Friday, August 12, 2011

My Attempt to Redeem Myself

After yesterday's major craft fail
I really felt that I needed to get back on the horse.
I needed to try to do something crafty.

My dad sent me an email telling me that
he finds the "Try, try again advice highly overrated."
God Bless him.
I'm putting the office chair fiasco of 2011 behind me.
And I'm forging on.

I needed to find something that I couldn't fail at.
So I Googled
Crafts for Kindergartners.
Oh yes I did.

I have to have the ability of a 6 year old.
And I was always really good at coloring.
I kinda majored in coloring at Maple Crest Elementary.
I even won a coloring contest once.
I think it was of a picture of Paul Revere.
Or Betsy Ross.
Or of a flag.
I don't really remember.
But I think my Dad still has the newspaper article.
It was kind of a big deal.
I won money and everything.
Maybe $50.
Or $10.
But I won.
I don't really want to brag.

Google led me to this blog post.
I knew it was right up my alley.

I had food coloring.
I had corn syrup.
I had paper.
I had my blunt end scissors.
I was good to go.

And here she is......

It looks wet but it's dry.
It's all shiny.
And it's just as good as any 6 year old would do.
Unless you happen to be the 6 year old
that painted this one.
Then it's really not all that good after all.
But this isn't a contest.

Because if it were,
well, you know.



Anonymous said...

where have you been hiding this painting skill, you need get the brushes and paints out,, you can paint!This is really cute and how does it shime like that,, I'm going to find out right now.I think you should start painting,, really I do.

Melynda said...

Cute! But I have regressed to the point that I would need to google preschool crafts!

Bethany said...

I dig it!
I'm curious what judges look for in a coloring contest :)

just call me jo said...

Now wait a minute! That's beautiful and looks very professional. Are you sure you did that? I mean--I'm sure you did that! It's so you. Love the frame too. I knew you were talented, but this is...waaaay more than expected.

Laraine Eddington said...

Lovely, lovely lovely. I have just one question. Did you eat lick the leftover corn syrup/paint out of the bowl? I would have.

Anonymous said...


You are really crafty I am SO not!

Whosyergurl said...

Very nice. You should see the mosaic table top that I tried to do for the deck this summer. Talk about FAIL! (It is sitting waiting to go to the dump as we speak.)
Happy Friday! xo, Cheryl

Dina said...

oooh me likey...

Anonymous said...

Dear O'Creative One,

Your new art form is SO cute that I am going to give it a 'go' soon. At the moment, I am putting together a journal of different techniques and this one is a winner (winner, chicken dinner) for sure. I will name the page after you, too, but I'm not sending you any money. You'd just spend it on Diet Cokes.

Humbled Jannie

Tammy said...

I love it!!! Great idea!

Ann said...

This is a success! Looks like fun. But I guess you have to be able to draw something first, which I can't but obviously you can. Way to go ...

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

It looks like a Mexican floor tile...and I mean that in a good way.

I like it. Of course, I like simple. And quick. I have the attention span of a gnat.

You know, all ADD and all. No, it's not ADHD..if anything, it would be ADLD (attention deficit LAZY disorder)

Boy, I hate nectarines. Just sayin'

Linda said...

So cute!!I think I might be able to do that!!

Pat MacKenzie said...

I love it. My daughter has framed work her daughters did at kindergarten and hung them on her family room walls. They look lovely too. Kind of primitive art. It's great.

Bev said...

You goofball. I miss a few days and then find out you've taken up upholstery. Maybe gardening is more your gift?

Years ago we had an elderly friend who would not lie - so when someone showed them their wrinkly newborn baby, instead of saying how beautiful the baby was, he said, "Now there's a baby!"

Holly, now there's a chair!

deb said...

ok I love it!!!!!!!!!!