Again

I will stand by you.
I will not leave your side.
When Blogger makes you feel sorry for yourself.
When they once again make you feel alone.
And they take your friends away.
Leaving you to wonder,
what have I done?
Where did you go?
Rest assured,
I will be here.



Kris said...

I know!! WHAT is up with Blogger! I adore Lucy!!! Hey, I will work on having that hanging bed, or hammock up by September for you! And, about Sun City...they always say Sun City that near you?

Tammy said...

I love Lucy!!!!! You still have us. =) Don't worry.

Anonymous said...

I love Lucy too! Day after Thanksgiving there was always a Lucy marathon I stayed home to watch instead of shop. Ha

Ashley said...

Blogger is annoying me. Majorly.

Anonymous said...

I'm here...kinda (except for the camping thing).

I'll stick by YOU if you stick by ME?!?!!!

I love Lucy, too. The video was a hoooooottttt. How come there isn't anything on TV like that anymore? Am I old? Stale? Square? Or just sick of guns and drama?

Hugs from

Laraine Eddington said...

We're still here Holly, whenever there is signal power, we'll be there, whenever we have a moment to click a mouse, we'll be there, because we're the people, and although we're sometimes obscured in the blogosphere, we're still here.

Linda said...

Blogger has been annoying me for weeks...but I really can't complain about something this wonderful that's free!

Anonymous said...

I've lost all my followers,, are they gone for good,, I'm so new to this,, did I do this,, is this what happened to you,, questions questions,, have a good day holly,, despite this mess,

Comeca Jones said...

Blogger took my friends today too sigh but they've done it before and it came back. I'm frustrated but patient. Maybe by the weekend things will be back to normal. Have a nice weekend.

just call me jo said...

Bad Blogger! Bad! I just got home. Have to take nap. Fading fast. No rest at daughter's. Later.

Seven Gates Farm said...

Like a bridge over troubled water...I'll be there too! Debi

Katherines Corner said...

so frustrating. I'm happy I moved over to word press. Hugs P.S. I Love Lucy ♥

Pat MacKenzie said...

Hi Holly. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've seen you on Jo's so was glad to have an excuse to check this one out. Looking forward to meeting you and Jo on Thursday.

jenny said...

i would search for you if blogger went down for good. i would climb mountains... and swim across the seas