Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dirty Rotten Stealing People

Yes, I'm a tad upset.
My husband went fishing today.
No, that's not why I'm upset.
He took a friend with him.
That's not the reason either.
He launched the boat around 8 am, spent the day on the lake and then around 2 pm he went to get his truck.
His brand new truck.
And the tail gate was gone.
What the what???
Yes, someone had stolen his tail gate right off his truck.
He filed a report with the sheriff who told him that this is quite common.
He said he writes about 20-30 reports a week on stolen tail gates.
Who would have thought such a thing?
I guess, it requires no tools to remove, takes someone about 10 seconds to take it off and they are very heavy so they are worth quite a bit as scrap metal.
Scrap Metal!!!
Our beautiful tail gate is going to be scrap metal.

Tail gates are also expensive.
It's going to cost around $1400 to replace it. 
Yes, we have insurance, but our deductible is $1000.
So, tonight I am mad at the stealing people.
I'm going to eat cookies now.



Jan said...

That is TOTALLY nuts and Karma is gonna get whomever did that! Scheez....what are people thinking?

Be nice if they got caught, wouldn't it?



Shelia said...

Hi Holly! That's just mean! I'm so sorry this happened. I wish they could be caught too.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Laraine Eddington said...

Don't you just wish justice was instantaneous? I hate things like this that take away your faith in humanity.

Ann said...

Unbelievable ... there is no level to which the criminal mind will not stoop -- and this is minor compared to heavy duty crime. We're living in crazy times.

Melynda said...

Laraine speaks for me. This is another "victimless" crime that will be forgotten by tomorrow, except for those involved, that were actually victims. I too am tired of it, and wish I had an answer to solve it. Sorry for your loss.

Tammy said...

I agree with Laraine. Man, that makes me so mad. You feel so violated when people do that. Ugh.

Cindy said...

That sucks!! Tommy said they take them for the camera also. Some new trucks have cameras attached. Eat some ice cream too!!

ain't for city gals said...

I'm reading this out loud to my husband...I'm saying I CANT BELIEVE THIS !!! He calmly says..."It happens ...someone will probably steal ours someday" WHAT??!! Good Gosh...I'm going to figure out something...I do know people steal trailer hitches right off your truck and steal trailers..(not from personal experience but from horror stories)...I ALWAYS take our hitch off and put it in the truck and have a locking device on the trailer so people can't just hook up to it...this makes me MAD!! is right on the karma deal but right now karma doesn't pay the $1000 deductable....

Kris said...

Oh Holly...I would be furious! What is wrong with our world? I am so sorry to hear this! What a way to end a perfectly good day of fishing!!! Sheesh. I hope he caught some fish at least!!! Where was he?

corners of my life said...

This just make me sad {mad}. Insert swear word [#$^@&*] here! Maybe one that starts with a and ends with s.

just call me jo said...

Rick and I are so damn mad at the trash that stole the tailgate. How could they? I've never heard of such a thing...Rick just went out and locked his tailgate and he's going to get a lock for the trailer hitch too. I'm sooo sorry. $1000 is a bunch. Crap! Which launch was he at? We were at the middle one (10-lane) Saturday. We used to go to the first one, but had to struggle to launch too often with mean people. I will come over and help you beat them to a bloddy pulp if you should ever find them, which most likely will never happen. They're under a rock some where with the rest of the scum...

Dina said...

Ooooh, that would make me soooo mad! I know someone that had the catalytic converter stolen from their vehicle while they were in a restaurant eating!!! How 'bout I send you a cupcake to make it all better?

Erika Grover said...

that's awful, what jerks!

I'm shocked how expensive tail gates are, wowzers!

Connie said...

Dammit! Ken and I were just talking bout this happening over the weekend while we were at Roosevelt. Seems its been happening a LOT lately. Damn Im sorry Holly. News has been saying theres a rash of GHS Thefts too and they are sometimes breaking windshields to get them

The Starr Family said...

Get out? Reading this, quite literally my jaw was dropped. I saw your title and then the picture before I actually read and thought it can't be!

Cookies deserved.

Genn said...

I tell ya!! WHO does such a thing and is still able to sleep at night?
I'm sorry. That is so frustrating!

Go eat those cookies.
You might need some ice cream and wine too mkay?

Tabitha said...

I'm so sorry, Holly. That sucks beyond belief. :-(