Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Fork has Saved my Marriage

See it?  Yes, that fork right there.  It's saved my marriage numerous times and my husband doesn't even know it.  My forks don't match, never have, probably never will so I know exactly which fork this is.

The Story of The Fork
written by Holly A. Blevi-ya-ya
Nonfiction (and true too)

Once upon a time, about three years ago, a loving wife cooked a spectacular meal for her husband.  This wife had spent most of the day shopping for and preparing one of her husband's favorites.  The wife was so excited for her husband to come home and to see his delight at the wondrous creation she had .... um....created.
The husband did come home and he had had a particularly bad day at work.  He accepted the plate his wife offered him and she stood over him waiting to hear something like, "Oh dear dear wife.  I know not what I doeth to deserve such a fine wife as you.  You have prepared my favorite meal and I am not worthy of your thoughtfulness!"
This is not what happened.  The husband ate his meal in silence.  After a few bites he had this annoyed look on his face and left the table to get a different fork.  "I hate this fork!" he growled.
There was nothing wrong with that fork.  It was maybe a little lighter in weight than the others but it worked like a fork should, it did it's thing just fine.
When the meal was finished and the wife was doing the dishes she washed that little fork.  She thought about throwing it out, but that seemed just wrong.  She instead, tucked it in the back of the drawer behind the cutlery tray.

And that's the story of the Fork.

My husband and I have been married for almost four years and we have never had an argument.  Not one.  It's not because we know what it takes to make a great marriage.  It's not because we have been to couples retreats.  It's because of this fork.  When I'm irritated with him, I will still make him a nice dinner and then I place this fork on the table.  He doesn't even know it.  I feel better, he gets to eat.  It all works out. 
Please don't tell him.

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Kris said...

He-he....love it!! Sometimes we must take control, even if it is just the little things!!!

Ann said...

Soooo funny!

Val said...

Funny! A very nice, subtle way to pacify oneself.

Thanks for joining my blog. I have vague memories of seeing your before, too, I think! I'm in Michigan, so I was struck by the Hoosier bit, as I've been to Indiana many, many times and have met many Hoosiers over the years.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Wait... no, really? You've never had a fight?

That actually blows my mind.


You have an adorable tablecloth.

Mikalah said...

Oh Holly- that is TOO funny! I'm glad you mentioned your blog in your comment, I didn't even know you have a blog! I'm becoming a follower in approximately 5 seconds...

Kyle said...

Thanks for the smiles and laughs this brought to me today!! Very clever!!

CrysHouse said...

BAHAHAHAHA. That's the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Lori Alexander said...

You are a very wise young woman. I argued with my husband constantly for 23 years but not at all the past 8 so I know it is possible to not argue. Marriage is SO much better not arguing and just accepting each other as you are. Keep up the good work!


Scarlett Fiona Reed said...

Totally get that, totally done that :) You are one smart cookie!