Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Days of My Life.

It's been a busy few days around here.
We've been dealing with the tail gate issue.
We ended up finding a tail gate on Craigslist and took it in to get painted.  It ended up costing us $800 instead of the $2000 we were going to end up paying.  I'm pretty much over it.  Sort of.

I have a cute little scrap booking shop just down the street from me and they hold classes several times a week.  All the women in there are a hoot and sometimes I just go in there to hang out.  I've been wanting to practice my stamping and watercolors so I took a card making class.  We all had a great time.  I meant to get pics of the ladies and the shop but forgot my camera.  Here are a few of the cards that I've been making lately.

I've been having a lot of fun and wasting many hours.
Yesterday, my daughter, Katie, and I both had the day off.  We decided to hang out and do some shopping.
I was excited.

So was she.

We went here first.
Love the IKEA!

Katie found some bedding she liked.
And we both needed this muffin tin with cute little liners.
Hard to imagine but we left there only spending $21.00. 
That's unnatural.
After IKEA went to Westgate.  It's a fun area next to the Cardinal's stadium full of shops and restaurants.

And we ate a the Yardhouse. 
This is the perfect place for us to eat together.  Katie is a vegetarian and just about everything on their menu has a vegetarian alternative.  I had the BBQ chicken salad and Kate had the Greek Vegetarian sandwich.
I just love the days that I get to spend doing girl stuff with my kid.
Brian has another fishing tournament this weekend.
Please say a prayer for our new tail gate.



Melynda said...

Fun times! I love it when my girl and I hang out together. Not enough of those days in a year. Those are some great cards. I have not used my stamping and card making supplies in so long, they are probably dried up!

SavannahGranny said...

Love your cards. They are so cute. I think that one kitty has a lot of mousing to do.
Looks like you had a blast shopping and hanging out with your daughter. You are both so beautiful.
I always love an outing with my girls but sadly both live out of state. Enjoy that sweet lady's company.
Thanks for visiting me and leaving such kind comments. Hugs, Ginger

ain't for city gals said...

Did Brian check to see if there was some kind of locking device for the tailgate? I miss shopping...going to do a post about word verificatioon is "worse" ..what does that mean???

Val said...

My mom and I are doing a girls day this Saturday. They are such fun!

Adorable cards, by the way. I love love love to admire other people's paper crafting. I did a bit of scrap booking for awhile, but the thought of taking up paper stuff again (on top of the incessant sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, etc.) makes me pull my hair and start rocking back and forth, muttering "no more hobbies! no more hobbies!" So, I'll just admire yours!

just call me jo said...

Look at you all crafty and shoppy. (It's a word!) You and daughter are adorable. I've been to Westgate but not that restaurant. Good luck on the tailgate. Did you get the bolt things?

Kris said...

Oh how fun! I love it when I get to spend girlie days with my girlies. We don't get them too often, as they are both Mama's now. But it is so fun!!! I need to go to IKEA. We have one not too far, but I hate the area it is in. Mucho traffic on the drive home! Looks like you two had a perfect day!
I am a fishing widow this weekend too!!!! See....dang...we need to live closer!

Dina said...

Okay, soul/blog sister...have a few things to say/ask of you. Do my little blog snooping eyes perhaps catch little glimpses of vintagey card table cloths? It has become an obsession of mine to find them at flea markets. And, what the heck do you mean by getting to IKEA before me??? I have a trip planned for this weekend. A girlfriend and I are heading to Cincy to pay a visit to IKEA and Jungle Jim's. Wanna come along???

Genn said...

Looks like such a fun day with your daughter Holly! She's beautiful.
I love doing that kind of stuff with my Mom too.
Glad the tailgate isn't gonna be as much as you thought. Still a pain in the you know what I'm sure.
Enjoy the rest of your week!
ps- your cards are very cute! :)

jenny said...

mother-daughter hang outs are simply divine. and add shopping and food on that... and .... wish i was there.

BrownFamily said...

I love your cards! My fav is the "cream in my coffee" cute! I'm so jealous of your Ikea!!! The closest one we have here in Idaho is 6 hours away :( Probably a good thing though!

A.Vang said...

Awww! I wish i had a little card-makin' talent! They are so cute! Sorry about the tailgate! It is absurd that someone took it right off your truck!!

Cindy said...

Holly, your cards are adorable!! Glad to hear about the tailgate.

Amanda- Hip House Girl said...

Sniffle. You're making me sad that my mom lives in OK and I'm here in UT. I wish I could do stuff like this with her on a whim! However, when she does come to visit, it's like a full-immersion experience, where we spend about every waking moment together and have a ball. So I guess it's ok.

Lucky girls, the both of ya.

Jan said...

SQUEEK......I adore your cards!

You and Katie are SO cute. Isn't it fun to 'play' with your daughter?

IKEA is opening a gi-gundo plant/retail store in Denver sometime this year. I expect to be making a trip there since I have NEVER been inside that store. HUH??????


Tabitha said...

Awesome cards! The mice are adorable. I wish there was an Ikea near here. The closest one is over 4 hours away.

Vicky said...

your cards a fabulous :) love the colors and penny black stamps , what could be better :) thanks for visiting my blog :)