Monday, March 28, 2011

Watching Grass Grow!!

That’s what we are doing around here. Can it get more exciting than that? Yes, it can because I’m bringing to you a chance to star in a reality series I am calling, WATCHING THE GRASS GROW.” You’re on pins and needles aren’t you?

Here’s the deal. My Arizona winter grass is dying off and it’s time to get ready for the summer grass. I’ve taken the liberty of mowing the old stuff all the way down as far as my mower will allow. I’ve de-thatched and fertilized. Now it’s your turn to join in the excitement.

If you leave a comment on this post, you will be automatically entered into a weekly drawing where you could be chosen to come to my house! Each randomly selected participant will win a whirlwind weekend filled with mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, trimming bushes, and spraying for ants.
Wait, it gets better!
Included in this package will be all the bologna sandwiches you can eat and all the grape Kool-Aid you can drink. Just imagine yourself nestled up at night on our slightly dog-haired couch with your choice of either a firm or soft pillow and an afghan crocheted by my grandmother.

This weekend package also includes Band-Aids and Mercurochrome for those nasty blisters you will probably encounter, but hey, adventures like this come but once in a lifetime.
So hurry and comment! Don’t miss this opportunity! Be sure to read the fine print for contest rules and regulations.
Contestants have to:
• agree that the environment means subjecting oneself to risks including “severe mental stress and heat stroke.”
• agree to “be considered ‘ free labor for the Blevins household’” “for the purposes of workers’ compensation only (which will not be paid).”
• agree to “not defame, disparage or cast in an unfavorable light this blogger, her husband or any entity of this series.”
• “not advertise my winning of any prize (because there isn’t one).”
• be available at all times to do press interviews.
• agree to psychological exams and lie detector tests, the results of which can be broadcast on this blog.
• agree that they may be injured, and won’t hold this Blogger responsible for the lack of health care facilities ( I don’t like hospital waiting rooms), and may contract fleas, rabies, tetanus or other diseases from contaminated areas.
• agree to pay all expenses for travel to and from the reality series location (in Arizona) and to stop at a Sonic on their way to said location to pick up a Diet Coke for the producer.

Leave a comment at your own risk to be entered into the weekly drawing.



Tammy said...

I'll be there!!! I'll bring extra Diet Coke!!!

just call me jo said...

I'm in! I read the fine print and you know you'll get Diet Coke galore if I show up. I'm a dandy yard worker and we have no grass. I kinda like mowing. When is the drawing?

Kris said...

Getting in line!!!

Holly said...

You're all a bunch of freaks!

Genn said...

Just wanted to say hi!
I want no part in this contest.
No thank you.


Melynda said...

I have no ability to compete with you in this contest! You will probably get tons of Hoosier wanna be's and followers and become famous, so I ask only one little thing please....remember to say "hi" to all of us that you left in the dust on your way to fame,OK? Pretty please?

I'm Cindy said...

I am only commenting cause you a nut!! Love your sense of humor.

ain't for city gals said...

I can't enter because it is against my religion to buy diet Coke!! But I will bring you a bottle of real Coke still made the old fashion way with real sugar ...not high fructose corn syrup. I have to laugh...are we so bored that this weekend actually sounds like fun...count me in! said...

Are you related to Tom Sawyer?

Dina said...

Is it a sin to say I LIKE to mow? Shhh, don't tell my husband although I think he may have already figured it out.

connie said...

I think the producer of this reality show needs to pass the psychological exams herself! LOL Holly you are nuts! LOL

Tabitha said...

I really, really, seriously don't want to enter, but could whoever is stopping at Sonic bring me a giant diet cherry limeade?

corners of my life said...

Sorry I'm busy the weekend of your contest reward. Bummer.

When I was growing up Mercurochrome was the cure all for a multitude of ailments. I haven't even heard/read that word in 30 years.

Val said...

You had me until the last one. :) While I would do nearly anything for unlimited bologna sandwiches (they're calorie free when consumed outside of the winner's state, yes?), I'm not sure the plane ticket is in the budget. Though I can only imagine how much stinking fun I would have with you! You're so great Holly! ~ Love from Michigan, where the grass is still brown and frozen.

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh my gosh. You my dear are meant to be a writer on a show. You had me rolling.