Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thank You Mrs. Alferd!

Although I've never met Mrs. Alferd,
I can tell you one thing about the
lady we bought this house from.
She was crazy organized.

When this house came on the market she had already moved out.
No furniture, no decor so I have no idea what it used to look like
when she lived here.

But I imagine her looking something like this:

I thank my lucky stars each and every time 
I open a cabinet or a closet.

I am an organizer by nature.
I just feel so much more at peace when everything is in it's place.
Mrs. Alferd was possibly my soul mate.

I'm going to share with you some
things that she did that make my heart sing.
(Now, just know that everything is not coming up roses around here.
Soon I will be posting pictures of the projects that need to be done.
We've got some ugly stuff going on around here.)


The two skinny drawers are for jewelry.

Don't tell anyone but I had my jewelry shoved in a shoe box
 in my underwear drawer at the old house.

There are three of these rows of shelves for shoes.

In the bathrooms, in addition to having drawers,
the cupboards all have slide out shelves.

Please excuse my blurry iphone pics.

The laundry room has slide out hampers.

And every cupboard in the kitchen has slide outs.

I have absolutely no reason
to be unorganized.


Help me out here Jo, are these words interchangeable?

It's been chilly here and our oranges on our tree are ripe.
I picked a basket full of them and made fresh squeezed OJ.

I could sure use some advice on a good citrus juicer.
Kris, can you recommend a good one?
My arm is tired.
But the juice is sweet and delicious.

Anyone in the area need oranges or grapefruit?
Come on over and get some.
Grapefruit is nasty.



Anonymous said...

truly looks like heaven to me, I have two closets in his apartment, honest, TWO and one is half a closet, excuse me while I go look at your closets and storage space again and drool!

Tammy said...

I love this house!!!! I love the red shoes on the third shelf up. =)

RoeH said...

I WANT the red shoes on the third shelf up.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Wow that really is some great storage! How fun to have citrus trees! Wish I could stop by for some oranges, I'd love that-enjoy!

Ashley said...

My husbands aunt has those slide outs in her kitchen. They are pretty darn nice. I can see how they would be helpful if someone has trouble bending or squatting down to get into cabinets. Not that you do but you know what I mean. So very happy for you and the hubs on your new house! I know you have worked hard to get there! I can't wait to see more of it!

Amy said...

My dream kitchen has slide out's in the cabinets. My uncle made some for my grandma and I love them.

lifeinredshoes said...

Good choice Roe!
Be still my heart, built in organizers :)
Fresh citrus, I only dream of it.

Melynda and Terry, we are the Browns! said...

1. for citrus, you want a pressure acitvated juicer. they aren't real expensive.
2. red shoes are the best, unless you have tank sized feet like I do, then it only looks like the fleet is in a red tide.
3. slide outs aren't just for old folks who have trouble reaching, not that I would know how that is, but I sure want some....
4. Mrs Alfred looks familiar, in many ways.

PS love your new home!

Karen Martin said...

Wait til February for grapefruit...they take longer to get sweet...if they're not all frozen by then :(

And just so you know, Mrs. Alferd is a known felon ;)