Sunday, May 8, 2011

This Mothers Day - Part Three

I am a mother.
Today is my day.
To celebrate all I have.
And all that the Lord has given to me.
In these two beautiful people.
So loved.
And so loving.
I'm extremely blessed that God gave me the privilege of raising them.
I love you both so much more than you will ever know.
Happy Mothers Day to me.



ain't for city gals said...

Holly...Happy Mother's Day ! I will be holding you in my heart this to you when you get back....

Katherines Corner said...

Happy Mothers Day! Big Hugs!!

Bethany said...

Happy Mother's Day--I loved your little "series." :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, Holly. You have lovely children who are lucky to have YOU, too.

Many warm and loving hugs,

Anonymous said...

You are a lucky woman indeed and they are are as well,,, Happy Happy Mother's Day to you my new friend,,

Melynda said...

I hope you day is blessed, just like the love you give each day. Thinking of you on this day, and hoping all is great. Happy Mother's day to you.

just call me jo said...

You are a wise woman. Have a great day.

Kris said...

What great looking kids!! Hope your day was happy.

jenny said...

okay... so this three part mothers day read just made my day. my week. what a blessed... full of life and love family you have.