Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Feel Saucy

I Feel Saucy.
Kinda Like This.
Only more roundy-like.
And with shorter legs.
And shorter hair.
And butt dimples.

Other than that,
I feel just like that.

Because I've been wearing sundresses.
I've never been a sundress wearer until this summer.
But let me tell you a thing or two.

They are delightful.
Easy to throw on when in a hurry.
Like Meemaw's mumu only cuter.

They hide tummy bulges,
and ugly thighs.

I want to wear them everywhere.
I want to be known as the girl in the sundress.

Or the lady, whatever.

And when you're riding around in the car you can blow
the air conditioner straight up your skirt.
It's not only allowed,
it's actually encouraged by passing truck drivers.

I should know.
I'm married to a bonafide truck driver.
He tells me these things.

So throw on a sundress.
Feel Saucy.
Or Don't.
Whatever blows your skirt up.

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Dina said...

Love love love me some sundresses...hubby kinda likes em too...not to wear though that would be kinda weird, but he is kinda weird so wouldn't put it past him at least on a dare!

Val said...

Glad to see that you've joined the cult of the sundress. I cannot survive a summer without them!

laurie said...

oh you naughty girl you!!So your husband is letting you in on the secrets of the road is he,,I'm a sun dress lover, I have noticed truck drivers have a pretty good view from thier perch to see into cars,,I know this from a time I was enjoying the cool freedom of said sundress only to glance out and up to see a smiling truck driver looking down into our car,, yup,, your hubbie would know,,I think the sketch depicts you beautifully!!(I'm sure theres butt dimples under there too!)

Lucy said...

Those dresses are always cooler in this heat. And I never wear them. Gotta go shopping.

Erika said...

Lol oh my gosh Holly you crack me up! I love sun dresses too, nice N cool, so easy & comfy! :)

Shelia said...

Sundresses are great! Now Holly, where are you in your marvelous sundress? I wanted to see your sauciness!! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Chatty Crone said...

I bought a couple this summer myself - but I don't look anything like the saucy you!

Melynda said...

It has got to be the red hair! Cause I have butt dimples, but I am not saucey!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh you are too cute today. I love dresses and never buy them. I think it is because I am chesty and they never fit up top. Everything is forced to spill out.

Genn said...

You are hilarious!!!
I too love sundresses. Especially at work in the summer when I am blow drying and sweating away!

A Vintage Green said...

Happy post. Never wore one, now I want one.

Linda said...

You crack me up! I love a good sundress..and in this heat...they are perfect!

Ann said...

Hmmm ... maybe I'll go shopping. I've seen others wearing sundresses and it seems like a cool idea (any cooling idea at 110 is good!) but I don't have any. Good excuse for shopping don't you think? Not sure I'm going to feel as sassy as you though.

deb said...

LOLOLOL I wear a sun dress every day!!!!! they are cool and hide a multitude of sins.....I got a few at H&M for like 10 bucks each.....so comfy!!!

Whosyergurl said...

today I wore this to work: a ruffled silky skirt and a sleeveless button up shirt. a little strange but with sandals...my attempt to be COOOL!
xo, Cheryl

Tabitha said...

This has definitely been a dress year for me. They're just so easy and forgiving. :-)

Laraine said...

This post was not just saucy, it was hot saucy!chexi

Amy said...

Do you know of a good place to find a cute sundress? The only ones I have seen lately are more suited to teenagers with cute little bodies and not frumpy ole me.

Everyone needs to feel saucy now and then. Good for you!

Pat MacKenzie said...

I've often been called saucy but more for what comes out of my mouth than what I'm wearing! Haven't had a sun dress in years.

Ashley said...

I soooo want to get more summer dresses that are casual. I only have one though. I only got it about a month and a half ago at a garage sale for $1. Need more to deal with 100+ degree weather every day!

Speedy Lady said...

Cute post! I haven't worn a sundress in years. I think I'll look for one. I want to feel saucy too!

jenny said...

friend. you need to write a book. I mean it. EVERY time I come here... you make me CRACK up. And... loved the comment about starring at my eye brows. You should see them up close and personal.... NOT SO NICE. Pictures sometimes do wonders.

lifeinredshoes said...

You know what they say? WHATEVER BLOWS YOUR DRESS UP :)

Chinatours said...

I love sundresses! Greetings from China.

bj said...

I am a Memaw and I don't own a mumu, thank you very much.
I also don't wear sun dresses without a cute, little short sleeved sweater...I USED to wear topless..uh..STRAPless sundresses but that was before I got the dreaded....CHICKEN FAT that is commonly named HANGY DOWN, under my arms. That, in a sundress, is NOT a pretty sight.

Barbara@BabyBloggingBoomer said...

Ha.Ha. You are so funny. Came visiting from Ain't for City Girls. As Arnold said, I'll be back.

Rainbow Bekah said...

YOU are hilarious! Butt dimples had be laughing out loud. I too love sundresses because it hides all that junk in my trunk!