Thursday, March 24, 2011

Help a Girl Out?

Today I am seeking advice and asking some random questions.  Feel free to answer any of the below questions or you can completely ignore these.  That’s okay with me too.  It just means a lot to me that you were here.

1)   My dog, Lil Shit (named by my husband) has farts that smell like burnt rubber.   See how fun this advice post is going to be?  So, I Googled “rubber farts” and “burnt rubber dog farts”.  I didn’t find any help but I did learn that the animal that has the highest worldwide output of flatulence is the termite.   Now you know.  You’re welcome.  Anyway, has anyone ever experienced this rubber smell emanating from their dog’s hind quarters, and if so, is there anything I can do about it?

If that's not a guilty face, I don't know what is.

2)  Does anyone else have this problem?  I’ve been using the same antiperspirant forever and it’s always worked great, no problem.  All of a sudden, it doesn’t seem to be working anymore.  I’m sitting here right now; it's cold in this room and my armpits are sweaty.  What’s up with that?   Did my pits form a tolerance to the deodorant?
This is what I am currently using

3)   I’ve seen on my site-meter that someone in Missoula, Montana reads my blog everyday but I can’t figure out who it is.  Sometimes, people don’t list their specific locations in their profiles so I’ve had a hard time trying to figure this out.  If you’re in Missoula, leave me a comment and let me know who you are.  Phew, that’s been bugging me.
**Update-it seems from the comments so far that people think I'm being stalked by a crazy Missoulaite.  Not true.  I just want to know who you are and wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my blog every day.  Don't be afraid of my friends that are leaving creepy messages about you. 
image from here
4)   I’ve been trying to make more healthy choices in my diet but I’m really missing potato chips.  I don’t like the veggie chips that are available.  Anyone have any suggestions for a healthier alternative?  I need salt, and preferably BBQ flavoring and ridges would help.
I totally get that you don't need a picture after each question but pictures are fun!
5)   If you are under 40, don’t even look at this question.  Anyone had any success getting rid of brown sun (age) spots on their face?  If so, what product did you use?  I have three spots and have tried a few different things to fade them and nothing is working.  Any advice?  You can see it just at the end of my eyebrow.  Keep in mind that we are talking about that brown area just at the tip of my eyebrow and not about my gray hair, the crow's feet, or the bags under my eyes.

It's much darker in person.

6)      Does your cat eat your soap?  Am I alone here? 
Choo-Choo Gillespie Blevins

Love, as Always,



Dina said...


1. Dont know about burnt rubber farts, but I'll research it if you can help me figure out why jack, my golden, smells like doritos. He's totally screwing up my attempts to stop snacking in the evening.

2. Happened tome too...had to switch brands. That's the pits!

3. Frustrating huh? I have someone that has chosen to be a pain in the butt in my life that stalks me on my blog. She is trolling for ammo to try to drive a wedge in my life but jokes on her as via site meter I know she's there and protect myself. Such antics got her blocked from my FB page.

4. You would think since I am a dietitian by trade, actually retired from that now, that I would have loads of advice but I'm at a point in my life where I say forget it, look at the big picture of moderation and good choices as much as possible. Life is too short and there is no such thing as a bad food.

5. Two words...hats and bangs. Oh and dim lighting works for me!

6. Bella doesn't eat my soap but licks my emery boards, Norman steals my makeup brushes and has a nasty habit of stealing "used feminine hygiene products" from my daughters bathroom trashcan and carrying them around/playing with them. Sorry...tmi...but I'm a sharing soul :)

Glad to be of service!

Melynda said...

Girl, you have a very difficult life! Each is your number 1 problem, I did like that.

1. stop feeding the poor animal rubber bands, you know what they smell like at the border.
1. maybe it is an age related coincidence. ( know from experience)
1.are you referring to the Missoula maniac?
1.there is no substitute, anywhere.
1.the old wives tale manual lists lemon juice for this "issue" but I am not married so I don't have a copy., rose petals.

Melynda said...

This blog is a riot. And just so you all know the original post was changed to protect someone, and it was not me! I'm just sayin.....

Holly said...

Poor, poor Melynda, although she gets confused very easily and tends to make things up, I love her just the same. I'm sure I have no idea what she was talking about.

Melynda said...

Where is the "Church Lady" when you need her? Isn't that special......

Holly said...

Melynda just won't let up. Fine! I'll confess. I screwed up when posting this blog and labeled all my questions #1 and Melynda caught me on it and I changed it and then tried to cover my tracks by making her look crazy. Happy now? Please forgive me, Dana Carvey.

Karen said...

I don't currently have a dog:(. Just hope he gets into some mint or something safe that wont kill him but make his farts less deadly.

