Monday, August 1, 2011

Don't Skip Any Of These Steps

After watching an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,
Brian decided he needed Pulled Pork sandwiches.
What’s a wife to do except please her hungry man?

You'll want to start this the day before you actually want to cook it.

Start with a pork shoulder or butt.
(Butt…..hee hee)
I don’t trim the fat, it adds flavor as it cooks and I pull it out later.
I don’t care what size you buy.
As long as it fits in your crock pot.
Or Crock pock as my kids used to call it.


Mix up your dry rub.
You can use anything you want in your rub.
I don't measure.
I use a ziplock bag to mix it up.
I threw in about a half a cup of brown sugar
and then just added
Chili powder
onion powder
garlic powder
salt and pepper
Mix it up and then rub it all over your meat.
Wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap and keep in the fridge overnight.


In the morning, pull it out and throw it in the crock pock.
I use the crock pock liners.


Now whisk together a cup of root beer
and about a half a cup of your favorite BBQ sauce.
And pour it over the butt.
(Butt...hee hee)
Spill a little on the counter for good luck.
Dribble some on the floor for the dog.
Set it on low and leave it alone for 8 hours.


Go to the refrigerator and eat that
last piece of rhubarb pie right out of the pan
with a spoon.

Take a shower.


Drink a Diet Coke.

Play with Picasa for about an hour.

Think about what you're gonna tell your husband
about his piece of pie you ate.
Decide you don't care cuz it was really good.


Go outside and water your flowers


Play with a Vampire Kitten


Drink a Diet Coke.


On your way to the bank,
stop and pick up two vintage chairs that a
neighbor has placed on their curb with a
"FREE" sign.


After wating 8 hours, pull the roast out of the crock pock
and shred with a fork. Remove the liquid and any fat and put
the meat back in the crock pot with more BBQ sauce and keep
warm until ready to serve.


When ready to serve, put on a yummy bun and
serve with homemade cole slaw on top.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches in 15 easy steps.




just call me jo said...

Butt (hee-hee), Holly. You're so imatoor. (he-he) I love you for it, you know. That looks delicious. I enjoyed the run down of your other various activities also. Can't wait to see the chairs when you've attacked them. I love pulled pork. Rickster? Not so much. He's really weird sometimes.

Dina said...

Awwww...vampire kitty looks just like my Ashley! Butt seriously, are there any leftovers, cuz I'm kinda hungry?

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I love that you've narrowed it down to only 15 steps! Step 11 would be my favorite:@)

Genn said...

Looks good Holly!
Love the part about eating pie out of the container, and then getting two vintage chairs! What a day.

Oh and ps- yes, you are now our family's crazy aunt holly! As large as our family is, suprisingly we don't have an aunt Holly yet, so now we do! Welcome to the fam!! ;)

Kris said...

I need to drag my crock pock out and make BUTT!!! Hee-Hee!! Looks gooood!!
Love the chairs too. Whatcha gonna do with them?

Anonymous said...

Can't figure out which step I like the most....pork, pie, or little tiny men. hmmmmm

We had those chairs once and they were about as rusty/raggedy as these...but I KNOW you'll re-do them beautifully. Perhaps I can sit on one (or two) someday.

Have a great week. We're off on Wed am for 5 days. Not takin' the computer, either.

PS...should I tell you that the word verification today is "unbone". Like pulled pork????

ain't for city gals said...

butt I don't have any leftover hoo..this does sound good...I seldom do sounds weird!!! you got me thinking like you...xoxoxo

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Yummo! We like pork sammies too but seasoning and letting it sit overnight is such a great idea. I have to do this.

Anonymous said...

hahaha I loved all these steps! Those look mighty tasty!!

Root beer & bbq sauce! Can't wait to try that!

Anonymous said...

Holly I would gladly do all 15 steps was it,, but I have no vampire kitty and I don't have the faintest idea what picaso is,, will my pork still turn out?

Tammy said...

Oh my yummy! That looks really good. Mine would have to have more Diet Coke in the steps. lol I love that show. I watch the re runs all the time.

BrownFamily said...

looks tasty!

Linda said...

I think I'll have to make a pie I can eat the last piece...the Butt...hehe...looks yummy! Love the chairs!

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

Ya had me chuckling aloud again, Holly! I want to make this, but first I have to get some rhubarb, which I love to make into pie.

I like the part about the paper plate (see photo).

I actually have 2 chairs like that only one isn't rusty. Or is that paint? I could never understand why these chairs never became high style classics. They have beautiful lines, are well designed for sitting, never cause problems, rain goes right through them, you can scrub the mildew off once a year and they look new, and they stack well. I think they look so Continental, but that's just me. I'll never part with mine.

Thanks for the recipe. I'm gonna do it.

The word verification is outmatif, as in, "I'm gonna eat pork butt till it comes outmatif."

Amy said...

This looks delicious. It is going on my list of recipes I must try. Perhaps for my Dad's birthday this month. But I must ask" If I substitute fully leaded Coke instead of Diet Coke will my results be the same?

I have not used the "Crock Pock" liners but I will assume they work great since you are promoting them. I will pick some up while I am buying the "butt".

Melynda said...

Your not saying that I can't eat the pie, right?

Chatty Crone said...

That looked pretty fun and easy - was it as good as it looked?

lifeinredshoes said...

I love it, pulled pork, husbands, vampire kitties....your sense of humor!

Pat MacKenzie said...

Good stuff Holly. I love recipes that have steps like 'play with vampire kitty' in them.

My verification word is "prodoni" as in "prodoni moi while I eat my pulled pork

Cheryl Ann said...

You forgot, "Drink it with a nice beer or two!"