Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If You've Got Nothing Nice to Say, Blog Anyway.

I know, I know.
It's been almost a week since posting.
Bad Blogger!!
Bad Blogger!!

Did you know I'm having a love affair with Nyquil?
No, I don't have a cold.
I just love a good nights sleep so every couple of nights I take a shot.
I would marry Nyquil if I could.

That had nothing to do with anything.

I will be sharing a major craft fail with you soon.
I had such good intentions.
Don't you just love a good craft fail?

I know I do.
I will soon show you how I flubbed up my office chair.
By trying to recover it.

Did you know that tomorrow is Jo's birthday?
Today we are heading out for lunch and a movie.
And we will behave ourselves.
And act like perfect ladies.


Last night for dinner I ate macaroni and cheese
and Milk Duds.

I think I could live on Milk Duds.
And Nyquil.
If my sister were dead
she'd be rolling over in her grave right now.
I don't think she knows what a Milk Dud is.
No, Kelly, they aren't organic.
I would look like my sister if I'd never met the Milk Dud.

But alas, I do not.
For I have a love of all things chocolatey, and caramely.
Do you think my sister will be upset that I stole that
picture from Facebook and posted it on my blog?

So, that's what's going on around here.



laurie said...

well its about time!! I was missing you, to bad about the chair, can't win them all.I f it was mac and cheese and milk duds for supper i would be right there with you.I love Kraft dinner, my kids loved it and every once in a while I still buy it,, my husband thinks I'm nuts but its good stuff, the chemicals keep me bright and shiney, I've heard this about that for helping sleep, Nyquil? is it the alcohol in it I wonder,

Lucy said...

That reminds me of my mother with the Nyquil. This was back when Nyquil was a bit more alcoholic than it is now. She was into that every night and would purposly catch a cold just to get at it. How anybody ever gets through the first taste is what boggles my mind. I've never had it do for me what it did for her in the sleeping department. Me thinks I need the REAL stuff but kinda hate to take it that far. :))

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

Nyquil, eh? I'm going to remember that the next time I'm staring at the ceiling at 2 a.m. I won't have a Nyquil monkey on my back, will I?

Pat MacKenzie said...

Have fun celebrating Jo's birthday today. Maybe she could give you a crash course in recovering chairs.

Anonymous said...

Nooo...but Bill might object to being published in that silly looking hat :)

sally said...

Oops, I didn't mean that to be "anonymous"...Bill and Kelly know I love them and think they are BOTH gorgeous.

Genn said...

Been missing ya Holly.
Hope that love affair with Nyquil is treating ya well. :)
I say eat the milk duds for dinner!

Jan said...

Milkduds and Macaroni and Cheese. WELL, they BOTH begin with the letter M, so I don't see that there is a problem here! You just like to eat the same lettered foods.

A birthday party with Jo...wish I were there. sigh. You'll have to behave yourselves without moi. I know I can trust you two. right..

I, too, have missed your banter. But now I see that you are in a Nyquil coma AND trying to redecorate at the same time. That could be the answer Holly for the FAIL thingy.


A Vintage Green said...

Good to start my day with a chuckle. Thanks Holly.

Kris said... must have milk in it, is good for eat them! Mac & Cheese...cheese contains calcium...therefore, it is good for eat it!!! Do you like the way I think?
I will bake you Snickerdoodle's in September. And in October, we will go on our diets.
Missed ya kid!

Kelly said...

I do too know what a milk dud is!

Erika said...

hehe too funny they're not organic. I'm on the organic train too but def indulge into my chocolately goodies. Ur sister does look amazing I must say!

Bethany said...

Oh you KNOW I love me a good craft fail :) Makes me know I'm not alone in the creation of them.

deb said...

milk duds are the bOMB!!!!!!

Laraine Eddington said...

I'm jealous of the bday celebration with Jo. Where did you eat and what did you see?

Amy said...

I have many craft fails. Good to know I am not alone. My sister's are a little like yours in the body department. Then there is me. Oh well. I do know how to enjoy my food. Snickers for breakfast anyone?

Dina said...

Nyquil is a good friend indeed. I have been having a fling with his cousin Tylenol PM. Don't tell, I hear Nyquil can get a little jealous! My sister is obnoxious like that. She has decided to become vegan and is coming to see me in a couple of months. Yes, I am plotting how to sabotage her plan because I know deep in her heart lurks a carnivore. Sisterly love!!!