Sunday, May 29, 2011


My followers all decided to come back last night.
I knew you would all feel guilty and start following me again.
To celebrate this occasion I decided to host a giveaway.
Aren't giveaways fun?
Even if you don't want the crap it's still fun to win something.
You can always give it to someone else.
Well, I have crap!!

Want it?

Up for grabs:

Handmade striped apron.
Made by me.

Red Gingham apron.
I'm not sure how old this is, I got it from an estate sale.
It's in wonderful condition.


Full pink gingham apron.
Also found at an estate sale, in great condition.
(Dog in background is not included)

There will be other treats thrown in the box as well.
I have no idea what they will be.
I haven't cleaned out from under my bed
or behind my refrigerator yet.

Rules for giveaway:
Leave me a comment.
Tell me which apron you would like.
Be sure I have some way to contact you.
I will draw a name on Wednesday, June 1st.

And that's it.


I found something interesting that I thought I would share.
Did you know:
This year,
 July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays?
This happens once every 823 years.

Take the last two digits of the year in which you were born -
 now add the age you will be this year,
The results will be 111 for everyone.

Is anyone else freaked out a little or is it just me?



Rachel said...

I love the first one -- the one you made!

And congrats on the return of followers -- I had the same thing happen last night. Ahh, blogger, thank you.


Melynda said...

Only every 823 years huh? That would explain why I don't remember the last time! It is a hard choice (and since I have been gifted by you already, and should not win) but I love gingham, always have, always will. Have a great Sunday. I am cooking my monthly Sunday Cafe dinner, it sure smells good here!

Genn said...

Crazy fact about July! I'm gonna tell everyone I know (maybe they will think I am way smart)

And I want the first apron! It's so pretty. Pick me! Pick me! I want your crap!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Love those vintage aprons. My followers came back too after a couple of days. Just Blogger playing with us all. My daughter had told me about the months funny stats too. She's a numbers girl.

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Well that's just pretty cool! I had to look at that calendar several minutes for my brain to sink it in. I wonder why it's so rare. I've done that little mathmatical puzzle and it just overwhelms me. It just CAN'T work that way all the time.

But it does.

Kris said...

I am DROOLING over that red gingham one!!!! I have one AMAZINGLY like the first one you pictured...and I love it. Wait....YOU MADE ME ONE!!!!!!

Comeca Jones said...

What a lovely giveaway! I am all over the red and white gingham how sweet it would look on my little hooks in the laundry area.

Anonymous said...

i did know about the witchy woo calendar this year,, wonder what cosmic luck or karma will be fall us ,, cross all toes and fingers,, thats a lovely give away,, such pretty aprons,, i should have the good fortune to win I would like the one made you!Have the best day!

Anonymous said...

So does that mean we're all 111 ???

Please enter me into your crap drawing. I want the striped apron please. It matches my kitchen, it's made by you, and red is one of my fav colors.

Oh, and whatever you find under the 'fridge, you can keep. Really, I don't mind!

Sure hope this posts! I have NO post on my blog...because "you know who" hasnt' fixed the 'problem' yet. scheez.....

Managed a bike ride today before the big gusts come up. Now that felt nice!


A.Vang said...

Oooh! I love CRAP!! My house is full of it and so are my kids! Ha HA! The first apron is darling! Not crappy at all! Please include me in your giveaway! Do I get extra entries because I used the most exclamation marks!?!!!

Deborah in Atlanta said...

I really love the Red Gingham apron, but would be perfectly happy with any of them. Part of me says I should request the last one because it would at least keep my chest from getting all those drips and drops I seem to have when I'm testing the food. Oh no...I don't do that. Uh, guess it's just where some of the stuff drips from the spoons after I've stirred the ingredients. Yeah right! They're all lovely.

just call me jo said...

I'm so impressed, Holly! I knew about the age thingy but not all the things about July. Whew! Had I not known, I would be really old before it comes around again. Really old...I'll take anything you want to give me. I love aprons. I just don't cook. Maybe I can use it when I clean. I'm a cleanin' fool. And I eat. I just don't cook much...Not that anyone cares. Yes, my follwers returned and I got a new one who follows your blog. I'm so thrilled.

corners of my life said...

Although I would love the one you made the Red Gingham apron is calling my name.

Karen said...

Well, who could pass up this op! I love the red gingham too....however yours is a gem as well! So I wouldn't be able to chose bout you just send me whichever one is left, since I never win anything;)))I'll even swap some crap with you! How's that for a deal?! My hubby keeps sayin "we got to get rid of some of this crap around here!". There you go! Hope you have a great weekend Holly!

Bev said...

I'm so glad that I decided to come back to you. You're the only person I "know" that's weirder than me. You are my imaginary friend. I have trouble holding on to real ones. I don't know why that is.

I'd love the one you made. And if you send me some of the crap from behind your refrigerator, I'll return the favor! And I'll throw in some of my fuzz ball collection from behind the dryer too!

Meredith said...

i love the full gingham one!! :) so pretty.


Shelia said...

Hi Holly! Yay! Your followers came back! You know, the guilt thing works! :)
What cute aprons! I love the first one made by your most dainty fingers!!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Whosyergurl said...

I would like the red gingham, thank you very much!
Freaked out by extra days? NO WAY! I say "YAY, Yay, yay!"
xo, Cheryl

Amy said...

I've seen you comment on Jo's blog so I thought I would come over for a visit. Now following.

BTW...I like the first two aprons.

Kelly said...

Are sister's allowed to enter? If so, I would take any of them. They are darling. Pink would be cute in the keys, red in NM. Hope you have a good day! Love you.

Val said...

I LOVE that second one, though they are all cute, Holly. I do have such a weakness for gingham, though...

Sign me up, dear!

Seven Gates Farm said...

I just got my peeps back too. I was SO lonely without them and thought they had abandoned me likewise. Your thoughts are very funny and so real. I think my better half and complete opposite hubby would like to see me in the red gingham apron ONLY. Love it. Debi

Ashley said...

ACTUALLY the next time there will be 5 Fridays Saturdays and Sundays in July is in 2016. Oh and I would looove the first apron.

Tammy said...

I LOVE the one you made!!!!

Mausie1 said...

So cool these aprons but I love the one you made..I love your blog used to live in indiana then moved to texas and back in indiana since march. This is home to me always was. Love the july fact. Crap hmmm I think I got some of that too..Yea blogger has not been nice lately....LOL..Hugs from indiana...Birgit

Connie said...

I love the striped apron so count me in on the Giveaway ;) You know how to reach me