Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drop the Phone and Eat This!

That's a weird title.
What in the slim slam could this post possibly be about?
Why, Pizza, of course.

My husband is a die-hard Pizza Hut fan.
Not so much.
I prefer just about any other pizza to that.
But 99% of the time, we order Pizza Hut.
Because I love him.

He wanted to call The Hut and order his usual.
Actually, he wanted me to place the call.
My husband doesn't place phone calls.
Seriously, like never!

And he hates to answer his phone.
If his phone rings and I hand it to him
he swats at it as if it carried a virus that would
render him impotent.
He doesn't use his phone,
unless it's to call me from work to say that he loves me.

But let's not start liking the man right now.
Cuz he's kinda irritating when I refuse to call
The Hut for him.

I decided to make homemade pizza.
In a cast iron skillet.
Like granny did.
In the olden days.
Except it wasn't pizza then.
It was fried chicken.
And we didn't call her granny,
we called her grandma.
Otherwise, it was just like that.
(It's important to make a floury mess)

So I decided to make a iron skillet pizza instead
of calling for delivery.
Because I'm the dinner planner.
And I make these decisions.
And then he pouted a little.
(Use your seasonally inappropriate towel to cover the dough)
I made the pizza using the recipe
All the while,
the husband is stewing in front of the tv.
And I'm happily humming in the kitchen.
 I made it with pepperoni and pineapple
to make my man happy.

And then we had family game night with my daughter.

(Don't look too close, we may have cheated a little)

It turned out to be a great Friday night.
Even though Pizza Hut was never called.
Who would have thought that was possible?


laurie said...

what agreat looking pizza, we don't have pizza hut here , yours looks better than delivery.I think our husbands may have been separated at birth,,very much alike,,

Lucy aka Roeann said...

He probably loved it! I love homemade pizza. Course I would love pizza if it were made in an oranutang village. Except for pepperoni. I always take that off. I know. I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't like pepperoni. But I like that title. Your husband sounds like he's a nice guy. I'd ask if he had a brother, but I'd have to change it to grandfather. :(

just call me jo said...

That pizza looked tasty, but is there enough of it for you all. I could eat that one by myself. You guys would have to call The Hut... We never play games. We are no fun. I love your tea towels. Festive!

A Vintage Green said...

Read your last three posts, got a really good chuckle from the chair post. Pizza looked tasty, nice family evening.
- Joy

Tammy said...

Too too true about the phone! lol He's a butt.
That pizza looks so much better than pizza hut!! I don't like them either. Bleh. I need to buy scrabble. That is a fun game. All we have are kid games. lol Can't wait to see you this week!

Kris said...

Well hifaromtheroad! I have my iPad and I am 3G so I can read all of my favorite blogs! My hubby is anti phone too! Your pie looked divine! I love scrabble and have iron my iPad! See you soon!

Debi@7Gates said...

You are so good to that man! Homemade pizza; I'm sure he ate two. What's up with the men and the cells phones. Mine does the same thing; why have them (the phones!!) Game night is WAR here; no one wants to be a loser!!

Laraine Eddington said...

You're so ambitious. I'm amazed at your get-up-and-go! I love scrabble but I love bananagrams even more. Have you ever played it? It's like speed scrabble.

Pat MacKenzie said...

Your pizza looks delicious. Have you tried Bronco Billys in Surprise? We love it.

Lloyd and I are scrabble players but I quit playing with him when he would make up words and more often than not the dictionary would agree with him! Now we sit in the same room together, each of us playing scrabble on our iPads. We're still playing together, just not against one another. Works for us.

Ann said...

Looks yummy. My husband and I play Rummy or Rummikube almost every weekend. Nice way to pass some quiet time and be together.

Amy said...

The pizza looks yummy. My favorite pizza these days is the Gourmet Garlic Chicken (or something like that name) from Papa Murphys. That is the only place we go to get pizza these days.

We get together to play a card game here. Not sure what it is even called but it's pretty fun and gives us all something to do.

lifeinredshoes said...

You overachiever you! I never pass up an opportunity for take-out:)
That's one lucky man.

P.S. Please come to visit August 26, I promise you and Jo will have fun :)

Speedy Lady said...

The pizza looks delish! Your posts always make me LOL...thanks!

Linda said...

Great job! The pizza looked only attempt at homemade pizza is using the Fresh and Easy dough...but it's pretty good.I'm the anti phone one in this house!!

corners of my life said...

Pizza and scrabble?
All the comforts of home!
And homemade to boot.
Good job all around.