Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Potty Talk

DO NOT sit there all high and mighty
and pretend that you've never cooked dinner
in your bathroom before.

Today I decided to seal the granite counter tops
in my kitchen.
I can't use my kitchen counters for 24 hours.
And people still need to eat.

Yes, I am aware that most people
would be smart enough to go to a restaurant
for dinner but I already had meat thawed out
and it needed to be cooked today.
So there you have it.

Redneck housewives do the silliest things.

I can't wait to show you what I bought yesterday at a thrift store,
but it's still in the garage and we can't move it into the house until
this weekend so you all will have to wait right along with me.


It's replacing this big ol' piece of furniture.

This picture was taken in our old house
where we had a monster sized living room.

Now we have munchkin sized living room
so it has to go.

It's supposed to get chilly here this weekend.
Really chilly.
Lows in the 20's.
That's pretty cold for Phoenix.

Hoping that covering my plants will be enough
to keep them alive.

Some things just can't be covered.

Here's hoping you're all staying warm and cozy
and in case any of you were wondering,
the answer is no.

We are not eating in the bathroom.
We're weird,
not disgusting.



Kris said...

Well, thank goodness you aren't having your dinner in the bathroom! Cooking in there, ah, not so weird to me! A girl has got to do, what a girl has got to do!!
LOVING the pics of your new home. So cozy!!!!!!
Can't wait for the reveal!!!
xo Kris

Anonymous said...

Well I never saw anyone cook in the bathroom before, thats a new one! lol, The painting in the bathroom is the same one over the entertainment unit in your old living room isn't it, I was wondering, are those birds in it, I can't make it out, it really caught my eye!
Must have been a big job doing the counter top, you are very handy dandy!

Anonymous said...

I can't even chew something while in the bathroom! Some old childhood issue, no doubt.

I see that the birds on a wire picture made the switch to the bathroom! Looks great there!

Is this bathroom the same one that you showed without the door? You know, the one I was going to have when I came to visit? Which I am NOT going to do until it's fixed? bwahaaaaa

Hope dinner is tasty.

Laraine Eddington said...

My brothers used to eat cereal in the bathroom. I think it was the only peaceful room in the house. I admire your problem solving skills. After all, it is a crockPOT

just call me jo said...

That Larainey is so smart--crockPOT indeed. You might have plugged it in in the dining room or window seat area? No? I did dishes in our bathroom when our kitchen was torn up in Twin Falls. A girl's gotta do...Your bathroom is very clean. I'm sure it would be fine to eat there.

Melynda and Terry, we are the Browns! said...

It seems you have a lot more to talk about in the new that large orange tree and can't wait to see the new "find".

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I've actually plugged my roaster oven into an outlet outside to make a chicken during the summer... I judge you not:@) Here's hoping your beautiful citrus tree(s) make it through this cold snap unharmed!

RoeH said...

I was going to tell my dishwashing experinces in the bathtub but Jo beat me to it. Maybe it was an Idaho thing.

lifeinredshoes said...

I'm so glad you're not disgusting, that could be a deal breaker ;)
Low 20's? What we have must be contagious!

Linda said...

You're so funny! Your back yard looks's gotten cold overnight here too...a little rain...but not enough. Have a great day!!

Karen Martin said...

I'll bet you wrote this whole blog entry from the bathroom ;)