Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Nose Knows!

I recently read somewhere that Americans spend over 8.3 billion dollars a year on home fragrance products including candles, sprays, plug ins, and room fresheners. Seriously? 8.3 BILLION?? That’s more than BP spent on the Gulf Oil Spill!

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to those of you who clip coupons. Every Sunday morning you can find about 8 pages of coupons devoted to home fragrance. I’m as guilty as the next person. I love the smell of banana bread baking without having to turn the oven on. Who doesn’t want their family room smelling like clean linen or their laundry room smelling like fresh cut grass?

These are my favorites.  I love the oil burners, the fragrance lasts longer than anything I've tried.  This time of year my favorite scents are Caramel Apple, Spiced Cider, Leaves and Kitchen Spice.

Have you tried this one yet?  Cinnamon Sugar by Febreeze?  Holy Smokes Batman, it's yummy!
These are usually in the bathroom, because I feel weird about my bathroom smelling like pumpkin pie.

Can you say, "Get off that Couch, you Stink!"?  That would be the dog, not my husband.

This is just getting embarrassing.
I don't even know what my house would smell like if I didn't have these things.  I do know that every one's "natural" house scent is different though.  I had a friend growing up who's house always smelled like Fritos.  Maybe my house stinks and no one has told me.

Random Topic Change

I'd been waiting for a package to be delivered for the past two days.  I have a large kitchen window that faces the front of the house so I spent a lot of time running into the kitchen, scanning the street and going onto the FEDEX tracking page to see where my package was.   Why doesn't FEDEX have more up to date information on their tracking system, like, "He's just around the corner!" or "He stopped off at Burger King and will be there as soon as he's finished his Whopper!"
After a couple of close calls which were actually an Arrowhead Water truck, and a truck with a scoopy thing on the front, he arrived.  Not that I ever got to see him.  The doorbell rang, I flew to the door just in time to see his dust.  I imagine this was him.

So, what was in my package?  Oh!!  So exciting!  It was my new Eureka Envirosteamer!
I immediately took it out of the box, assembled it, perused the instructions and got to work.  It was amazing!  I just love this thing.  Took dirt and gunk off the floor with just one pass.  The best part is, it uses no cleaners, just hot water.  That means, no chemical smells.  I just hate it when chemical smells interfere with my cinnamon toasty smelling laundry room smells.  Don't you?


Laraine Eddington said...

So cool! I got a shark steamer on my daughter's advice and it is powerfully awesome. I also love smelly things...I mean good smelling smelly things. My favorite (after I blackened my ceiling with candle smoke) is my warmer that I leave on all the time filled with melty waxy deliciousness. They sell these wickless "scentsations" at Utah Walmarts but not down here. What is up with that? I'm going to complain. By the way...thanks for the website. I love it. Here's onen for you that my son just told me about.

Amanda said...

I got distracted from my original comment by Larainy posting Hyperbole and Half- I love that site! Hehe.

Anyway, I was going to say something about air fresheners... how my dad always put a kettle on the woodburning stove with cloves and cinnamon in it (can you GET any more quaint?)... good smells... well shoot, now I can't remember. Also, I agree that FedEx should be more specific at which fast food joints their drivers are visiting.

Tammy said...

This is what I'm waiting for in the mail!! LoL

Kris said...

I am also one who loves good smelly things in my house. I have Yankee Candles going frequently. I too love Febreeze. I have those scented warmer thingies in every room of the house. My kids say my house smells so good. I would like to think that it does. I do have a dog that is quite a Stinkasauras too. He is a long hair wheaten terrier with severe allergies that causes him to smell like doritos, if he doesn't get a weekly bath with Johnson's Baby shampoo! About the steam I don't know which one to get!!!!

Corners of My Life said...

I just purchsed a steam cleaner as well, although not quite so fancy as yours and I LOVE it. Squeaky clean floors with no chemicals. What could be better and it almost seems like fun(?).

Kelly said...

Where did you get those oil burners and the scents? I have never used one of those!