Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here's One for Ya

I was looking at my header this morning and read that this blog is supposed to be about
crafting and
Let's not fool ourselves, shall we?
We know it's not about any of those things.
Oh, what high hopes I had when I started this little blog.
Decorating??  Ummmm, ok, that sounds nothing like me.
Crafting?  Not so much.
Cooking?  No thank you.
Honestly, it started off with some of those things.
But it's just too hard to keep up the facade.
I don't have it in me.
Leave me alone.
NO, I'm kidding, don't leave me alone here!!
If you don't read my blog then I'm just some crazy lady typing strange thoughts into space.
At least now I can pretend that 73 people will hear me.

So, I'm feeling a tad guilty about luring you all here with the promise of being creative.
So, I'm giving it another shot.

Vintage Teacup Candles

candle from thrift shop - 25 cents
vintage teacup from thrift shop - 50 cents each
3" prewaxed wicks from Michaels - 2.99 for 12
fragrance - I used home fragrance oil in vanilla that I already had on hand

Melt the candle on low on the stove in a small pot used for this purpose only.
Add your fragrance. 
I used about 20 drops for this large candle.
Place new wick inside the teacup.

Pour melted wax into the teacup and allow to cool.

And voila!
 (that's wala for you, Honey)
You have a teacup candle.
Or two.

Yes, I do know that this is very simple and I didn't need to do pictures, but aren't pictures fun?
Even really crappy pictures taken in a kitchen with no lighting by a woman who doesn't know the meaning of ISO and shutter speed?
Yes, they are fun.
If you want to see how it's really done, you can check it out here.
If it's good enough for Martha, it's good enough for me.
And now I've been crafty.
Cross that one off please.
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Anonymous said...

you are a ray of sunshine for sure,,and these are very crafty,, much better than Martha's,,

Bev said...

Well, you got that out of the way.

Now if you can just come up with something to cook that will be another one out of the way. But nothing with more than 3 ingredients please or I will be forced to block you.

I never read your header. :)

Melynda said...

But I love your header, it is all about being Betty Crocker, and now you confess your not! Darn good thing you are funny and cute. Crafty too, you do get away with it!

Laraine Eddington said...

Your blog is creative every day, but not always in a candle sort of way. Wow, my poetry skills amaze me.

Tammy said...

So cute!!!

Ashley said...

I keep seeing alot of people making these and I need to remember to make them as a christmas craft gift. Maybe I should "pin" it on my Pinterest board...

just call me jo said...

I am bowled over by your skills. You have mad skills, lady. (mad, I say...) Those were dang cute teacup candles. And no wax dribbled down the sides. How do you do it? Rick said that the rotten hot dogs and livers worked wonderfully. He didn't catch anything but a guy with him did. We have lift off...

Anonymous said...

whatever it's about I enjoy it! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm mostly stalking you for your sense of humor. LOL And you HAVE kept me laughing ALOT since we 'met'. But throwing in a crafty candle project was pretty choice....NOW I am HOOKED for LIFE! DID a recipe book, remember? Score for YOU!

How's the pets? That still makes me laugh.


Kris said...

You're a nut! I love the craft for today!!! Those are darling tea cups. Hey, why don't you come out like a week early, and you and I can play all week together. Hit up all the thrift shops, antique stores, lay by the pool, good food, etc. Come on...DO IT!!

Genn said...

I love your blog Holly!
I just did my mom's hair and I was saying how I think you are so funny and so real and I can't wait to give you a big ol squeeze at blog sugar! :)

Cute candle idea. Who doesn't love candles?

I wrote you another email in response to yours and it wouldn't send and then I accidentally deleted it! Argh. It was basically just me going on and on and on about how i'm in love with Jamie...err... I mean, just blabbing about those book again. ;)

Tabitha said...

Cuuuuute candles! I love that idea. I read your blog because it's funny. If you want to craft, cook, or decorate, that's cool. If not, you still make me laugh. Out loud. My family thinks I'm crazy. :-P

corners of my life said...

From a fellow "martha wanna be", great post {and photos}.

Dina said...

oh so cute. Well, technically speaking, you didn't deeefine crafty, so the jury could still be out. JK!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this idea. Love your Fiestaware too! Jody