Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Live in Phoenix

If you lived here in Phoenix and it was 117 degrees,
You would cut your hair often believing that this would keep you cool.
It actually will not.
Lovely Webcam photo.

And you would buy really cute Vera Wang Flip Flops
 from Kohl's with your Kohl's cash so they only cost $4.00.

Obviously it is not necessarily important to get a pedicure
or paint your toenails.
Or shave your big toe.

And anytime you get in the car,
You must have the necessities.

Diet Mountain Dew for the Mister.
Diet Coke in an environmentally incorrect Styrofoam cup for me.
Don't judge me.
And a granola bar.

And a hat.

Heading out shortly to meet Jo for some retail therapy.

She's says she has gray roots
so I'm not going to worry about shaving my toe.
No cameras allowed today.



Laraine Eddington said...

I love your hair. Hope you and Jo have tons of fun. Well, at least 100 lbs. worth.

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

Ha Ha. I thought I was the only one with a hairy big toe.

Those are such cute flip flops, no one will notice.

laurie said...

you are so funny I alsmost died laughing at this,, you silly goose. .Have a super day,, your hair looks adorable , just like you!

~Niki~ said...

our power went out in mesa yesterday~awful!
this was after the other day of our a/c going out and having to buy a NEW $6600 unit! sheesh!
117 tomorrow YIKES!
stay cool girl!
we saw 'bad teacher' great movie~just a thought to stay cool.

Ashley said...

I have a confession...I shave my big toes too. And my upper lip. Its so easy to just get rid of it all in the shower ya know!

Whosyergurl said...

It is easy to see that the heat is gettin' to you! Try to stay cool! xo, Cheryl

Kris said...

You are too funny girl! I want to go have retail therapy with you too!!! Love the pic of you with your curly hair!! Cute sandals too. Whatcha doing for the 4th? Come on over to my house. It will be hot, but not as hot as AZ.

Andee Eve said...

(shaving big toe--love it!)

P.S. can't wait to meet you at blogsugar

just call me jo said...

Brian should never make fun of our tassel head gear after I've seen his beer drinkin' hat. Your hair was adorable. You must have shaved your toes. I never saw any furry toes. Those flip flops are divine. I had a great time at our outing. Yes, I finally got out of the Chick-Filet parking lot. You were long gone though by the time I turned right.

Jan said...

Nice beer hat, Brian. How come Jo wasn't wearing it?

Short hair does NOT make you cooler...I can testify! But yours is cute nonetheless (is that spelled right?).

I'm a bit jealous that you and Jo went to lunch (again) without me (sobbing inserted here), but will forgive you this time!

It was 65 in the mountains today...kinda like standing in front of the 'fridge. I thought of you.

deb said... really made me laugh today..AND you made me look at my big toe!!!!!!!!!

Melynda said...

Too much fun! Looks like Brian does not shave on his days off, neither does Honey, I guess they are twins that way!

Dina said...

All I can say is if you don't stop it I'm gonna have to start putting a pair of Depends on before I read your posts!!!

Genn said...

Holly you are SO funny!
I love retail therapy, I think it really works. ;)

Stay cool! Cute new do! I cut my hair thinking the same thing.

Seven Gates Farm said...

Love your new do and the hat on hubby. Retail therapy works. Deb

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It sounds like you have the perfect weather for shopping. I love your sandals.

Tabitha said...

Seriously cute sandals! (BTW, I have to shave mine, too.) :-D

Pat MacKenzie said...

Llo7d and I discovered that the best way to stay out of the heat was to stay in the car and/or in retail therapy. The flip flops are cute - they go well with mister's Irish drinking hat.

Paula @ Simply Sandwich said...

Yikes - sure hope you are keeping cool! Stopping over from the Blog Sugar linky! Looking forward to seeing you in September!