Sunday, March 20, 2011


For several years I've been keeping photos on my computer in a file marked "Inspiration". 
When I find something
that I think is just beautiful I save it. 
I look through these every so often
and dream about what my next house will look like.
Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of where these photos came from but almost all of them are from blogs.
I'm sure you'll recognize some of them.

Sometimes it's the colors that attract me.
And sometimes it's just the cozy feelings that they bring to me.

Almost two years ago we lost our home through a financial situation and had to do a short sale.  We've been renting since then.
It's been tough.
I hadn't rented in years and was not too happy about it. 
I was embarrassed, and feeling pretty down. goes on, we're saving our money and in another year we will be ready to buy again. 
Since we are no longer spring chickens, we're looking for a house that we want to spend the rest of our lives in.
  I never want to have to move again.
And so I keep dreaming....
of our some day home.

(If one of these photos belongs to you, please let me know and I would love to acknowledge you, and give my jealousy a place to rest.)


Kris said...

First off Holly, I was struck by how similar our tastes are. I just did a post today with aqua and red! I LOVE this color combo!!!!!! I see you do too!!
Never fear, your someday home will be coming your way very soon. And in the mean can keep collecting ideas to make your someday home, your rest of your life home. You are certainly no alone in your situation. This economy has resulted in MANY who have lost so much. Life does go on.

Shelia said...

Hi Holly! I have an inspiration file too! I know you'll find your forever home.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Karen said...

Oh my, I *collect* images too. And suprise!, we have some of the same exact ones!!! I am renting also, and this limits us somewhat. However, it is fun to dream and think ahead. Wishing for you all that you dream of~

just call me jo said...

Your inspiration file is--well--inspirational. I left my dream house in Idaho. We plunked down big bucks to remodel it, sold it, and now we're here. I can never afford to have that kind of house again. But, I know how you feel. As long as this is our house, it'll be fine. I know it's tough not to own a place. My mom and dad NEVER owned a home until I was in my late 20's and had left home. We always rented and we rented little tenament houses on farms. Not pretty. It's so nice to dream. And someday soon you will get to see most of those come true. I wish you all the best inspiration.

Melynda said...

As a single parent I was not able to purchase a home until 2003. At that time our community was in a boom! I bought, cleaned, and sold 3 houses in about 3 years, to build equity and have what I had hoped would be the lowest mortgage on my home. I also went through a marriage but that is another story LOL. The long and the short is that I now have my little house that I am turning into my forever home. When the bust hit (and we know they always do) the "equity" of all that hard hard work was gone, poof! But I can stay here and I can't wait for you to have the smile on your face as you say, "today we are moving!". Keep it up girlfriend, you can do it!

Pam said...

I have an inspiration file too. AND we have the exact same taste. I love the reds and the aquas. Don't give up the dream, you will get your house, and fill it full of things that make you happy.

Tammy said...

I love your style. So pretty! That's a great idea! I need to start and inspiration folder. =)

ain't for city gals said...

We have ALL had to pick up ourselves up and brush ourselves off and start all over again....several times! I think we are going to be good friends Holly!because we can not take things too seriously and get on with life!

corners of my life said...

I do see a bit of a turquois and red theme in your pictures. Martha Stewart couldn't do better. Keep that dream alive!

Anonymous said...

Holly this inspiration folder is SUCH a good idea I'm going to do this too.

I think I might have to get my next tattoo in AZ :)

I'm Cindy said...

Looking at those pictures is making me want to paint all my wood furniture white. I have been thinking about it for a while but now I will probably be fixated on it. You need to come over and have a look before I get that fever. PS You will find your forever home. I hope it is close to me!!!

A.Vang said...

Your pictures totally spur me to action! I Love these colors! I am gonna borrow some of your pics i hope thats okay. Thanks for the inspiration!

jenny said...

Oh do I LOVE your style! I am such a "cottage white style too!! And every picture you featured... I would take in a heart beat. SO your daughter works at SBux huh?? Great place. And they do great things. I bet she's great. Thats a TOUGH job. I don't think I could do it.