Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Makeover and a Dollar Store Wonder

I've had this dusty little metal gecko on the wall in my back yard for the past year and the sun has really taken it's toll on him.  I decided he needed a makeover, plus I'm trying to bring a little more color onto the patio.   I brought him in and washed him up with my favorite cleaner "LA's Totally Awesome Oxygen Orange All Purpose Degreaser".  I buy this stuff at the dollar store for, yes, you guessed it $1.00.  It works on everything.  Just spray it on and the dirt, grime, fingerprints, just wipe off with a dry cloth.  My husband uses it on his boat and it works wonders!
It's great for cleaning all your appliances and did I tell you it's only $1.00??!!  Anyhoodle, what were we talking about?  Oh yeah, the gecko.
Here's what he looked like after I cleaned him but before I painted him. 

Very faded and boring.
Here's what he looks like since I've painted him.

Very colorful and obnoxious!
He makes me smile.

Have a great day!


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