Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heavy Arms and Broken Pocketbooks

Sometimes, when I can't fall asleep, I do this thing.
I hold my arm straight up in the air as long as I can
and it gets all heavy and all I can think about is
finally being able to put my arm down
and fall asleep.
I like to share these little details of my life with you.

Threw one Brian's favorite dinners together 
in the crockpot.

This meal is so easy and soooo good.

Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken
Recipe by Six Sisters' Stuff.
Find it here.

I serve this over rice and Brian likes white rice so that's what we had.
I like broccoli in mine so I put some in the steamer basket
of my rice cooker.
I didn't add sesame seeds because they look like bugs.

Headed out to the grocery store to stock up a little bit.
I've made a few changes in my pantry to make it
easier to see when I was running low on things.

I bought some jars that were on clearance
at Fry's Market Place.

I labeled them with key tags that I bought at Lowes.

It's much easier to plan my grocery list now that
I can tell what I need with just a glance.

I've been shopping at Winco lately and 
I have to say I love it.

I haven't seen better prices anywhere.
I love that so many items are in the bulk food section.
I can buy just one cup of oatmeal,
or just a teaspoon of cream of tarter.

The prices for their spices are very good.
Especially if you only need a very small amount
of something and don't want to buy a whole container.

I know it's hard to tell from this blurry photo
but I have here:

Chocolate chips 
Wheat flour
Corn Flakes (just a cup for a recipe I want to try)
Brown Sugar
Low Sodium Taco Seasoning
Jasmine Rice
Walnut pieces

I don't know about you but I can sure feel the financial crunch this year.
Our paychecks took quite a hit.
We are re-visiting our budget
and making some tough decisions.

Have you noticed a change in your finances this year?
How are you dealing with it?



The Flavorland Chefs. said...


This looks positively scrumptious. Especially for this kind of weather. :)


Genn said...

Hi Holly,

We used to have a Winco by us in Boise and I hated it. But I think it's because I hated living in Boise, and because I wasn't in CA and so that is why I hated it. ;)

Yes, money does feel tight here too. Jake is trying to get his schedule changed so that he is working 4 ten hour days, which we will love, but I had to quit working Tuesdays from 9-2 so that he can work it. In the end, he will make more money that day than I would have, but that was my "fun" money and now I feel like there's none of that. ah well, just gotta adjust.

Love your organized pantry and cute storage!

Lisa Tucker said... made my stomach growl...the crockpot meal looks delicious!! I love, love, love your jars. You have inspired me today so thanks for the post!!

Tammy said...

I miss Winco!!! I felt a hit on our grocery bill when we moved back to Colorado. Frank's check is a couple hundred short also. We switched my cell service to cut bills and reviewing our budget to see what else we can cut. Book.
Love you jars!! Love that idea!

Anonymous said...

we need to plan a budget and I keep saying that but do I, no I don't.We have a bulk store here that I like to shop at until I saw a yukky man eating from the bin, that made me sick! They did catch him but you see I keep wondering how many times he got away with it, I know I am a strange thinker, your pantry looks amazing, please, never ask to see mine, ( as I hang my head in shame), its a disaster, well its not really a pantry its just a cupboard and I don't stock up on anything anymore, no room, its a dream to have a pantry again, we did in the house, but not in the mouse hole I live in now,

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Oh yea, I've noticed a change in my (already scrawny) pay check! How am I handling it? I'm still in the pouting stage... Hope to move on to anger then maybe adjustments soon:@)

just call me jo said...

We had Winco in Twin Falls (and I can't believe anyone would not LOVE living in Idaho, Genn) and I loved it except on Sunday when all the riff-raff came in to shop with their 12 children and grandmother. Sheesh! Their Diet Coke prices were always the cheapest. The crock pot meal looks great. I'll have to try it. Yes, Holly, your organizational skills are above the norm. I'm starting to feel absolutely slovenly and haphazard because I compare myself to you. (That's not nice to make me feel inadequate.) Heck yes, our budget is stretched. I don't choose to think about that right now. "Fiddle-dee-dee, tomorrow is another day..." (That's Scarlet from Gone with the Wind, in case you didn't know.) See you tomorrow.

Melynda and Terry, we are the Browns! said...

Budget stretching has become the new aerobics.....I will be happy when we can move on to other exercise! Love the key holder labels.

RoeH1592 said...

I love Winco but it's so far away from me it's not worth the gas to go there. And I'm hardly ever on the east end of Mesa. But I like going there when I can. Do I worry about money?? Oh No. NEVER.

Linda said...

That looks great...Winco is too far for me, but the Sprouts near us has bulk items...I love getting things from there. Since we no longer have pay checks...we didn't notice a change...interesting though...Don's pension went up a bit...we were surprised...who would think that a private company would do that! But since we are pretty much on a fixed income...we always watch what we spend!

Kris said...

LOVE the glass jars! I use them too, and love keeping my staples in them!
Yes, we are feeling the crunch, and have been for over a year now. So I am careful where I shop! Doing more thrifting too.
Love your little arms in the air ritual! Only Holly!!!
xo Kris

Amy said...

I may have to try the arm thing when I can't sleep. I count my breaths when I can't fall asleep, on a good night my mind will start to wander and I will drift off.

There is a Winco about 30 miles away from me but I haven't tried it yet. I would love to buy smaller quantities since I mostly cook for one these days.

I have noticed a dent in my paycheck. I ahve been trying tighten the belt but it can only go so far.