Monday, April 18, 2011

It was Supposed to be Turquoise

Several months ago a dear friend of mine, Connie, gave me an antique chair.
She told me I could do anything I wanted with it since it held no sentimental value for her.
I like to tell people that I refinish furniture.
I like to tell them that I make beautiful new things out of old falling apart things.
Apparently, I like to lie.
I do have several pieces of furniture in my garage that I've bought at thrift stores just for this reason.
So, see, it's sort of true.
Except that I haven't done anything with them yet.
So it's sort of not true.
Yes Dad, sort of not true is a lie.

Since the weather has warmed up a bit here, I figured it was time to do something with that chair.
I was planning on painting it turquoise but decided to be unoriginal and paint it yellow like Kris and Genn.  No, Kris and Genn are not yellow, but their chairs are.
Much more sunny and happy.
I had found the strawberry decal months ago in the bargain bin at Michael's for 10 cents.
Heading out now to plant more flowers. 


Connie said...

Oh my God. I love it! I never thought of using it in that way. For those that wonder about the hole in the center of the seat that chair is an antique potty chair. Holly I am so happy I gave that chair to you now. It looks wonderful! Great job!

Tabitha said...

It's super cute! I love yellow. It's such a happy color. :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you told me it wasn't turquoise....I thought my eyes were bad!

You lie like I do. Glad to know you!

Oh, and the YELLOW chair is adorable and bright and cheery and sa-weet!


corners of my life said...

Yellow was the right choice.

Bethany said...

I love it!!!!! Send it to me! I'll put it next to the wicker couch I told Kris to send me :)

Shelia said...

Hi Holly! It's gorgeous! I love it painted that pretty color! You did good!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Melynda said...

Too cute, I love the decal!

Ann said...

So pretty ... and what a neat place for a pot of flowers!

Genn said...

I LOVE it Yellow!! Looks fab!
Cute decal too.
Maybe the yellow chair needs a turquoise sista? ;)

Tammy said...

That is soooo pretty! I was thinking the same thing Genn is. It needs a turquoise friend!

Kris said...

LA-LA-LA-LOVE it!!!!! And the strawberry decal finishes it of perfectly!!!! I have always been a huge fan of red, and have a lot of red in my house. Not the bright fire engine red, but I like that too, but the brownish barn reds. But lately, I am drawn to Aqua....and Yellows...and other bright fun colors. You go girl. Is this on the front porch! What a redo...I love it!

jenny said...

gorgeouso!!!! and... how'd you get to be so clever??? "yes dad, sort of not true is a lie". hahahahahaha

lifeinredshoes said...

Guess I need to find a chair!

Anonymous said...

I LUV it! I LUV yellow! You are creative :)

Tiffany said...

If I could hug this chair I would! Well, I guess I could but I'd look silly. Anyhoo, I love it! Yellow makes everything happy! :)

MulticoloredPieces said...

Saw your yellow chair at "Better After"--it's so cute. You breathed a second life into it. You have a fun blog. Thanks for sharing!
best, nadia