Sunday, November 7, 2010


Good Morning Sunday!

First and foremost, please allow me to apologize for showing you my crazy obsessive side yesterday in this post while I kind of went over the edge with the raisins.  It was not pretty so I appreciate the fact that you came back at all.

Moving on....

We're feeling pretty lazy around here this morning.

I'm in desperate need of a manicure so I may do that.  When did my hands start looking like this?

I cooked a big pot of chili yesterday so it's leftovers today.  Possibly chili dogs if I get really adventurous.

See anything weird in this picture?

No?  Look closer.

Right there in the back corner.  Still don't see it?  OK, a little closer.

Seriously, you don't see it?  Can you hear it?  OK, I'm taking my life in my hands for you.

It may not look like much but there are hundreds of bees around and under our shed.  We have had a problem with them for the past year.  We call pest control, they get rid of them and then 3 months later they come back.  We were told by the company that they are Africanized.

I got a chance to organize my craft closet the other day.  It was ugly.


And last but certainly not least, I got to babysit chickens the other day.  My girlfriend just bought two week old chickens and asked me to check in on them while she was at work.  Their names are Laverne and Shirley and for now they are living in her kitchen.  What???  You don't have chickens in your kitchen? 

I think I'll leave you with that.



Kris said...

Oh Holly, you must be related to me somehow! I LOVED the cereal post. SO something I would do!!! And your craft closet looks terrific. When my oldest daughter moved out, I was moving my sewing stuff in before she was out the driveway!!!! Okay,,on the chicks...I have ALWAYS wanted a chicken coop, and TODAY I am getting my first laying hen. She lays about a dozen eggs a week!! I will be posting on that soon. Stay tuned. Enjoy your lazy day,. I am off to our granddaughter birthday celebration. 2 and 4. Oh my!!

Melynda said...

I clicked follow because I think we have a lot in common, and if you write about your crazy ways, I can enjoy reading them!

Laraine Eddington said...

There is nothing like chickens to make a kitchen homey.