I have used that same mitchum for HAVE to change up every so often or this happens.
Just use another product for a week or two and go back to this.

I think Missoula will get the word with this blog. But how can you think someone would not be facinated by YOU!!!! Besides, nobody is going to bother you with the cowboy around:)

I'm not even addressing the food issue;)))

now for the biggie......girl you just need to focus on those beautiful clear eyes! and those perfectly shaped brows! and that glossy ,healthy HAIR!!! WHO is going to see those tiny little spots???? hmmmm???

sadly, no cat now either;(((

now go out and conquer your corner of the world today!!!!!!!!!!! and come back and tellus all about it....Missoula will be watching...

ain't for city gals said...

I need my second cup of coffee before I attempt to answer these soul searching questions...

just call me jo said...

OK, OK--
1. I bought the grandsons a book about Walter the Farting Dog. He blew up and scared off robbers. Maybe you dog is a new kind of home security system. No burglar would go to your house cause it smells like burnt rubber farts...Obviously, I know not the cause of that smelly flatulance. (That info on the termites is enlightening. Thanks.)

2.Yeah, I think it's age related too--you know--old people sweat more. Just bathe often, change deodorants, and don't wear solid colors so sweat rings won't show.

3. Missoula is slow in the winter. The poor stalker is probably too cold to comment. (Or this person is related to my Irish lurker...)

4. Baked bagel chips are quite salty and tasty. Not bbq flavored or rippled, however.

5. If you had freckles as I do, those pesky age spots would just blend right in. Don't pluck your eyebrows and the bushy hairs will cover the dark spots. I'm sure that's a dandy solution.

6. It's hard for me to remember all these things. My cat ate butter. He's dead now. Had nothing to do with the butter. Maybe he's trying to clean out his system so his farts won't smell like burnt rubber.

I'm sure this helped. You're welcome.

Connie said...

G'Morning Holly ;)

Smelly Dog farts, just like human farts, are usually attributed to something in the diet. Could be a change of food is needed OR figure out if its some snack/treat you are giving her is causing the problem. If you give her specific ones on a daily basis rule them out by cutting them out (one by one) for a few days and see if it helps.

Or buy a nose plug heh

If you have luck finding out what to do about the age (I mean brown) spots lemme know. Ive a few Ild like to rid myself of too, including those lovely ones that show up on that hands. Mom used to use fresh lemon juice on them but I know she also used Esoterica (its a fade creme) and seemed to have good luck with that.

Laraine said...

You don't really have a follower from Missoula do you? You are having delusions of grandeur, because people from Montana are highly discriminatory about their reading material.

(Hopefully, at this point in our blog relationship you recognize my friendly sarcasm. Love you Holly!)

Kris said...

Change his food.
Sorry, age spots just happen. Stay out of the sun., I have a friend there. She is nice, not to worry.
Deodorant..I like mine. Dove.
My cat leaves gopher guts on my porch. I wish she would eat soap instead!!

jenny said...

hahahaha.hahahaha.hahahaha. Rubber smelling farts. what do you FEED Lil shit??? hahahaha! I can't even get over this post! my friend... you are FUNNY.

Mountain Blessings said...

Hi from Show Low! I think living in AZ we really get the sun spots, (I call them sun spots instead of age spots) we get those danged spots like crazy. Honestly I have tried everything and the only thing that made a difference was going to the dermatologist and getting what they call B-Lifts. It's 50bucks a treatment and they do 3 or 4 treatments. Love your blog! thanks for sharing, Marla

Sunny Simple Life said...

This post is so funny. No dog farts here or soap licking cats but have you tried Pop Chips. Supposed to be lower in fat but we had the BBQ and they were darn good. Try them.

Anonymous said...

Holly first thank you SO much for your sweet comment to my last post, I appreciate it.

2ndly you always make me laugh, can't wait to meet ya at blog sugar! I wouldn't make ya run lol I do enjoy cookin :) I guess I'm like my Mama...

I have to switch up my deodarant too, each time I buy a different brand. I find for me that Secret seems to work best, then I go to Dove, or Degree I think it is. I also know it sounds wierd but I get the ones at the dollar tree too, I'm almost postive it's suave or secret brand...the baby powder one & a whole regular sized stick for ONE dollar...score! Lol

Chips...I like them should try what the gal above me said Pops chips the bbq flavor are yummy & you can have twice as many for what you could with Ruffles. Also pretzels & dip, bean dip or onion dip would be good. :)

corners of my life said...

Sorry - I've got nothing.
No answers, no hints, no solutions, nothing . . .

Tabitha said...

I can't help you out, but you gave me a good belly-laugh. Thanks for that. :-D