Monday, November 8, 2010

Time Warp Booger Factor

Scene One: Yesterday

Husband is sitting on the couch watching Nascar because it’s Sunday and that’s what he does. I stagger in and throw myself on the loveseat with my hand on my forehead. It’s very dramatic.

Me: I think I’m getting sick.

Him: You catching a cold?

Me: I think so, I feel wonky.  Head full of boogers.

Him: Wonky?? Ok, go lay down for a while.

(This is a nice way of saying, I’m truly sorry that you’re not feeling well but I’m trying to watch the race.)

Me: No, I’m fine. You know how you feel the day you catch a cold?

Him: Yeah.

Me: Well, it’s not like that day.

Him: ........Okay??

Me: And you know how you feel the day before you catch a cold?

Him: Yeah.

Me: It’s not like that day either. It’s like the day before the day before you catch a cold. That’s how I feel.

Him: Really? Go take some Nyquil and go to bed.

I double dosed the Nyquil and slept the sleep of ten thousand babies.

Scene Two: This morning

Takes place on the back patio while drinking our coffee.

Him: You feeling better?

Me: Yes, I slept really well.

Him: So your cold is gone?

Me: Well, you know how you feel two days after your cold is gone?

Him: Yeah

Me: That’s how I feel.

Nyquil has time warp capabilities. That’s the only explanation. Somehow I went from two days before a cold to two days after a cold. With the cold duration factored in, I somehow went from Sunday to next Saturday.



Marie said...

thanks for the comment! i'm loving your blog. the raisin bran thing had me laughing. :o) i'll be back!

Kris said...

I had the cold of all colds this past month, and took Nyquil for the first time ever. Where have I been all my life???? Feel better soon!

The British Homemaker said...

hope you are feeling better :)
you do make me laugh (and i need it right now!) your blog is fun to read, i think i'll be a regular round here ;)

Corners of My Life said...

Be wary ~ someone may have video of your lost days!

Holly said...

Hey, if someone did videotape it, why don't you come over and we can watch it together? I'll supply the popcorn.

Laraine Eddington said...

This is your funniest post ever, and you always make me laugh.