Friday, January 25, 2013

And the Time Staaaarts....Now!

Let's play a riveting game that I like to call
"What the Ding Dang is That?".

it's not a game at all.
I just need to know what the Ding Dang these things are.

I see them everywhere under trees
in parking lots around here.
I always stop to pick them up 
and throw some in my purse because they are lucky.

OK, I have no idea if they are lucky
but I do give them to random strangers and tell them that they are lucky.
At first I thought they were olives
 since we have so many olive trees here in Arizona
but I Googled them and can't find them.

Before they fall off the tree
they are wearing these little hats.

Just like little acorns but the trees are
definitely not oak trees.

Yesterday when Jo and I
were out gallivanting and not getting into any trouble whatsoever,
especially the kind that involved staring down DPS officers,
we found some of these and like the good friend that she is,
she helped me pick them off the ground
and throw them in a bag.

Two grown women,
sitting on a curb in a parking lot,
in the rain,
picking up these doohickeys.

That's friendship right there.

Ok, the game is not done.
There's more stuff I don't know.
You're shocked, right?

See this here plant?

I don't know what that is either.
It wasn't there last week then all of a sudden
 it popped up out of the ground.
There are 6 of them.

We just moved in to this house
so I have no idea what's in the ground right now.
Stuff is popping up and it's scaring me
because I kill stuff
and I don't want to kill stuff anymore.

Since I moved into this house,
I have turned over a new leaf
and I no longer wish to murder plants and such.

Please help me to identify these things.
I would love to tell you that there is an amazing prize
for the winner,
but there's not.

You got that?
No prizes.



Anonymous said...

I have no idea, kinda look like deer poop, but I know they aren't! Thats a very good friend to help pick up items you have no idea what are and where they came from, (re deer poop above), they do look so cut though, I just hope they have nothing living in them, my friend down the hall collected pods from plants and after they dried out worms crawled out, I told here I thought they looked like a grub plant Garry collected for Fly Fishing bait, I don't mean to frighten you, just sayin is all, does your husband fish? lol, I'm totally teasing but all I said is true,

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Your not even gonna mail a couple of the lucky acorn-ish thingies to the winner??? The plant reminds me of Canna Lily (remain calm... I said Canna-not Cannabis!). Not sure but that's my guess-Happy Weekend:@)

Robyn said...

I wish I could tell you but I have NO clue what either of these are. I remember when we moved from NJ to SC and all these new plants and things were popping up all over. I STILL get creeped out when I see something that I don't know what it is..

Anonymous said...

Holly, I think it is a Hosta or a Banana tree. Miss you and Brian. Diane

just call me jo said...

Guess that plant could be a Hosta, but the leaves look different than the Hostas I had in Idaho back when I could grow things. See, I'm not the only one that thought they looked like some kind of poop. But I got out there and picked them up with you like the good (insane) friend I am. I have one of the lucky buggers in my purse now, so I hope they don't produce some kind of creepy crawly. Rick said I could paint his bathroom any color I want. He loves me. (and he wants that dang gun)

Anonymous said...

I saw the first 'ding dang thing' while in AZ, too, and the girls said it was an acorn. But they are from Colorado and what the heck to WE know.

I'm with JO on the plant....looks like a Hosta to me, too. They like the shade and get pretty flowers on them if you don't kill them. Pretty much low care, too.

I have a couple of seeds that I found in AZ so should post them so you can identify them for me.

Thanks for the chance to play your game, Alex!

Laraine Eddington said...

We have those things all over in Mesa. They are seed pods that contain tiny little blood sucking aliens. But don't worry, they'll only germinate I'd you out them in your purse. Oh wait...

Kris said...

Hi Holly,
I think they are a type of acorn. And the plant looks to me like a Calla Lily.
I will look up the name to the paint on my front door. I have been awful busy with Nana. She has not been well. I have been out helping my Mom with her a lot. So sad.
xo Kris

Ashley said...

The acorns are definitely from and oak tree because oaks are the only tree that produces acorns, but which of the 600 species produces that type of acorn is the question! And those are hostas!! They are a shade plant will produce either purple or white flowers in the summer. Water them with large amount of water less frequent instead of small waterings more frequent. The hostas can get quite large too.

Lisa Tucker said...

Can't help with either one but you gave me my laugh for the day. I do believe we are kin somewhere down the line....:) Have a great day!

Melynda and Terry, we are the Browns! said...

I love the hat portion of the little acorny thing, of course that does not give you a name to use.......I don't think the green thing is a calla, there is too much stalk, maybe it is a canna, they get tall and are elegant. So they will be right at home with you!

Sarah said...

It looks like an acorn from a live oak tree -

Genn said...

Hi Holly.
Love your posts!
Those doo hickeys sure do look an awful lot like acorns. Baby acorns?

And I betcha my mom is right about the calla lily. She's a plant wizard ya know? I wish I was.


tainted with a positive view said...

fYou make me laugh!