Thursday, July 21, 2011

You're More Than Welcome

You are more than welcome in my home.
But if I like you
You shall be renamed.

No one around here goes by their given names
I really don’t know why this is.
Or how the names evolve.

I mean to say
I do know how the names are given.
I do the renaming.
But I have no idea where they come from.
Or what they mean.

My son Daniel is known as:
Boone or Boonebus or Booney

My daughter Katie is known as:
Pudd, Kato, or Kazoo

My husband, Brian, has more names than I can list.
These names change daily.
Depending on my mood.
Lately, he’s been known as
Bubby, Mister, Doodle Bug, and Bobsey Woodcock.
These mean nothing.

Also, this renaming is nothing new.

I renamed my friends in high school too.
No Face
Jilly Bean

So, come on over.
Let’s spend some time together.



Erika said...

I wonder what I'd be?! hehe we'll find out in September.

I have a million names for Noah too.

Cute post :)

Laraine Eddington said...

Nothing says love (or hate) like a nickname. Nicknames are an art and you are an artist. Someday you will hang out and you can give me one.

Ashley said...

Maybe for those of us that comment on this post you should give us nicknames!! Please!

Kris said...

Okay...what do you call me????? Tell me.....I need to know!!! My Dad was the king of naming people. He had a name for everyone! I was Mouse. He called me that since I was little. And he has given me mice my whole life. When you come, you will see them all over my house! My son Drew is Schmoo....short for Schmoopie. Erika is Eri or Bear. Gennifer is Captain Genny. Greg NEVER calls me Kris....either Bunny or Puddin'. ALWAYS..... Usually Bunny.
Cute Holly.

just call me jo said...

I hesitate to ask my nickname...or do you actually have to visit your home to get the title? You are pretty talented, but it kind of scares me. Oh, and Brian/Bobsey Woodcock, etc., shaved his beard/face fuzz/whiskers. You should think up a nickname which commemorates that. Or is that too specific? You amaze me indeed.

Melynda said...

I am afraid you might name me loud gas, but I would have no idea why.....I'm just sayin! We never did nicknames in my family, I now think I know why.

laurie said...

I would but I'm afraid of what you might call lol! me,,

Jan said...

I think it's sweet. But what happened to SAM? Oh, that'd be what I call him....hmmmmm

We named out kids so they wouldn't be shortened or nicknamed. Right. Like THAT happened. Our dau is Shannon/Mouse/HouseMouse/Shan. And she's 40 and we STILL call her those.
I'd be honored to be re-named by you. I've never liked my name anywho.....

Word Verification today is: gymmor

"Gymmor of a fun name, Holly"

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

We do the same thing. Some are not very flattering either. It is brutal around here sometimes.

Tammy said...

That's a good picture of Uncle Brian. I'm afraid of what my name will be/is. lol

Pat MacKenzie said...

Lloyd has done that for years - even the kids friends (if he liked them) were given nicknames. He's the only person in the world who's allowed to call me Patsy and that's because he's my Sweet Baboo so it's all right.

Chinatours said...

I hope there is a day that someone tells me that You're More Than Welcome, I will definitely feel sweet and pleasant! Greetings from China.

Amy said...

I am not good at giving nicknames. I shorten my son's name to Aust but not very often. I call my niece Alexis "Lula Belle" which she hates. And we all call my other niece Sissy or Sis.

My dad calls me "Mabel" which I love. There is a story behind it but I won't get into that now.

Pamela said...

That is too funny! We all have silly names too...there is Jokey, Square Knees, Sugar Bear, Beanie, Bubba, and Freddy! Most of them enjoy their names except Freddy..she is a girl!

Genn said...

Nicknames are usually just way more fun than given names.
Red... is that what we shall call you now? :)
When Hannahw as little I used to call her Punky. I still do sometimes. Claire is usually just Clairey or Clairey Beary. But I don't have an alternate name for Jake. Besides mr. Hass. :)

deb said... and my high school girls have names too...squirrel, jugz, flapz, spermy, red, and duckfeet........

Decorating Lady's Humble Abode said...

Your daughter, I hate to say it...looks like Casey Anthony (don't get made at me) in this picture of her in the car, Oh my. Actually I think your daughter is much better looking than her. I get called Cinderella, Cynthia, or just plain Cin, but my real name is Cindy. Thanks for the laugh. Decor. Lady