Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Post that Moves the Prior Post Down

I have nothing.
As I sit here.
I just couldn't leave that gruesome picture at the top of my Blog.
I woke up this morning realizing that I needed to post something.
Just to move the old one down further.
I could just delete it.
But I won't.
It's there.
It haunts me.
It taunts me.

Brian is due back today from his fishing tournament.
It rained all weekend.
He called to say that the rainwear I bought him kept his clothes dry.
But his feet are wet and cold.
He spent two nights in the rain.
Loving every minute of it.
I married a lunatic.
I know this.
I accept it.



just call me jo said...

I too have posted just to get rid of the previous one. Your husband is a much more devoted fisherman than I am anythingwoman. I don't love anything that much. Cold, wet feet--ugh! My idea of hell. Tell Brian that Hank says hello...

Kris said...

Don't you hate it when Blogger doesn't update! That happens to me all the time! My husband has called a few times. Rain...lots of it! I can't wait to see how the whole weekend went for them. Not good weather, that is for sure! I had a busy, and fun weekend. Today, going to the movies with my friend Jae. Can't decide between the surfer one, or the Lincoln Lawyer. Have a great day my friend!!

Tammy said...

My Uncle is kinda weird. =P Miss ya!

Melynda said...

We all run "empty" sometimes my dear! BTW, the rabbit post showed up twice on my reader, it was gruesome times 2! It is steelhead season here, and the guys are out on the Columbia river in groves, so your notes on Brian and his dedication to the tourney are understood. Enjoy your day, soon there will be laundry coming home!

Jan said...

The rabbit lives on!

Not to worry or fret. Somedays we are chatty and have it goin' on. Somedays not.

Today I'm 'not', either. Maybe I'll make the bed and go to the gym. Or read on the couch. If you were near, we'd have a cuppa tea and a chat.

Till then, when hubby comes home tonight and you can warm his toes!


Tabitha said...

Thank you. Thank you very much. (Really didn't mean to bust out my Elvis impression.) Poor, poor bunny. :-(

Bev said...

I used to be a big bunny fan. Not so much anymore since we moved to our current house and they are everywhere. Every time we plant something they think "salad bar!" I used to feed them thinking that they would be so full that they would leave our plants alone. They repaid my hospitality by eating even the bark off of our shrubs, the daisies were just the prelude to the real meal evidently.

But our grandsons found a little nest of them in our yard and they were the cutest little things. And I found one hurt a year or so ago and took him to the vet.

Definitely a love/hate relationship going here. I would love it if they would pack up and leave.

Pam said...

I hate to fish when the weather is perfect. I can't imagine when it's raining.

jenny said...

haha~ love this "nothing" post. Love that you accept your lunatic. hehe. and love your writing. :). And love you of coarse!!!!

lifeinredshoes said...

Here comes the sun......?