Monday, March 7, 2011

Progress x3

Number One
If you remember my tutorial from last week, you will now see that we have made some progress.
Let's just pan a little to the right.

That would be the waste paper basket.
It's all good.

Number Two
I've been eating better and exercising with my Wii fit.
Here is last week.

At 168.
Here is this week.
At 164.
I call that progress. 
Unless of course my big fat gray slippers that I wore the first time weigh 4 lbs. 

Number Three
I wanted to thank everyone who sent prayers out for my Daddy.  He had some very extensive surgery last week.  Once they got in, they found that some additional things needed to be taken care of so the surgery was much more invasive and difficult than they had originally thought.  However, he has done remarkably well and is recovering nicely.  He was expected to stay in the hospital for 10 to 14 days and now they are sending him home, just 6 days after the surgery.  I appreciate the prayers so very much.  God is so good.



Melynda said...

Such great news about your Dad, wonderful to hear about, and the family must be thrilled! Now about those slippers, they don't weight no stinkin 4 pounds, so that means it is you, you go girl! It's Monday, have a great week.

Pam said...

Yay, good news all around!

Tammy said...

HaHa! Our trash can is right under the toilet paper. Think the empty roll makes it in there? Nope. Ugh. lol Congrats on 4lbs!!! That's awesome! I doubt it was the slippers. =)
So very glad your Dad is doing so well!!!

just call me jo said...

Maybe your husband wanted you to have something to post on your blog. How kind of him...Glad to hear about your father's progress. Have a good week, lady. said...

Wonderful news about your Dad and your scale. I recommend weighing in your underwear because you automatically get to deduct 10 lbs.

Holly said...

Laraine: What the hell kind of underwear are you wearing??

Kris said...

First of all Holly, I am so glad to hear that your Dad did so well with his surgery. Does he have someone there near him to help him out at home? And next...WAY TO GO!!! I was down 4.5 lbs this week too! But my Saturday night shenanigans may have shot the progress for this week!!! Oh well, I move on!
Have great day kid!!

I'm Cindy said...

Good news about your Daddy!!

Tabitha said...

1. Baby steps! Next week it might actually make it all the way to the bin.

2. Yay for you! You're doing so great!

3. I'm so happy your Dad is doing okay.

jenny said...

I AM SOOOOOOOOO glad that your Dad did sooo well with the surgery!!! Out in 6 days!!! That is so wonderful. And God issssss.... really.... really good. AND... you CRACK me up. This post is hilarious. I can sense that your marriage is full of laughter. and fun and p.s. thank you for your precious comments,.

Amanda- Hip House Girl said...

I hate when I'm behind on reading my blogs, especially yours and Larainy's. Because then I go back and read all of the ones I've missed in the last few days, and I want to comment on every single post. But that's so labor-intensive, ya know?

Some key thoughts: Your daughter is a doll. Your husband is lucky to have a cupcaking, toilet paper-teaching wife. Good job on the Wii fit. I'm going to try that Lemon Pledge trick. And last but certainly not least, I'm so glad to hear that your dad is doing well.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that your dad is doing good now Holly!!

Ha, I love Brian to death as you know but this is soooo hilarious! Hmmm I could do a little needlework sign for you with directions for how to replace the "TP" and a little sticked TP on it. hahaha

Connie said...

Anonymous above is me. Oops I forgot to put in my name.

Connie said...

Anonymous above is me. Oops I forgot to put in my name.

Darlene said...

I too am happy about your dad doing so well after extensive surgery. It is just awful to be in the hospital so long so I am sure he is a happy man to be able to go home sooner that he expected.

I too lost weight last week, 3 1/2 pounds. It seems like everybody I know is trying so hard to lose weight this month. We just didn't do as well in Jan and Feb as we had hoped, so are really having to be super careful. Good luck to you!

corners of my life said...

Re: Number one
I love your humor

Re: Number two
You go girl!
You will be my inspiration!

Re: Number three
I hope your dad is recovery well

Karen said...

I so hope everything is still going well your way.....I miss you.
Praying that your Dad is Ok.....and hoping that you are too;)