Thursday, November 25, 2010


Sometimes you just need to go out and buy 7 new pairs of shoes and some jalapeno pineapple pizza.


Kris said...

Well, that's hysterical!! Retail therapy never hurts. Your daughter?
Waiting for the family to arrive. Bird and ham are in the oven. Smells mighty fine here!

Melynda said...

Shoe and pizza, looks like a fun time was had. The dog is questioning the pizza however, where it the pepperoni?

Mikalah said...

haha, love it! My hubby would just die if I did that, I have to bring shoes home 1 pair at a time. =)

Corners of My Life said...

Eating pizza in such grand style. Now that's my kind of girl!

Jon Griffith said...

Um YEAH sissy! Jalapio and Pinepal pizza is the shiz. Oh, I blogrolled you :)