Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back Home - Part two

My sister lives in Florida but has a cabin in New Mexico where my father lives.
The town is full of little shops and restaurants.
So we shopped.
And we ate.
Her cabin is just darling.  So cozy.

I tried to take a lot of pictures while I was there but was having some camera issues so most of these pictures were taken from the website where they list their cabin as a vacation rental. 
If you might be interested in staying there, let me know and I'll forward the website to you.

This is my sister Kelly and her husband Bill. 
They've been married for 30 years.
Or something like that.
 Let's talk about Bill for a moment, shall we?
I have never met anyone like him.
He is a sweet, sweet man.
With a love for Jesus.
He listens to rock music so loud that I can feel my teeth vibrating.
He drives really close to the edges of cliffs while I cringe and Kelly scolds him.
He teases me constantly.
And pretends like he doesn't like me.
But he loves me, I know this for certain.
Almost as much as he loves canned banana pudding from a restaurant salad bar.
He chose this particular restaurant based on the fact that they served this.
He is in my top ten favorite people list.
I will let him figure out where he stands in that list.

Kelly and I had a great time together.
Yes, I was in my jammies.  I spent a lot of time in them while I was there.
We also spent a lot of time catching up.
Reading blogs.
Discussing our kids.
Talking about our childhood memories.
And I reminded her of how she tortured me when I was a child.
She has no recollection of any of those memories.
The wildlife is just amazing.
The deer were fun to watch.
They arent' afraid of anyone and would come right up to you.
Kelly fed them Raisin Bran.

And the turkeys.
I wish I had gotten some pictures of the dinners she cooked.
I wish she lived closer and would cook for me all the time.
She made an amazing spicy white bean chicken chili the first night.
And a wonderful avocado black bean salad.

I want to be her when I grow up, but I don't ever think I'll be that grown up.
Kelly is Martha Stewart/Ina Garten
I am Paula Deen/Lucille Ball.
But it's a nice mix.
And I miss her bunches.



Kris said...

What a great cabin! And what fun!! I can well imagine how much fun you had!! I have been to Santa Fe and to Albuquerque and to Taos. Where is her place???? Looks delightful!!! Is it just me, or does your daughter look alot like your sister??? Welcome home Holly.

Laraine Eddington said...

Your sis sounds as fun as you are. I'm so glad you had a good visit.

Anonymous said...

now thats a winning combo and you both have beautiful smiles,, lovely cabin,,

Linda said...

What a nice mix you and your sister are...perfect pair it seems! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

just call me jo said...

Now if you just had Paula Dean/Lucille Ball's money...Then I would hit you up for friendly gifts and such. Sigh! I love the cabin. Please don't show me any more cute places. I'm starting to feel very schlumpy. Let's go eat some where soon. That'll make me feel a lot less schlumpy.

Whosyergurl said...

Aw. Love this. The cabin is to die for! And a sweet man? And sweet sister? sigh.
xo, Cheryl

Sunny Simple Life said...

Looks like heaven. Oh I love a cozy cabin.

lifeinredshoes said...

Beautiful place, great company, yummy food, you can't go wrong there!

corners of my life said...

Amazing vacation spot, amazing views and margaritas on the coffe table besides . . .

Tammy said...

How fun and how pretty! Loving all your pictures!

Genn said...

Wow that cabin is SO neat. I bet you had a blast. You and your sister are so pretty Holly!

deb said...

Holy Cow thats a lot of deer!!!!!!! sounds like a great time was had in a darling cabin!!!!