Friday, January 18, 2013

The Post Where I Start Out Talking About One Thing, Get Side Tracked, and Almost Have a Nervous Breakdown

When I woke up this morning I told Brian that I had a dream
that I was at the mall and didn't have any money.

He asked me if I did a red-neck layaway.

I asked him what that was.

He said that his mother would go and look
for Christmas presents
and if she didn't have enough money,
she would take the items and hide them around the store
and go back and get them after she got paid.

I love red-necks.
But that's not really what I wanted to talk to you about.
I wanted to talk about my refrigerator.

Raise your hand if you hate your side by side refrigerator.
You do know I can't see you, right?
Put your hand down.
You look ridiculous.

This fridge came with the house and
we are grateful that we didn't need to buy one
but seriously?
Who thinks it's a great idea to buy a fridge where
the freezer is so narrow
that you can't fit a large pizza in there?
I'm not sure I want to live in a world
where one can't store giant frozen discs
of doughy goodness.

In my opinion,
the side by side refrigerator is the
red-headed step child of the appliance world.

I didn't realize until I actually typed those words,
that I am a red-headed step child to someone.
That just explains so much.

Albeit, I'm not actually a child anymore
And my red hair comes from a bottle.
but still.

I'm a little overwhelmed with this.
I know I'm supposed to be talking about my refrigerator
which I'm trying to organize
but this revelation has been quite upsetting.

Can we forget about the refrigerator discussion until tomorrow?
I need a some time to process this.



Kris said...

Girl, you kill me!! About side by side's....I HATE them! I have one that has lots of stupid bells and whistles, and NO ROOM!!! I HATE IT!!! I will never buy another side by side!! EVER!!!!
I want a barn door, with slide out freezer on bottom!!!
The red neck lay away is a riot!!!!
xo Kris

just call me jo said...

Brian is so wise. So wise. Freezers in refrigerators are just decorative and producers of ice cubes. Didn't you know that? Buy a small chest or upright freezer for your garage and just accept it. Or don't buy LARGE frozen pizzas. Buy several mediums or order out. You live in a world of options, dearie. Why would you pay $2000 for another fridge just to put frozen spheres of dough in? I think we all drank too much watering Diet Coke yesterday. I think it thinned out our brain matter. I think the canisters you gave me yesterday will go in my laundry room (which is blue and green, thank you) for Tide and Oxiclean so that they are cute and not ugly boxes sitting there. I will paint out the "flour" and "sugar" with chalkboard paint and write in something clever that will be rubbed off when I touch the canister to dispense the soaps. Nevertheless, it will be adorable. Don't you think? Thank you. I've tried three times to type those annoying word verification and failed. Sheesh! Maybe I'm a robot.

Melynda and Terry, we are the Browns! said...

Hmmmm, I have been doing red neck lay aways for years but I just did not know them by that name, I thought they were call crafty! Whew, I love it when I get learned up.
A side by side is sleek and we really think we want one, (boy did I ever want one) but I got the big door bottom freezer model because I really relate to that style.

Ashley said...

We've got some friends that have a side by side but it is the size of TWO regualar size fridges smashed together! I am only 5'4 and it is as wide as my arms are stretched out! You know since the length of your arms are supposed to equal the height of your body. It is ginormous.

Amy said...

I agree on the my side by side. I rent so I am stuck with whatever appliances are here. There is NO ROOM. Plus it is black. I really dislike black appliances. I like Jo's idea of another chest freeze and I would totally do that if I had a place to put it.

Tammy said...

HaHa!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I am not a side by side hater. If you saw how small my fridge is you would die laughing.

Lisa Tucker said...

Hilarious!! I have a new refrigerator that I love, love, love although it takes up half the kitchen. The freezer is a drawer at the bottom with plenty of room and the top is so wide that you can put long casserole dishes in there with room to spare. We call her Madea....:) I did a whole post just on her...:)