Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Ridiculousness of it is Ridiculous

Closet Cleaning Day!!
Woo Hoo!

I don't consider myself to be a shoe person.
I rarely even look at shoes when I go shopping.
So how does this happen?
Most of these shoes are at least five years old.
Some are ten.
Many are dust covered and disgusting.
I found a couple pairs I didn't know I had.

Got them sorted, and cleaned up.
8 pairs are off to Goodwill.
3 pairs were tossed, too grody for anyone.
The rest are nicely organized.

My closet is bulging.
I pulled out my winter sweaters to store in the attic.

I guess I like gray.
I didn't know that until now.

Brian has the day off so we're going to be heading out shortly.
Not shoe shopping.
No idea but I'm taking my camera.

On another note,
I got an email from my Dad.
He's putting his house on the market in New Mexico.
And moving back here!!!

I couldn't be more thrilled!

And another note, I have lots of notes, you see.
I've recently gotten some comments about word verifications
and how weird they have been lately.
Sheryl got the word illegal.
Pat got both diquick and warti and didn't care for either.
I'm thinking it might be fun for people to leave me their
word verifications in the comments section and I would
pick a winner at the end of the week.
I have no idea what the prize would be.
What are your thoughts?

Shouldn't there be some commitee or something to be checking these out?

Have a great day!



Dina said...

sure am glad to know that I am not the only one getting weird words. I am still slightly offended from the time it told me I was fat!

Kris said...

My word is hersubli....and by the way...I hate word verifications. You can turn it off with a click of the mouse, did you know that? But some are funny.

Kris said...

PS have fun on your outing with your man. And on shoes, I have a zillion pairs, and wear two!!
My word ver for this comment: cungindi

Kris said... again....and I am so happy for you that your Dad is moving near you. Where is home? Indiana? How did he wind up in NM? How is he doing?
Word ver: faviti

Tammy said...

I have tons of heels, but don't wear them. lol Have fun today!!!! Can't wait to see what you guys do.
So excited for you! Glad your dad is moving closer!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome!

Bethany said...

abloba. That's the word ver. word I got....
My shoe situation is the same - I don't really buy shoes so I don't know where they come from...

just call me jo said...

I didn't even remember that you had word verification...riaste is mine. You should make people give a definition of their word and the best definition wins. That's more complicated, eh?? (or is it the OLD English teacher coming out in me?) I say riaste is a redneck word for iron turning red after being left out in the rain, 'i.e. "I lef' ma shovel out'n th' storm and tha' sucker riasted."

Enjoy your time with hubby. I think you should buy some shoes. Your supply is dangerously low now. Danger! Danger!

Jan said...

I had to stop what I was doing and go get a tissue to wipe my eyes because I was CRYING at YOUR word verification! Soooobbbbbbb....snort......snort

Ok, I'm 'game' and will print mine as soon as I leave a bit of whitty banter.

Sweaters in AZ? So you get to wear them when? January? But nice color choices.

Your shoes look JUST LIKE MINE in my closet! I never put them in the closet neatly (just ask my husband)but instead kick them off where they can lay where-ever they like (and I haven't heard any complaints). Finding a shoe-mate is like a scavenger hunt! Oh, and I do NOT fold my underwear either. What is the point?

YEAH MAX. Moving closer to his girl! I'm so happy for the both of you. He can become your blog-partner!

Ok, off I go to see my W.V. I'm hoping for something really FUN!

Strange little word, eh? Is it a new dance? Or something that gets caught in your throat that you just can't get 'up'? Perhaps a Hebrew word for shoes? Like YOURS!

Can't wait to see what I won!

ain't for city gals said...

lol...might as well make it fun if we have to do word ver...mine is quivo..."I'm all a quivo over finishing my trailer today"! lol...actually going to Prescott right this minute to get the paint!...can't wait to hear more about your dad...let's do lunch next week ...I will let you know what days I'm coming down for my dad...

Genn said...

I hate the word verifications too! Waste of time!
Yes, you can turn them off in the settings section.
My word verification today is

Yeay for your dad moving back towards you. THat is exciting.
Funny about all those shoes.
And, how can you not be a shoe person? :)

Laraine Eddington said...

Mine is fiship. I always assumed this was just another language that I didn't know...being monolingual and all.

Pat MacKenzie said...

My winter sweaters appear to be much bulkier than yours - I wonder why. I have one pair of shoes I've worn winter and summer, snow and rain, for four years. Maybe it's time to get new ones. I do have a couple pairs of sandals for AZ though.

Do my 'diquick' and 'warti' count? Today's word is 'pallygon' as in 'I'm lonely today because my pallygon away with her other bff.'

laurie said...

I don't have word verification,, sometimes I have trouble doing them on folks blog and just give up,, i don't really understand what good they are really and Debbie Doos Blogging and Blabbing said to take it off so I did,,if we moderate our comments I'm not sure what word verification does,,you did a good job cleaning out your closet,, now go buy more!Take lots of photos please, I would love to see your area more,

deb said...

you crack me up!! when I moved I filled 9 huge trash bags of crap from mine and Joes closet!!!!!! most of it clothes that fit me 5 years ago I was "saving" for when I lost weight....lmao!!!
my word is teditha....

Linda said...

I have a ton of shoes too...I think someday I will wear them...but then I put on a pair of flip flops! Glad to hear your Dad is moving close!
My word is gamperf...sounds like a name for an old elf or something!

lifeinredshoes said...


word veri- cousto....Jacque perhaps?

Tabitha said...

Since you're finished with your closet, feel free to start in on mine. lol Yay for your Dad moving closer!

Karen said...

You wanna come clean out MY closet?!! I too have *old* shoes...cannot figure why I keep some of them, maybe this will be my encouragement!! I hope you kept that cute black(leather?)pair....too cute:)

Ha! my wv is that as in diapers, which I saw plenty of last week~ or in double!

hope you had a great day and took some pics!
p.s. so happy for you about your Dad!!!!!!

Amy said...

I am not a shoe shopper but manage to have many many shoes. Most were thrown out when I moved. Glad that your dad is moving close.

My word is "ispidi". I am not as creative as Jo or am just too tired to try to make up a definition.

corners of my life said...

So glad that your dad will be moving closer to you. A good decision for everyone.
{wv = borc}

Melynda said...

don't you think it is interesting that word verification was to prevent rude and lewd comments, and not the verification software is revolting back.......

christi @ burlap and basil said...

haha! word verifications {i'm not a fan} but they can be hilarious! yeah for your dad moving back.

i'm heading to blog sugar too!

i'm hosting a july giftaway - anthropologie pillow and some goodies! i hope you'll enter!

words = rupeds

kesandrach said...

Allosph.... nonsense!