Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have been kidnapped and replaced with an insanely productive person.
I've been going through this house,
room by room
closet by closet
drawer by drawer
and weeding out all things unnecessary.
It seems I have quite a bit of unneccessaries around here.

At the same time,
I'm also sifting through my thoughts.
I have unnecessaries in my head too.

Sometimes life just moves along day by day,
moment by moment,
and the clutter accumulates.
I'm taking some time to sift through the garbage in my head.
Work on some issues that have been left unchecked.
Pray about the things that matter.
Let go of the things that don't.
There are so many things in my head that don't matter,
yet I just keep dusting them off and putting them back.

So today, I will finish with my last closet. 
Load up some boxes with all my clutter and
head to GoodWill to drop them off.

I'm going to put my brain clutter at the bottom of one of the boxes.
And then I'm going to walk away.



Mikalah said...

I love this post! What a neat thought, to pray about the things that matter and just let go of the things that don't. I think I need to do some brain decluttering as well! Thanks for the reminder, Holly. =)

Melynda said...

I had wondered "where" you were, and thinking that maybe just maybe you were having fun. And here you are talking about all the work you are getting done. Sometimes we need to clean house and head, just remember in the final box to not put anything that you really love, because by the last box we are usually sooo tired we throw too much away just to be done with the job. I'm just sayin....

Kris said...

Well, there you are!!! It feels good to do a good house cleaning doesn't it? Both in the house, and the head!
Talk to you soon.

Laraine Eddington said...

Good for you Holly, but leave a little clutter in your noggin. I like it when you articulate the clutter in your blog.

just call me jo said...

How poetic and wise! You are on the right track. (I so wish I could get rid of the brain clutter. And learn to pray about what matters.) We must meet soon. I need to laugh.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Amen. I need to weed out my house and my head. Great post. Hugs, Marty

Katherines Corner said...

Holly, I love this post!!! Hugs
P.S. added you to my blog love page :-)

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO HOLLY! We can all use a good sweeping out now and then and it's never too late to start.

Good advise brain has been 'extra' full this past week, too.

Sending you warm hugs

Anonymous said...

When you're done can you come do my house too please? I said please? :)

I love what you said about praying for things that matter & stop thinking about things that don't. I should tell myself that more often.

Tabitha said...

Sounds like an excellent plan. Clutter (mental and physical) should be dumped. *Making a note to heed that advice* Great post, Holly! :-D

Dina said...

Decluttering, both physically and mentally frees your I'm pretty sure it counts as an aerobic activity too!

Karen said...

I wish I may I wish I might be able to make this my own statement!
Hopefully when I return from attending the arrival of my first grand, eeeeeee, I will return to this post and be refreshed and encouraged to do the same. Good job, Holly!!! I really am proud of you!! This is not an easy thing to do!!!

Karen said...

You will not believe what my verification word was!!! "do/it"!! well that's exactly what it looked like....I know it was actually an l;). I kid you not!! Yours are the only ones that ever speak to me~
be blessed and Ya'll pray for all the people around me down here in MS and ALA who have lost soooo much in these horrific tornadoes. thank you

Anonymous said...

I love this post,, its makes a whole lot of sense to me,,, thankyou

Tammy said...

I agree with Erika! Come to my house and help me pack, though. =)

lifeinredshoes said...

Brilliant! I hope to follow your lead :)

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Oh boy, I know exactly what you are talking about and put so eloquently. I need to go through my rooms too, but by the time I get to the first one it seems to be holding everything from the other rooms~ lol. Take care, Connie