Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birthday and Craft Fail

Happy Birthday Jo!!!

Had a great day with Jo-Be-Doh yesterday. 
We met a an Italian restaurant.
I ate 6 loaves of bread and she had a salad. 
We then shared a kitchen sponge with cinnamon.
They called it bread pudding.
And our waitress was AWOL.
Which irritated Jo to no end.
It was fun to watch.

We then went to see the movie "The Help".
We had both read the book
so it was fun to watch together.
Go see Jo and tell her Happy Birthday.
And tell her she has nice thighs.
And tell her Gomer says "Hey".

So, I suppose you're all still hangin around
to see that craft fail, huh?
You're all sickos.
Wanting to feel better about yourselves
because of my inadequacies.

No problem.
That's what I'm here for.

So, I have this office chair.
It kinda sorta looked like this.

Except imagine that your cat had used it
as a scratching post for the past three years.
You got that picture in your head?
You are thinking that I couldn't possibly have
made it look any worse.
That's what I thought too.

I took a vintage sheet and covered it.
And stapled it.
Yes, you heard me right.
With a stapler.
Because that's what I had.

And now you're thinking,
"Oh, that's not so bad, Holly is so melodramatic!"
See how I knew what you were thinking?
Let's just take a looksee at the back.
There was just too much fabric and
I couldn't get it fold under without
bunching up and it was a mess.
And I was tired.
And I was frustrated.

So I cut the fabric straight up the back
and just tied it in a bow.
Oh, the Shame!

If one person tells me,
"It's not so bad."
I'll send the dadblame thing to you C.O.D.,
I swear I will!




Anonymous said...

It looks Ok to me, really it does, love the color and I think it looks fine, whats wrong with a bow.OK so I only have sight in one eye and the other is pretty bad at the moment,, but really it looks Ok to me,,

Val said...

Hey - we've all had those days. Just encourage the cat to keep scratching the chair, and you'll have an excuse to redo it again in a few months! :)

Whosyergurl said...

Oh, Holly. You are so adorable and you make me giggle!
xo, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

haha looks good to me!

I think that movie looks so good! Did you like it?

just call me jo said...

Thanks again, Holly, for the lovely birthday dinner, balloons and movie. She insists that the birthday person cannot buy anything on their outing. (I need to remind Rick of this.) I pictured the bow as much larger and messier. It looks like one of those shirts you tie at the waist. Have you thought of that stick on velcro along the bottom of the back. Who knows! Just don't send me the chair COD, please.

Laraine Eddington said...

Your chair remodel looks absolutely professional*. I just knew you and Jo were going to see "The Help" because that is what I would have gone to. I just knew it. Hence, I am even more jealous.

*without my glasses

Bethany said...

Welllll.....I suppose it doesn't look bad if you don't turn it around. I love craft fails. Other peoples' more than my own of course. You know how you'll know if it's really bad? Put it on your curb with a sign that says "Free!" and see if anyone takes it, hahahaha. Sorry. I haven't had my coffee yet.

Genn said...

It's not so bad!


That is so funny! I bet you and me could come up with some great crafty projects.

6 loaves really? I'm impressed. You go girl! :)

Genn said...

oh ps- I read the Help too and LOOOOOVED it!! I am dying to go see it!!

Kris said... are silly. The chair looks great, and I love the addition of the bow in back. Happy Birthday to Jo. And I am going to go see The Help tonight. I loved the book. I have no business going tonight, as I have so much to do to get ready for our trip. But I am going.!!!!!
Did you love it?

Dina said...

the bow hides its butt and that is all we can ask for in life isn't it?? Can't wait to see the movie, hope it doesn't disappoint.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

You are so funny. I think it looks okay. Maybe a staple gun would have been better but I have never covered a thing in my life so I guess I am not one to ask.

Tammy said...

How was the movie? I want to see it! Looks really good. I love your chair, maybe I'll steal it when I come to visit next week. Blue is my favorite color. =)

deb said...

ok YOUR lunch sounds delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are a HOOT !!!

Decorating Lady's Humble Abode said...

I'm going to have to try this on a desk chair. Do you know the fancy dinning room chair covers, that covers the whole chair and ties in the back? They would also work for desk chairs. Nice job on your desk chair and the idea for fixing them. Check out my smoothie receipe and add one of your own. Thanks for sharing Decor. Lady

Anonymous said...

Very posh hotels have dining chairs with removable covers which are tied in the back with a bow ..... I'm talking proper 5-star hotels that we frequented when we stayed in Indonesia!!

Speedy Lady said...

I think the chair is cute! You always make me laugh. Thanks!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Hey I have some old Smurf sheets I can send..think that'll help??? :-)

And speaking of "The Help" and Jo..although that sounds Jo needs help..well maybe she does, but that's another post..
..I am green with I WAS THERE-ness..
Have a craft-filled-fun-Friday..

Anonymous said...

Great picture of you and Jo. Sounds like it was a super fun day for both of you. How special to have spent the entire day together.

Your chair is very blue. I'm not saying anymore cuz I don't need another chair.

Melynda said...

That chair looks a little like it is middle aged and lumpy, cute if you ask me, and NO I am not talkin bout you, I was referrin to to see Jo and say hey.

lifeinredshoes said...

It just so happens I love the chair. I love the fact that you made that cover. I love the fact that you shared with all the world that you are not the perfect seamstress. I love that you are just like me...and her...and that woman over there. Because you know what? THAT'S WHAT REAL PEOPLE DO :)
And you are onehelluva friend Holly girl, and that's what counts when the day is done.

Amy said...

Love the picture of you and Jo.

You're such a good friend for taking her our to celebrate.

I don't want a COD chair so all I am going to say it is looks so much better than the picture I had of the cat scratched office chair.