Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Only My Opinion But Only My Opinion Counts.

I am the queen of Buyer's Remorse.
If I need something new and it happens to be a little pricey
I will spend hours researching reviews
and consumer reports.

I'll comparison shop using Amazon, Ebay,
and any site that may give me an edge.
And then I make my purchase and will immediately lose sleep
for the next several nights.

Spending large amounts of money makes me want to vomit.
I like money.
I like my money to be in my bank.
Where I can look at it virtually through my bank's website.
And I like to transfer it back and forth from savings to checking,
from checking to savings,
just because it's fun.

I like to go to my bank
because the people are nice,
they know me by name,
and they give me free coffee and suckers.

What I'm saying here is,
it's hard to get me to part with my money.
There is just so little of it so it is precious to me.

that said,
there are some things that I will never regret purchasing.
I have found that these items
have been well worth the money spent.

My super heavy extra large cast iron skillet.
Cornbread, chicken, pizza, need I say more?
Get a good one and take care of it.
It will last you all your days.
Until death do you part.

A microplane zester.
Not a pricey item but one that I can't believe I went so long without.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner.
I bit the bullet and tried it.
I NEVER order anything off the television.
So I went to Ebay and bought Wen.
Because I only purchase off the internet using Paypal.
I can't tell you what a difference this made
 from the very first time I used it.
I will never use shampoo again.

Saves Foods.
I use it almost every day.
If it weren't ugly I'd keep it on the counter.

My Kitchen Aid Mixer.
Worth it?

And my Cuisinart Immersion Blender.
I don't think I truly lived until I bought this.

And that's about it.
Everything else I own I regret.
Except for my dog.
And my husband.
I own them both but they were free.

If I'd had to pay for either,
I probably would have checked the reviews more carefully.



just call me jo said...

I have never heard of Wen. I will Google said product. But I don't buy things on Ebay, so I might be sunk. I'm glad you have favorite things. I didn't see me on the list, however, and am a little hurt. But...it's a'ight.

Melynda said...

Interested in the Wen, and I agree about checking reviews on husbands and dogs.....

Kris said...

Okay...where to start....let's start with Wen. My friend Dawn uses it. Dawn from blogland. She is a hairdresser too. I asked my Gennifer about it. She says she doesn't like it. I say, I want to try it. She says that Dermorganics is good too, and it is what she uses. She is getting me some. I want Wen too. I will do a shoot out and let you know.
I have a cast iron skillet that I got when we got married. If well seasoned, they are the best. My microplane gets used all the time. My immersion blender too. Although I have had mine for a long time, and they weren't making them in pretty colors yet. Bummer! My KA mixer...steller!!! But what I do not have....what I covet...what I NEED, what I must find....what I will search for high and low....is one of those awesome red carts! You go girlfriend.......I am so jealous!!!!
Love ya Toots!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your choices, and I love your post, you made me smile real big, you always do!

RoeH said...

If you ever get a better Kitchen Aid, I'll take your old yucky one for a handsome price.

RoeH said...

And yeah. Where'd you get that red cart. I had one in 1957. Than is. . . my PARENTS had one in 1957.

ain't for city gals said...

Hey Girl,,,
If only we could have our money back from all the stuff we ever bought and didn't need! One time I thought about all the CD's I bought..omgosh!..don't go there, Sheryl!..lol...

Anonymous said...

I've heard of WEN, but don't do Ebay OR Paypal. So I will just take your word for it that it is FAB. But how in the heck do you get away without washing your hair!

I have a Kitchen Aid mixer (which I thought was 'spendy' back in 1991) and it's been worth every penny.

Nice purchases but I so no reference to your new living room furn. hmmmm

Linda said...

Great choices...I'm like you...I wait and wait to spend that money! Great choices...I love the red cart too...delightful!

Amy said...

It takes me forever to decide to buy something new. I worry, fret, analyze, and drive myself nuts. I finally bought a new sofa when I moved but didn't shell out for the loveseat. Now I regret not getting the set. I have a very small TV. I need a bigger one, but I cringe at the cost.

I would loave a Kitchen Aid and a good cast iron pan. My dad has both and I love using them.

The red cart looks great.

marie said...

i was compelled to comment since i'd never heard of wen...and most of your other commenters haven't either...made me giggle.

BUT...i can SO relate! i am the worst when it comes to buyers remorse. i lost 30 pounds due to stress when we sold our house in georgia and bought our current house in virginia. :o/ apparently the remorse has ended since i've gained all but 5 pounds back. buying a couch a year ago almost put me in a coma. we spent a LOT of money that thing...i'm still sick over it. lol

marie said...

i googled wen...it was created by chaz dean who is some fancy hair stylist that i've seen on a bravo show called "flipping out"...i love him. now i MUST try it. lol

but only through ebay, like you did. i'm no dummy.

sally said...

Girls! Wen is big on QVC. You can watch the demo videos AND if you don't like it, you can send it back...I tried it and liked it for a while but I have very short hair and I think it's really good for longer hair...notice on the video, the Wen girls all have long hair...only one shorty


LOVE your list of must haves. But truth be known... every since I saw your photos, what I want is that sweet table your mixer is sitting on. Pray tell, where can I find me one?

deb said...

OMG I have wanted to try that WEN forever since I saw it on tv....I even looked on ebay to see how much it was....Im gonna try it for sure now!!!! I agree on the skillet, the mixer and the zester for sure!!!! I need to get one of those immersion belnders!!!!!!!

lifeinredshoes said...

Hi Holly! I love my Kitchenaid, I bought it for myself a couple of years ago, red of course. Love my emersion mixer, haven't tried WEN, my hair is short, it needs to be squeaky clean in order to behave :)
I need to invest in a cast iron skillet, or retrieve the one from our camping gear that hasn't been used in.....?
I had buyers remorse on the Pottery Barn sofa that I had saved forever for. After waiting nearly 5 months for it to show up I cancelled it, didn't like the fabric sample and the need for a new washer and dryer won that round. BTW, thank you for the heads up about the washer, I am very happy!
And I have 3 of those little carts, I found every one at thrift stores for about 10 bucks. A good cleaning and a coat of paint and they are indispensible!

Genn said...

You are so good to be so careful with your money Holly!

And you crack me up as always.
Hadn't really lived into that aqua immersion blender came into your life... ain't it the truth? ;)

I think you need to keep your eyes open for a panini maker at goodwills or garage sales. I bet you could find one! I use mine a lot and I think they make sandwhiches SO much more exciting. Whenever I use it Jake always says "this should be in a restaurant". It makes things that good. ;)

ok, now for the chik in the crock pot, I have had it turn out dry too. I just make sure to have plenty of liquid in there and I thnk cooking it on low helps too. And it is almost always done sooner than the recipe says so just watch it. My chick fajitas turned out perfect! I used two large breasts and the recipe said 1/2 c of chick broth, but I threw in a little extra just for good measure. Perfection. Try it!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I likey the color of your immersion blender!

Anonymous said...

Ooops p.s. I'm anonymous (Erika)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Cast irons pans are the best!! Stopping by from sunny simples linky party!

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Hi Holly -- visiting from Sunny's. Great post and I am in total agreement on most of your favorites...especially the cast iron and Kitchen Aid. I am going to have to give the Wen a try.


Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Hi Holly -- visiting from Sunny's. Great post and I am in total agreement on most of your favorites...especially the cast iron and Kitchen Aid. I am going to have to give the Wen a try.