Saturday, May 7, 2011

This Mothers Day - Part Two

...and then God Blessed us Again.
Sally had been a friend of my mothers.
She and my Dad fell in love a few years after mom died.
And they were married.
Words can't describe our Sally.
But let me try.
Sally is my own personal Carol Burnett/Erma Bombeck.
She has a sense of humor like no other.
She has a wildcat personality.
She is an avid sports fan and is known to yell louder than anyone at the television.
When she's happy, you know it.
When she's mad, you know that too.
Personally, I love Mad Sally.
Mainly because I've never seen her mad at me.
She's down to Earth.
She tells it like it is.
She pulls no punches.
She loves the Lord.
She tells dirty jokes.
She is a wonderful listener.
She gives great advice if you ask for it.
Anyone who meets her, loves her instantly.
She loves my Dad.
When they got married, I inherited a brother whom I love dearly.
Even if he's mildly "off".
His name is Jon.
I stole this from his Facebook page, he will press charges.
He will read this and leave a comment.
We are to ignore that comment.
Anyway, Sally, I love you for who you are and for what you've brought to this family.
Some much needed laughter, friendship, and love.

Happy Mothers Day, Sally!
The title "step" will never be spoken here.
I Love You!



Anonymous said...

The title step will never be spoken made me tear up,, this was such a lovely post,, thanks for sharing this,,she sounds like a wonderful combination to me!!

Melynda said...

Part 2 is just as great at part 1. I have been a "step" mother before and Step was always the first word spoken, it tends to prevent any real relationship from being formed. So happy to see that not everyone uses that word!

just call me jo said...

How very lucky you all are to have each other! Sally sounds like a dame I'd love. Tell it like it is! That's my kind of woman. Such a tribute from you. I'm sure she's grateful. (About the getting Rick and Brian together--ooh, ooh! I'm so ready! Where do I sign up to get Rick a new fishing buddy? Just let me know...)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by Holly,,hope your day is a beautiful one,,

Holly said...

I just received a comment from Saly on Facebook, she doesn't leave comments here. She said that while she loves me too, she will be financing Jon's libel suit. Geesh.....Mothers!! You just can't please them.

lifeinredshoes said...

Darn! I was hoping John had left a comment ;)
Sally is my kind of woman, and like you, when it comes to my grandaughters, STEP, is never in the sentence :)

Happy Mother's Day!

ain't for city gals said...

What a lucky girl you are Holly..two great moms!..doesn't get any better than that! I never understood the word "step" either...there has to be a more loving way to say it...

Laraine Eddington said...

Your Sally Mom is just as lucky as you are. I hope you both have wonderful celebrations tomorrow.

Genn said...

How neat! That is so great for your Dad and your whole family! What a happy story.
I want to see Mad Sally now. :)

Jon said...

I escaped from the facility last night. So you better watch your step.

yes . pun . intended .

deb said...

super nice that you dont use the term Step!

Anonymous said...

Holly, beautiful post as always!! Love you and miss you girl - have a great mothers day!

Anonymous said...

so sweet, Sally sounds like a blessing & her step brother sounds like a good time & also like he knows my D....that ugly xmas sweater & silly face looks all too familiar. haha

Kris said...

How great for all of you, to have Sally in your life. Jon too. Ugly sweater and all!!