Friday, March 11, 2011

I've Got Nothing

Monday I wrote a post.
Tuesday I didn't even remember I had a blog.
Wednesday I tried to think about something to write.
Thursday I started to panic and checked my site meter to see if everyone had abandoned me.
Today, I'm begging you not to leave me.  I still have nothing.  Don't go!  Stay with me.

I'm at the point where I've decided to just start typing whatever comes into my head.  No editing, this could be dangerous.  But, here's where my head is.

6:57 am :  I hate bra shopping.  I bought two yesterday.  I should probably wash them more often.  How often are you supposed to wash bras?  I wonder how often Laraine washes her bras.  (I have no idea why my dirty bras made me think of Laraine, I'm just typing as I think....shut up).

7:00 am:  I want a Diet Coke with crushed ice.  In an environmentally incorrect Styrofoam cup.  And guacamole. 

7:01 am:  I'm wondering if I could drive to California and call Kris out of the blue and say, "Hey!  It's me Holly!  From that blog!  You know, Holly!  So can I stop by just to say hi???"  And then when she lets me in (cause she would totally give me her address and not think I'm a weirdo) I would somehow mention that I love guacamole and she would load my jeep up with all of her avocados from her grove.  That would be awesome!!!

7:04 am:  I am a tad obsessed with transferring money online from one account to the other.  Usually I transfer money from savings to checking.  There used to be a fee if you transferred more than three times a month but they don't charge you anymore so I transfer money at least twice a week.  I have no idea why I enjoy this.  What does that mean?

7:06 am:  I may go get my eyebrows threaded.  Is that the right term?  You know, where they use a thread to pull your eyebrows out and shape them?  I've never done that, I wonder what my eyebrows would look like. 

7:10 am:  Should I cleanse my colon?

7:11 am:  My shirt smells funny.  Like, not good, funny.  I wore it this morning when I did the Wii Fit and my Ab Lounger but I don't think I got all that sweaty.  Oh, it's not my shirt, it's me.  I need to wrap this up and take a shower.

7:13 am:  I need to go see if that Tsunami hit Hawaii yet.

7:14 am:  I wonder if Dad will get his birthday card today.  I made him a card where I spelled out DAD in macaroni and glued sequins, buttons and other crap to it and them wrote Happy Birthday with my left hand.  He always said he preferred homemade cards to store bought ones.

7:15 am:  Just heard the trash man coming down the street and I had forgotten to take the can out.  I ran outside looking like this.

Yes, I took a picture for you.  I think the trash man wants me.  Or my really cool pj pants.  Contrary to popular belief (and my husband's dismay), I do not look like this when I work out.

7:30 am:  And that's all I've got. 



Kris said...

You crack me up!! If you come to California, and DON'T call me, I will be upset! If you drive to Cali, you can back your rig up and load up on all avos, oranges, lemons, and grapefruit your Hoosier heart desires!!!!
I hate bra shopping too. This gal would get a reduction in a heartbeat if she weren't so scared of it. Oh, that and kind of wanting to keep my nipples where they are!! We hat WII fit...and don't use it!!! I have run out to the curb in worse!!! Trust me! Your pj pants look like vintage sheets, and I love vintage sheets. I collect them!!!!
If we were neighbors, we would be so much trouble!!!

Laraine Eddington said...

Oh my gosh! You're supposed to wash your bras? This is why I'm devoted to your blog Holly.

just call me jo said...

One of your best posts EVER!! Love your picture. That comment from Loraine is hilarious. Good luck with the CA trip. Yes, the tsunami thing is scary. Yes, we're going to Lake Pleasant. (I'm not a real fan, but will smile and pretend I am dileriously happy.) Weekend, weeekend...

Val said...

DO NOT GET YOUR EYEBROWS THREADED! I did it a couple of times, and my oh my. I did not know there were that many tears in me to cry. It was SO STINKIN PAINFUL!

Wax them. Pluck them. Rub a toothbrush back and forth over them until they give up and fall out (joking), but don't get them threaded!

I'm Cindy said...

Love you!!

ain't for city gals said...

I've got nothing either and I am even too lazy to post that I have nothing! That's a lot of thinking for a half hour early in the morning! If you go to California I want to go just because...I thought I was the only one that didn't wash my bras everyday...except for my running bras...I just got back from Phoenix...warm down there...felt good...

ain't for city gals said...

I come down about every 10 days or is it a trailer?? brownies??? lol...

Tammy said...

HaHa!!! I love you! I wait for your posts everyday. Make the day so much better. lol

A Gracious Home said...

Great post and pictures. Doylene