Monday, January 7, 2013

"My, What a Lovely Little Ugly House you've Bought Yourself"

Ok, so I've shown you the good,
we're going to skip right past the bad,
to the ugly.

Let me first say that I love this house.
I fell in love with it the first minute
I laid my big fat eyeballs on it.

But man, oh man,
we've got our share of ugly going on over here.

I also want to say that
showing you these pictures of the house
is akin to showing you up close and personal shots
of my butt dimples.


In the previous post I told you how the
original owner was an amazing organizer.

What I didn't tell you was that she also had a love for
high gloss hunter green paint.
You know, hunter green?

 And wall paper.

And not Candace Olson 2013 wallpaper.
I'm talking 1984 shiny-ish wallpaper.

Does this say Spa-like retreat to you?

I walked in there this morning to take a pic with
my phone and was going to make the bed first
but then I thought,
"Who am I kidding?"

Besides, the cat was sleeping on the bed.

This is how we are living, People!!!
Usually I just keep the light off and wander around
in the dark with my hands out in front of me
until I locate what I am looking for,
then I grab it and run out and slam the door.

The entire back wall is hunter green bead board
with a shelf running the length of the wall.

I understand it's only paint.
But I hate to paint.
So, this project is going to be on my long list.

Wanna see something else ugly?
You do?

Well, you're all just sickos that get your jollies
out of looking at other people's miseries.
I'm like that too, so here you go.

The guest bathroom had a shower door.
It wasn't in bad shape but I wanted a shower curtain
so I decided to remove the shower doors
all by my handy little self.

And now I've got this mess.

The walls where the tracks were are all discolored now.
And they have those anchor things in there
and I can't get them out.
And there is silicone caulk everywhere!

And this!


So I went and bought silicone caulk remover.
And I put it on.
And it did nothing.

So I read on the wide world webber that WD-40
will remove silicone.
So that's what I'm doing this morning.
I'm removing silicone from my tub.

I'm not going to worry about the walls
because we have decided to take the
shower surround out and tile it.

A good friend of ours does tile work
so we really just have to pay for the tile.
He's not charging us much for the labor.

I guess that's enough for today.
I've got more ugly stuff but I'll save it for when you're really
depressed and need a pick-me-up.



Anonymous said...

you are so funny, I'm still smiling!!!Good luck with the WD 40 , don't breath to deep!!!

Lisa Tucker said... are so funny!! I understand your pain although I'm not brave enough yet to share my pictures....:) Good Luck!

Kris said...

Hey Holly! I am back home and catching up on blogs. I just read your last two posts. First on the closets, and all of the slide outs!!! I AM SO GREEN with envy over here! SO GREEN!!!! My old house is so in need of updating, and those are just a few of the things I so want!!!! The juicer....oh my...I have an electric DAZEY juicer that I bought probably 20 years ago at Walmart. It was inexpensive, and I bought a few more later, and gave them as gifts, with a big old bag of ripe oranges. But...but....but....they are no where to be found anymore!!! I mean NOWHERE!!!! I have searched hi and lo, and nada! I did find one that was similar, and bought it for Genny, I think. But I am still looking for a comparable sized juicer. And when I see one, I will holler out to you!!! But aren't those oranges just glorious!!!!???
Now..onto the ugly....the hunter green paint, and glossy wallpaper. Oh sister, I feel for you. I would be there in one New York minute if I could be, to help you repaint, and strip wallpaper! I love to paint. And I am darn good at grunt work! You do have some work cut out for you there. But oh the rewards are so sweet. I too tore out a shower enclosure single handedly. Here at this house. I like a curtain so much better.
I miss you too my friend. I sure hope to get out to see your new home one day!!!!
Love and miss you,

Amy said...

The good thinga about ugly is it can usually be fixed. Let us know if WD40 works, I have some stuff in my tub that needs to be removed.

lifeinredshoes said...

Oh my, I feel so much better now that I know you aren't living in sheer perfection!
Guess what one of the new colors for 2013 is? THAT SAME DAMN GREEN! It has a new name, I don't remember it. I gasped when I saw the colors. One of them is that beigey pink, you know the one, I call it swine ;)

Tammy said...

I still want to come visit, even with the hunter green wall. =P I'll come help you with the bathroom. I'm a good picture taker. I'll get all the good shots of you doing all the work. Ha! Love ya!

just call me jo said...

I keep missing your posts. I missed the Mrs. Alfred one until this one. I do NOT feel for you with the green paint because I would gladly help you rid yourself of that and the wallpaper if you weren't so stubborn and would accept my help. I removed the calk with a razor blade. (and didn't cut my arm off amazingly enough) Your house is really looking cute.

Melynda and Terry, we are the Browns! said...

butt dimples? Really, I love you!

Michelle said...

Just found your blog. Love your sense of humor.

Latoya Quinn said...

It’s not so ugly, but quite unpractical. The color is kind of out of place and made the room so dark; it didn’t go well with the choice of lighting too. I suggest you go for a glossy beige or orange. =) Latoya Quinn @ Texture Coating