Monday, July 18, 2011

Awesome is Just That

My name is Holly 
and today I will be your Product Review Specialist.
It's a self appointed title.
And I am humbled to have this honor bestowed upon me.
By me.

Let's just move along, shall we?

I want to tell you all about a product line
that I've come to love.
I first talked to you about it back here in September.

LA's Totally Awesome
This is a spot remover and degreaser.
I use it on my appliances.
Works like magic on the panel of the stove
 behind the knobs where the grease can be bad.
Just spray and wipe.
I have used both the window cleaner
and the carpet cleaner.
They are both just as good as the expensive name brands.
The window cleaner has never left streaks.
I have not used the detergent but
I do use the fabric softener.

Why do we pronounce the "t" in soft.
But we don't when we say softener?
I don't like that.

Jo was an English teacher
so perhaps she can clear this up for us.
Or clear it up for me if no one else cares.
I care, Jo.
I care.

Where was I?
Oh, the fabric softener.
Works just like Downy
or the other expensive brands.

LA's Totally Awesome has a huge product line
which you can find here.

And the best thing about it?
All these products are
One Dollar!
I don't believe you heard me!
100 pennies
Uno Buckaroo.

You can find these products at any of these stores:

And don't even try to tell me that you don't have a dollar store in your town.

When my husband and I drive through different towns,
 it's a game we play.
Count the Dollar Stores.
Fun, aren't we?
You may not have a post office,
gas station,
or even a stop sign.

But I'll bet you've got at least three dollar stores.

Also, I just want to say that I don't think they should be
allowed to call themselves dollar stores if they sell things for over a dollar.
This irks me.

I just looked up the definition of irked:

irk (ûrk)

To be irritating, wearisome, or vexing to.

So yes, that would be correct.
It vexes the heck outta me.

I should probably go now.



Ashley said...

Ooh we have a game we play around here called "How many churches are there in a 1 mile strip". Seeing as we are in the bible belt here there are many many churches on 1 mile of THE SAME STREET!

ain't for city gals said...

well..we have a dollar store but it is not a dollar..and that irks me too..sometimes...but not always because it is still cheaper than there you go...I'm a little

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh good to know. I will have to pick some up. We do have 99cents stores here.

just call me jo said...

Oh, oh--hand waving wildly--I know those products. I haven't used the degreaser stuff but the carpet cleaner and window cleaner is dandy. I must try that!

About the t in softener, I don't have the energy to look it up, but I believe it is softly pronounced if you want to be correct, but few of us do. Like we don't say the first r in February but we're supposed to. English is pretty much a crap shoot as to the rules. I think that's an official proclamation in a textbook I read once. (I'm retired you know--like tired and then re-tired. hahaha) Of course we have several dollar stores. But you're right, it's irksome when they charge more. Life is so confusing to me sometimes.

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

Hilarious. One of your best posts.

What are you smokin?

Anonymous said...

That's great to know good looking out Holly!

Anonymous said...

My town has a whopping 2300 people and even WE have a DOLLAR STORE!!!

I'm SO excited to know about your recommendation Holly and am going to sprint right over and see if the de-greaser is for sale. Well, not SPRINT actually, but ride over in the cool comfort of my car with the A/C blasting my hair.

Hey, I MARRIED an English professor so my language skills are pretty good. Or is it pretty WELL?

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart Holly. I now have a mission today since there is NADA going on here. I am ever-grateful.

DS here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Word Verification is CALOULA: kinda like a Diet Coke I think. "I'd like a Caloula with my pizza, please".

A.Vang said...

Guess what holly, my little ol town does NOT have a dollar store.(gasp) I know, I know, it's crazy. Heck we don't even have a stop light. I would really like to purchase some awesome cleaners so I need to take a trip! Thanks for the super post!

Linda said...

Guess I'm going to have to head over to the 99cent store!

Anonymous said...

I'm was $1. Now to de-grease my stove.

My FAVORITE job after cleaning toilets.

Kris said...

Can't go wrong with that price!!! I will look for it!

Bev said...

I recently visited a Dollar Store and went to the counter several times to ask the price of things...every time the very bored clerk answered without looking up: "a dollar", "a dollar", "a dollar" "still a dollar". Finally he just pointed to a sign of the store name and said: "LADY - the name of the store is EVERYTHING'S A DOLLAR, OK?"

I tried to explain my confusion because not every dollar store really means it, but he didn't seem very interested.

lifeinredshoes said...

I love product reviews, real stuff used by real people in real homes..can't get much better than that!
Thanks Holly :)

Pat MacKenzie said...

We have lots of dollar stores up here. I'll definitely look for the degreaser stuff.

Genn said...

Well since you are the product review specialist and all, I will keep my eye out for this fantastic stuff.

But I hate our dollar store. It is ghet-to. Do I hafta go there to get it? :)

corners of my life said...

I use the spot remover and degreaser all the time. Now I will look for the other products. Thanks for the tip!

Amy said...

I will have to go to the Dollar Store and pick up the carpet cleaner. We spilled icky plant water on Grandma's off-white church people visit room.

I too find it irksome when a dollar store is not a true dollar store.